How to increase visits to your blog

Throughout the life of a blog, there are times when the traffic coming off and you think no pools in a fixed range of views. Through a series of actions and some effort, we can try to increase visitors to it. I’ll suggest some recommendations used by different bloggers to try out his blog to another level.


Social Networking

No one doubts the effectiveness of social media when it comes to drive traffic to any website, here the number of followers you have on them and especially their interaction with your account, will greatly influence the number of visits sent your blog. You should share your post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (check out the Communities) and LinkedIn. They can also be interesting networks like Pinterest or Instagram if using striking photographs. Share your content regularly on these sources of traffic, but also so restrained without spamming other users.

Guest posts author

This is a technique that can give you very good results if the traffic you do with planning and without abusing it. By posting on other blogs in your niche, you’ll capture qualified traffic and potential subscribers to your blog, plus good links that search engines valued at the time of positioning of your website in their results. You can also open your blog to outside contributors to publish content, this will give another approach to your articles, except that you will improve relationships with colleagues.

Comments on other blogs

This is another action that can bring you joy in the form of visits to your web space. Before you go commenting on other blogs, make sure this blog has an area to include your website, otherwise you will be wasting your time, do it on websites related to your subject and comments that add value, not the typical, “good post” “great article” because it may be that the administrator does not approve your comment, give your opinion and try to give quality. I’ll tell you a little story, make a summer or so appeared an article by Black Hat SEO techniques in the area of streaming technology, this newspaper has in the comments area include a box to your website together with your email and name, if you give high and as you comment with your nickname, well, I included a comment with a link to this article techniques Black my blog which was approved by the moderator (remember that in these places there Moderators and very hard cast will not leave easily links) and I had about 300 visits on the same day that article, interesting, right?

Quality content

This point is obvious, but always tries to publish interesting and quality content to be read, shared and linked to from all possible sources. These items that you post must be homemade, so go create a distinctive and personal style. Some content work very well as infographics, some service manuals or guides on how to perform some task, also the video content is very acceptable. You can see examples of success in this case, as the series of Podcasts Victor Martin or channelYoutube Laura Ribas .

Visits from search engines

Through organic traffic coming at you from different search engines (in Spain especially Google), you can have a handful of daily visits How do you improve the SEO of your website? The first thing you have to have is a good site structure, friendly pages, loading pages quickly and if you use a WordPress SEO plugin which there are many. The second thing you should do is try to make your blog to be linked to from other websites, I leave some recommendations in a previous article view to carry out this task. If you do things right, every day you go you will see more visitors coming from search engines and can relatively easily become your primary source of traffic.

Frequency of publication

This fact is quite obvious, the more content you post on your blog, you will have more visits. It is best that you take notice timetable for publication, here will depend on the time you have to perform this task, you can program to publish once a week or once a day, although sometimes better results posting less content and value, a daily post with little interest.

Stresses the RSS feed

One of the main sources of traffic for a blog or news site is its RSS feed. Stresses somewhere visible blog subscribe to this channel, either at the end of the post or side area and you can convert to common sporadic readers if your content attract them.

Email Subscriptions

If you promote this point well, your subscribers by email can give you many joys in terms of web traffic. Prominently includes the registration form on your site, either through pop-ups, in some visible area of ​​the website or at the end of each article. Much better if you offer additional content to encourage potential subscribers.

I hope this series of recommendations try to take your blog to the next level, if you know more ways to increase traffic to a blog, you can leave a comment right here.

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