Google Analytics for iPhone now available

Finally the guys at Google ™ have remembered the many users of iPhone that has long been demanding an app for Google Analytics from this mobile device in its Android application, the system was operational for two years, so long have been slow to remember their iOS users.


The official application has it available from this link. Once downloaded, we will ask for access data from our Google Analytics. In the main panel input data of our visits we will appear in the last 30 days (as in Google Analytics desktop version) of the following parameters:

  • Real-time Visitors
  • Audience (visits by country)
  • Acquisition. Here we will show the origin of the visits by source, ie, whether they come from Google, Twitter, any specific reference website.
  • Behavior. Visits for color grades at different times throughout the day seven days a week
  • Conversions on a bar graph classified by days

Clicking on the menu area of ​​the upper left, we will show the same subsections we have in the Google Analytics Dashboard desktop with the same menus, real time, audience acquisition, behavior and conversions:

Even then the panels reflecting the app are not exactly the same as we have in the PC version, when we most of the data we use in these reports will appear, all of them with graphics of all kinds so we can analyze deeply our web data from this application.

On the requirements of the app, you need iOS 6.0 or later are compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and optimized for iPhone 5.

I personally is going to come this application very well, I can see many of the data we have quickly Analytics from my phone and is already the mobile is closer to us than our family know. If you use a terminal of iOS, do not hesitate to try this app, very useful for meetings where we need to show some data and do not have a computer nearby.

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Adapt your online store to the new rules of Ecommerce

If you have an online store in Spain, you should know that a few weeks ago has come into force new regulations Ecommerce and distance selling, regulating Internet sales in our country and has as main objective to protect consumers. Although still few ecommerces have already adapted to the new law, I will indicate some of the most important points to touch, so if you analyze your business online meet the most important aspects of it.


Information prior to placing the order

Before a user completes an order at your online store, you should report the main characteristics of the product or service offered, including the following information:

  • Identity of the seller including contact details, cif, trade name and data entry in the Commercial Register
  • Features of the product or service contracted
  • Delivery Order
  • Total cost, including transportation costs, payment details
  • In case of returns, report that shipping is the responsibility of the buyer
  • Report when appropriate, the existence of technical assistance and after sales service

Right of withdrawal – Returns

Perhaps this is the most important point of the new law. The right of withdrawal is defined as the right of return of the product. With the previous law, the user buying via web had 7 days to return the product purchased from now, this period is extended to 14 days. Moreover, and here is a section that I consider vital appears is that in the case of not informing consumers of this right of withdrawal , the period is automatically extended up to 12 months after the expiry of the initial period, ie, would later up to 12 months and 14 days from the date of purchase for a refund without the seller can do anything, so it is essential that you apply this standard from now. Also you must include a model withdrawal form to your web site if the user has to use.

Purchase confirmation button

One aspect that requires the new law is to inform explicitly the obligation to purchase by the Internet user when closing an order, in the case involving a payment obligation. The payment button that we must include the phrase “order with payment obligation” or a similar expression but not ambiguous but that is easily readable and indicating that placing the order entails the obligation to pay . The law also states that are valid expressions as “pay now”, “buy now” or “confirm purchase” but not valid expressions like “confirm”, “register” or “order now” if not listed this expression The consumer is not obligated to pay, so watch this item. Here I leave an example of how the confirmation button would buy:

Business calls

Most notable in this section is that a schedule for conducting sales calls ranging from 9.00 to 21.00 Monday to Friday, except public holidays are fixed. Calls must be made from a phone number that can be identified by the user, are not worth the hidden numbers to sell a product or service and also inform the start of each call the commercial purpose of the same.

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