What is benchmarking?

The Benchmarking is a process to evaluate and compare products, services or technical work, in order to improve our production processes, in short, look at the best businesses and people in your industry, and emulate them in order to be more profitable.


Benchmarking targets

  • Improving the production processes of our company. Making improvements in our manufacturing processes, better quality and profitability.
  • Perceived quality.All improvements we apply in our company are aimed at increasing the quality that our customers perceive it, whether external or internal.
  • Being the reference of our market. Applying best practices in our industry, we can become the benchmark in our industry.
  • ‘s about seeing what works in other departments of your company and apply these same techniques to improve the processes improving your department.
  • Competitive. Compare aspects of competition, whether product, marketing, customer service, etc … comparing their systems with ours and trying to apply those perceived advantages of facing our company.
  • Functional. Is to observe the best practices of other companies that are in our industry but our competitors are not, and try to imitate their best developments.
  •  Here we look at the best in other industries, whether companies or individuals , to try to apply their best formulas for success. We can always learn something from companies like Google, Amazon, Apple or Zara, for example.
  • Planning. Identify business and how we collect data.
  • Analysis. Compare the most votes from other companies with our processes.
  • Integration. Analyze our goals based on the information collected.
  •  Implementation of plans and actions for process improvement.
  • Observe these new processes and analyze whether they have been effective or not.

Types of benchmarking

Steps of benchmarking

In summary, benchmarking not try to copy the same plans of competition and other companies, if not try to emulate their best practices, methods and strategies to become the best. If you still do not use this type of technique, you may be missing opportunities to grow and improve.

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How long must you devote to your blog

If you run a blog and have a rate of roughly constant publication, you will have occurred on occasion to ask yourself how much time do you spend. If you use a free blogging platform like blogspot or WordPress.com, you can save part time technical work such as installation or improvements, but you lose a lot of possibilities if you have no self-control, plus it is unprofessional especially if you devote to work related to Digital Marketing.

blogging time

I’m going to state the three main sections where we invest more time bloggers:


You know that content is king, so this task will be the most time consuming you in your blogging work. Here it can be divided into two subsections.

  • Prepare post. This will include the choice of topic that we will discuss, multimedia elements that we will include as photographs, videos, presentations, etc … The important thing here is to try not to lose much time in the choice of these elements, for example we can serve banks free images to give us this work.
  • Content development. This point is the most time consuming and we will have to take is where your skills as a writer to try to make your content as attractive as possible for your readers.

Here I devote at least 65% of time you dedicate to your blog.


This category would include any promotional work to do to try to spread our blog and its contents.Would includes:

  • Social Networking. Promotion on different social media networks is one of the most important to try to spread our blog and content parts.
  • Creating links. Do not forget the part of link building authority in order to create your space in the web of the Internet; here we can include guest articles we produce to other websites.
  • Comments on blogs. Especially if you open a blog , one of the best techniques is to introduce you to interact commenting on other blogs, so yes, always providing something of value. Also do not forget to answer the comments that you make on your own.
  • Subscriber acquisition. Do not forget to prepare your blog to engage your readers to the following items.
  • Sending newsletters via email marketing.If you have representative database subscribers, you must convey to your readers by publishing the email or post periodic summaries. You have to use any of the professional email platforms and time consuming in the realization of these newsletters.

These tasks Marketing, you take another important part of your dedication, roughly 25-30% of your time.

Technical part

If you use any free platform, you just go to consume time on these tasks, but if you are a professional blogger and using some of the most popular CMS and WordPress.org, you’ll have to take care of such tasks as:

  • Initial installation. You can consume about how many hours in this first phase of the start of your blog, if you have little technical knowledge, is best left to a professional.
  • Template design and installation of plugins. This is work that will go from making your first post, choose a suitable and eye-catching design with various features and extensions you want to apply on your website, here it is best to test and make sure it works properly.
  • Never forget to make backups of your blog, but you can automate this task, always is good to have this information available to avoid surprises.

If you are good at computers, with 5-10% devote time to this part, it would be enough.

If you’re a blogger, I would like your opinion on this classification task duration of blogging or if you will include most any function.

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