Tips for Google Panda 4.0

Almost a month since I wrote on the blog because I am focusing on the new design, and Google does not like that Web content does not update, so back again to the load (with the intention 2-3 post weekly). At this same time, Matt Cutts announced on his Twitter account the Google Panda 4.0 update. Here are some tips to avoid being penalized by Google Panda or even for your users. Note that what I am going to tell is nothing new, and has been no major change in the SEO, just an update on an algorithm to enhance more the following:

Tips for Google Panda 4.0

Web / Blog for your users and not for the SEO. Quality + quantity

Sometimes the mistake of caring more about the SEO content that commits itself. It is essential to add value to your site and provide quality content to users, Panda really focuses on them to see if the content is of quality or not, because otherwise it would be impossible to verify all internet websites. Users will be those who stay longer on the Web, share content, interact on your site etc. And that, you can get it only by offering quality content that makes the user to perform these actions. Sure you’ve already heard that that content is king, then yes, it is.

Besides the quality, another aspect to take into account is the amount. On each page have to be at least 400 words, blending both text and videos or pictures.

Being origi Original Content SEOnal

You have to be original and create new content and not duplicate. Google to Bear (Panda) does not like to do copy and paste, in fact penalized. Soon you will serve copy content to the Web, but then mentions the source, the search engine does not want duplicate content so be original.

Tips for Google Panda 4.0

The fundamental social net works social networks

As I said before, one aspect where Google is based to see if the content is of quality is at the time that the web has been shared on the various social networks, I would say much more on Google+ and in his famous +1. That’s why you have to try and share the content you are active on social networks so you can more successfully shared your links. Essential is that you have no buttons to share and follow.

Some people confuse continue sharing, of little use to have 10,000 fans and have 10 shares. Find more sharing the fan, so far not been proven to have more fans then you have better position in Google, my opinion is that it does not affect anything.

On the Blog have already talked about the importance of social media in SEO.

These are 3 little tips but essential to be in the top positions of Google. Remember that he is the boss: Google and SEO and putting the game, and we have to comply.

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What are you thinking? Video Social Networks

What are you thinking Video Social Networks

This is the question that makes us Facebook before sharing new content on the social network. Users to respond to what they are doing or have done: photos on the beach (vacation), comments already employed / approved examination, wetting clothes videos (latest fashion), upcoming trips etc. Obviously we will never see problems or confidences (in most cases), and that’s what friends are for …

All that is shared is that of which we presume, would also generate envy to the rest of contacts, which is different than friends. In addition, each publication you want to achieve the highest possible likes and comments, Or no ?

What are you thinking Video Social Networks

Social networks facilitate the development, both personal and professional, and make the run to the minute information that companies have the opportunity to get in touch directly with the user and vice versa. There used to call, now published in the bulletin a business page you can have the solution earlier and better treatment, since that information is going to see the rest of clients and future.

And all this reflection comes in the video above, but, and you, what are you thinking?

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The most important summer of Online Marketing

After the holidays begins the return to routine, and after these months in the Online Marketing there have been several developments and news of interest. I mention some of them:

The most important summer of Online Marketing

Google Authorship:

Surely you’ve noticed in the results of Google searches for the profile picture of the author + G no longer appears. Google has removed that function. The question now that you can do is: So, Google+ is losing strength?

Most people using G + was to have visibility into the network and his photo appeared in the results, as some studies received more clicks those searches where it appeared the picture of the author of the entry / web. Google has confirmed this change based on the user experience, claiming it was not of interest, and, in some cases, causing distraction. Three years has lasted this functionality, we must be attentive to possible changes in both search results and Google+, probably before the end of the year we have news.

The most important summer of Online Marketing

Google Pigeon:

Local SeoIn late July, announcing new algorithm of Google , it would affect local search: Google Pigeon. It is a very important change and consider. Currently, only affects searches in USA, but it is expected that soon the “Paloma” come to Europe. That’s why you have to be knowledgeable, attentive to change everything for you does not affect your local search. What is the goal of this new algorithm? Provide more useful, accurate and relevant results to the user. This update will improve the positioning of all the premises which are near your location.

If for example you are looking for locksmith now, “locksmiths” will appear near your location, and you will not need to put “locksmiths in Valencia”, for example. That’s why, you have to optimize your website to achieve top positions of local SEO, including Web in your local directories, appearing in Google, Google+ and Google Maps, specifying the location of your business etc.

Facebook is justified:

Long ago, in one of my articles I explained: Why, if I have 5,000 fans on Facebook has 100 visitors a publication? There have been many criticisms that have been made since the end of 2013 on account of some engagement that is achieved in the social network, unless you hire your advertising. Well, Facebook in early June was justified with this series of questions and answers answered by Brian Bolad:

Summarizing what Brian says is that the limited presence of the content of the pages because Facebook does not want to overwhelm users. According to the article, each user could have 1,500 updates per day. Thus, the famous algorithm Facebook filter this information and displays the most relevant to the user (if you come by my post, you’ll understand this part right) According to recent data, the scope of the publications pages on Facebook declined to a 6% in the month of February, and in some cases up to 2%. Furthermore, Facebook says that his intention is not economic (which managers use the advertising pages), but to improve the user experience (sure sounds like this sentence)

Twitter Analytics:

Twitter AnalyticsIn late August we received news that pleased many Community’s Managers, which is the ability to have data on its official Twitter account and posted tweets, something very important to the profession. From now on any Twitter user you can: how many people read their tweets, clicks received, comments, impressions, information of his followers … A month ago I was alone accessible to validated accounts or advertisers, but in late August, opened for other accounts.

In addition, Twitter Analytics incorporates the “Twitter cards” that allow you to monitor activity on the shared URLs. One thing to keep in mind for the times we shared our URL.

These have been the most important news this summer, good to progress in the news online positioning and social media.

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Stop dwelling on the PageRank

Stop dwelling on the PageRank

Ya Matt Cutts said that would be very rare to see a Pagerank update before 2014, there was in December 2013, and after 9 months it has been the last. Whereupon you have to stop dwelling on it and start to look at other indicators, as it is outdated. Therefore, the best alternative for the Pagerank values are offered by the company SEOMoz: Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA)

Page Authority (PA)

Page Authority, better known as PA (Page Authority), SEOMoz is a calculated metric that indicates the strength of a particular page, not the domain itself (to have the domain DA). Basically it works like PageRank, and many people think that PR is associated (or is associated) to the domain, and it is false, since it is associated to each page of a website, I invite you to do the test.

In the same domain (Web), a page can have a PA 80 and PA have another 1, for example, this post is nothing more to be posted. This can serve to assist you in making your link building strategy because, the higher is the PA will give you better results that link.

There are many factors to determine the PA of a page, including is: mozRank, MozTrust, quantity and quality of links etc. The algorithm provides a number from 1 to 100 and is frequently updated, you can see that this indicator change quickly, which is why it is more reliable than PageRank. From my point of view is the metric most cases you have to do.

Stop dwelling on the PageRank

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority PAThe domain authority, known as DA (Dominion Authority) is the metric created by SEOMoz which measures the authority, trust or credibility of a Web domain. As for the PA, the algorithm will give a score between 0 and 100.

This indicator is calculated by combining all other metrics SEOMoz: number of total links, mozRank, MozTrust, etc. and more than 40 signals to be included in this calculation. As with the PA, the DA is updated often, and regularly can know if our SEO efforts are effective or not.

According to the creators of these two metrics, it is easier to get when you score that having 70-80 20-30. From 20 and is considered a good.

Have high values of DA and PA do not guarantee visitors, but are indicators that help us to improve or continue working on our SEO strategy. That’s why we use these metrics can help a lot, especially because they are updated frequently.

How I can know my PA and DA?

You have several options for a BP and DA of a website. The first and most convenient is to install Moz bar in your browser, so you’ll have instant information:

– Moz Firefox
– Moz Chrome

But you want to install any bar on your browse, you can do it manually open site explorer where, in addition, you will receive more information than it can help.

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Charging time influences the SEO. Chapter 5

Something very important for positioning, not just for SEO, but also to ensure you do not lose visitors and patience of your users, it is the burden of the website.

Charging time influences the SEO. Chapter 5

Sometimes, you may find that pages are very slow, and after a short time, you end up dating. Imagine for a user if it is annoying, for Google as it is … You need to give greater facilities to robots, or rather, to search engine spiders, that crawl your website. If it takes too long to load, spiders will go directly to another site without any content indexed from yours.

How to analyze the speed of my site?

It’s simple, just enter your URL in the following address: Google Page Speed

Why I say this tool and not another? Note that this application provides you the Google and our goal is to position our website in this search engine, so you’ll have to make your job easier so you can index all your pages. With which, if we follow the steps that tells us we can achieve better load for him and for our users.

After adding the URL, in about 20 seconds, you have a complete analysis of your website. The analysis will give you a number between 0 and 100, it is best to have a score greater than 80, that means that our site works correctly.

Although, for optimal site, the ideal is to get more than 90, but now let me tell you it is very difficult and not all factors can depend on you. PageSpeed Getting a 100 is very very complicated

Charging time influences the SEO Chapter 5

In addition, it will analyze all mistakes and give advice to solve them and thus improve the ratio. Try first correct the errors that appear in red, are the most important, then center yourself in highlighted in yellow color.

Then, note that each item that you need and / or you may consider editing you a link where Google gives you advice appears, they are in English, but it can serve as a guide for searching Google or serve the same to proceed to correct failures.

Another site I find very useful for analyzing any website is GTmetrix We also indicate faults in order to improve the load time and the solutions have to take to make your site faster.

You conclude, need your Web fast, not only for your users but also for search engines. Remember that the latter are those that can help you get more views, so make every effort to make your job easier. If you look unprepared to do so, you can hire a freelance developer to, for 50 € you can optimize your website and make it go faster, clearing all unnecessary code and make your site loaded slow.

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Robots.txt SiteMap + + + Favicon Error Page 404 Chapter 6

There are aspects in SEO that are very important to do, but not many people know or do not want to believe it or not very important. I advise you to do, will not cost anything and you’ll do even better things to come to the first page, so desired by everyone. While I remember, you will not appear as the first or in a month or two or three months. Be patient, do things right and get good results.

Robots.txt SiteMap + + + Favicon Error Page 404 Chapter 6

Below I’ll show you four things you have to do to get a good score SEO and grow step by step.


It is very important to create a Sitemap (Site Map) to facilitate the job search engines. With this program you will make yourself visible and you will tell, spiders of search engines, which pages you wish to be indexed, to be understood better, file is a kind of Web index designed to search engines so they can more easily find our pages and they can be indexed. The XML file has to be and has to be added to your web hosting.

  • You can find more information at Wikipedia Sitemap
  • And you can create your online SiteMap here: Sitemap

    If you use WordPress, there are many plugins that do this automatically, even most SEO plugins also integrated.

    Once achieved the SiteMap file, you have to go to the “Tools for wemasters of Google,” but you have validated your website have to, you just have to follow the steps that tells Google. When you have already validated, you have to go to Sitemap and click “add sitemap” writes the address of the sitemap and go. You’re already telling you to Google pages you have and where they are, improving the indexability.

    Robots txt. SiteMap + + + Favicon Error Page 404 Chapter 6

    It is another file you have to stay on your web hosting. It is a txt file where you inform the search engines that do not want content that is published on these. Sure maybe understand with an example: The Web newspaper El Mundo has the following robots.txt file (I’ve trimmed a bit):

    User-agent: *

    • Disallow: /elmundo/envia_noticia.html
    • Disallow: /elmundo/graciasporvalorar.html
    • Disallow: /elmundo/rectificaciones/enviar.html
    • Disallow: /participacion/usuario_registrado.html
    • Disallow: /participacion/normas_participacion.html
    • Disallow: / Yodona / mobile / listing /
    • Disallow: / hacemosesto / (example)
    • Disallow: / search /
    • Disallow: /mapadelsitio/faq.html

    What does this mean? The Web of World tells the search engines that do not want the following Web pages appear, never appear in any search engine, but the Web does exist. You can do the test.

    To show you another example, a little lighter, and a couple of years ago had an impact, the file is the website of the Royal House: hard to watch your same as what he did not want to be indexed in the search engines ;)will see the content as it were deleted but not in the file. What if you can not get:

    The same as for the sitemap, if you have you have many WordPress plugins that make it without your doing anything.


    This is not influential for SEO, but it is better to have a favicon on our website, it is more attractive. The favicon is the icon that is right next to the page title in the browser tab.
    Go to any online generator available on the Internet, for example this:

    Page 404

    It is very important to create a custom 404 error page to inform users that the content you are looking for does not exist. But, why it is important to create a 404 page for positioning? It’s simpler than it looks, because if search engine robots crawl your site and can not find that page, it counts as error for the SEO.

    In addition, the user is more aesthetic prompted a page where there has been an error and continue exploring and interacting with our website not the famous error: The page does not exist in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Although but you can do a redirect to your homepage. In your choice I leave.

    With all this, you’ll improve your Web both for SEO and for the day.

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Optimize images for the SEO. Chapter 7

Optimizing images is a fundamental part of SEO, many times we focus on the content of the text, for example, enter keywords, but we forget a very important aspect images. Another website that I have at the beginning of the project, the majority of visitors came through them, note that is a tourism website, which people look pictures of beach, mountain, travel, cities etc. And coming through the image section of Google. And, how do? Very easy, you have to follow these simple steps:

Optimize images for the SEO. Chapter 7

1- Image Format

jpg seoThe first thing is to choose an image format that Google recognizes, however the following steps will be meaningless. The best format is JPG, which tries to ensure that all images you upload are in this format, however, also serve the following formats: GIF, PNG, SVG, BMP. But I always advise JPG.
Besides, if you’re going to change the format any image enhancer, fail to reduce the size of the image, as I told the room charge is very important and the less weight the better.

2 Filename

The file name is also influential, there is little point having a picture satisfying all the steps in this entry if then the name of the image is 8875548965.JPG have to put a file name that is associated with the image also has to be short, between 6 and 20 characters. For example, if I have the following image and positioning SEO’m talking about the title of the file would be: images-seo (use hyphens to separate words) and in the next section will be more accurate. You have to keep in mind that the file name must have a connection with the image.

Optimize images for the SEO Chapter 7

Tag ALT 3

The ALT tag is in charge of telling the search engines that the image in question is. Whereupon it is a very important aspect, for me, the most important, but as I said above, if we have the other two sections of little use to have a ALT perfect text.

You need to be as far as possible specific when placing the label and you have to include at least one Keyword. Following our example, the ALT image would be: SEO Optimize images. It is recommended that the label has between 8 and 30 characters.

4 Context

It is another important factor for Google interpreted that the image is relevant related text must appear around the image either in the page title, legend, foot photo, text above and below the picture … Not serve put anything in this post an image of a bird, but comply with the above requirements you can bet it will be almost impossible to come out on Google images.

Here are 4 simple steps, very important, to help you optimize images for positioning (SEO) but keep in mind one thing, you have to add the images to the sitemap, but of little use the above steps. As you’ve seen all the steps are essential and are related.

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Internal links. Chapter 8

Sometimes we focus so much on getting the maximum number of external links to our site, but we forget the internal links. These are much easier to get, because obviously we who created them, and help you position yourself. But

Internal links. Chapter 8

What is that internal linking?

Internal links for SEOInternal links are those links that redirect to your same Web page from the same, which is very useful for the user, who can find extensive information on another page of your website in one blog / page and for SEO, look what Google says: “The number of internal links pointing to a page is a signal to the search engines about the relative importance of this page” Whereupon, do not waste it.

What is the best way to create an anchor?

First of all do not have to abuse them, is useless to put 20 links on a page that has no more than 400 characters, you have to know how to manage it. Above all, you have to get in the skin of the user and make navigation easier on your website.
The best way to make a link, either internal or external, is following this code:

Anchor Text

Internal links.Chapter 8

Here I divide the sections so you can better understand:

Href = “…” = The destination URL is, the web page where you want people to go by clicking on the link Title = “…” = This is the title of the link appears when the user moves the pointer over link. Use this tag, not many people use it and it is also important for SEO, you are giving more robots, thus, much better for you. Remember not to put the same as the anchor text. Anchor Text =’s the most important, along with the clear link. First, it is the word that the user will see, that set of words underlined and blue, that is the anchor text of a link. And second, is what the search engine robots are guided, which attempts to always be keywords. You have to know that it is essential to change the anchor text, may not always be the same for the same URL as Google may penalize you.

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5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

One of the most important things when we are making a SEO strategy is to keep track of it. To do this we have at our disposal a host of online tools to verify and analyze all the data collected so far. Here are some of the ones I use frequently and that will help you:

SEO Tools

– rank so
For me one of the most comprehensive analysis of your Web, obtaining a rating from 0 to 100 and giving you tips to improve that rating. Initially a web will give you a low score, but after a year at least, would have to get a high score of 80 that will mean that your SEO strategy is perfect and I’m sure you’ll see results in Google. Moreover, it is one of the few that we have in Spanish.

– Alexa
Alexa is the world ranking of all websites on the Internet, is the classic tool for positioning your site on the Internet. And how does it? Very simple, all that you have installed on your browser bar Alexa, sends a report of each visit made to a website, thereby building this global and national ranking. This ranking is not 100% reliable but will give you clues and motivation, and gradually see that you have a job, important medium in the online world.

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

– Web versus Web
This tool lets you know your score and compare it to the web from your competition, this way you will know who is better positioned. As in rank so gives you a score from 0 to 100 and whoever gets the highest score will mean that is better prepared to exit at the top of Google.

– Majestic SEO
With Majestic Seo can detect, and especially analyze all inbound links to your website. It will help you know how many websites have put your URL and know which type of connection. Also, you can check out the links of your competition, so you know where they stayed the link or where they have gotten a backlink.

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

– Google
There is no better tool to really know the position you have Google for your keywords. Actually this is the test you have to do at the end, it is like the final exam, pass (first page out) or suspend (depart from the second page). Anyway, if you prefer to do a robot, you can do so by downloading this program: Free Monitor for Google only have to put your URL, and keywords, and the program will tell you the position you get for each search.

For starters, these five tools will serve you for your SEO score. Be guided mainly by the first, make all your efforts to correct any errors that you check to optimize your website to the fullest. Then check out the other tools. I recommend you create an excel and update information every month, so, you will see your progress and especially because you know better.

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That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

That is my web posisicion Google

As with any strategy, after applying it, to do a study of all that has been applied to assess whether a success or a failure. If you followed the steps of SEO chapters, for the moment, are in for a good race to position your keywords in the top positions of Google, remember that it is impossible to position a keyword in a month.

In the previous chapter, show you how you could review and modify everything you had done so far for natural positioning with SEO tools online, but now is the moment of truth, to know what is our position in Google. This will advise that you do at least once a month, and guides you if you’re doing things right.

It is very easy, all you have to do is to register your website in Webmaster Tools for Google (I hope and you had created) Once inside, choose the website where you want to see the results and enter: Consultations search.

In this section you will see:

That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

Player webmaster tools

– Queries: In this section you can see the searches made on Google users and which has appeared in your URL (may be the principal or any other, that if, with the same domain)

– Prints: These are the times that your URL has appeared in Google

– Clicks: Is the number of times the user has entered from a Web search (query)

– CTR: It is the ratio between the clicks and impressions. Example, a query has had 1,000 views and obtained 100 clicks, the CTR would be 10%. The SEM is one of the most important aspects and also for the SEO. The higher, the better. Since there is little point having 1,000,000 impressions if we then just 10 clicks.

– Average position: The name itself suggests, it is the middle position to obtain this search engine.

You have to keep in mind that the first day is very difficult to have even fewer impressions and clicks, but when your website is at least three months, I recommend you do is operating every month and you know evolution. Later, when you’re in the top 20 it is convenient to Excel file that I will share in the next chapter.

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