Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

Seoveinte contest SEO positioning Foro20

Seoveinte. Surely in the past few days you have seen many online marketing blog published an articleby telling you that a new SEO contest with the keyword: seoveinte and informing you how to participate. Well, this is due to the first SEO contest foro20 being made and that ends this Friday 11 July. The goal is to place in three different countries (Spain, Mexico and Argentina) the keyword seoveinte, and for this, each participant can perform the SEO techniques that create more convenient to be able to win the contest.

But the initial question Why I report an SEO contest? Really easy to participate. Although it is also a double-edged sword, because you can encourage other readers to participate and they win and lose the first content creator. And now you think, You too are involved? Yes and no:

Forum SEO Seoveinte twenty

Yes, because I am creating a post related to the keyword, and anyone who believes content with keyword seoveinte is indirectly participating in the contest. And no, because I will not do much to win, do two or three things, which I normally do a post to spread and ready. I know it’s very difficult to position a keyword in less than 5 days and less competition it has generated in recent days, and not talking about beginner / novice, but genuine SEO expert.

Returning to the original theme of the competition, what benefits or drawbacks of participating in a contest like this?

PROS contest Seoveinte

– Earn reputation in the industry . One of the most important things to get the victory in a competition like this is gaining reputation in the field of online marketing. If you’re in the top three of the contest you will earn much: You can tell your customers that you won a contest Positioning (will give more credibility), everyone will echo and gain views, you can look great on your profile Linkedin ;)etc.

– Winning the award. In these contests, in my point of view, the economic return is less important because, as I said before, the reputation will give you long-term, far more money than offered by organizers. Anyway, it’s an extra motivation to win.

– Earn visits + contacts. Many people are awaiting the word in question, they will look to the last page to see who is participating and especially if they can make a small alliance with them. Also, if you position yourself well, surely win some links, some bloggers will refer to the classification and if you are among the first, sure to win a link to your website.

CONS contest Seoveinte


Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

– Mala competition. Everyone knows that anything goes in the game, or at least almost everything, and if the rules allow it. In SEO you can make your competition is “penalized” but for that you upload an entire domain and multi-year effort. You have to be very attentive to all the bad practices that others can do on your website, it is clear that not everyone does, but in other competitions, there have been cases in which, be forewarned.

– “Losing” time. Like everything in life, you have to dedicate a lot of time to make profits, to position a keyword is the same, this will have to do, above all, a very good policy link building and “disturb” some contacts so they can post a link to your post / website. If you’re going to pull contacts, most times you will have to give something in return (unless it is a friend / acquaintance) and if after all your effort and time you do not win, you lose both, but that is known to participate in all contests.

From my point of view these contests are very interesting for several reasons:

– Practicing is the best way to learn, and also will practice alongside the best, can guide you and especially comparing yourself with genuine SEO experts.

– Can let you know if you are not already influential in the sector. In this competition there is usually some novel that slips between the TOP 10 and that is already a merit and honor. Many participants and few have the honor of being in the top 10 of Google.

– No doubt, you can view and analyze the steps to becoming one of the participants in order to position a keyword in the top positions in Google record time, but not get fixated lot these details, since Google likes to be natural, if you do many of the techniques used in this type of competition, can you be penalized by Google so you know before you’re welcome:

Look people are now seeking the same seoveinte in Google, thanks to Google Trends, you can see:

Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

I think most are the participants themselves, who do not stop to think about that keyword and increasingly seek to know its position in Google.

Here I share a document I created in Google Drive on site contest seo contest seoveinte, see what you think:

Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

It will be impossible to win what is, on July 7, I created this post and in just five days I could be in the top 10 of the keyword in positioning, which, and just so I’m quite happy to have learned in this week some aspects of positioning black hat that I ignored. Where upon, I have to thank seoveinte.

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Positioning a keyword on the first page in a week

Positioning a keyword on the first page in a week

It’s been a couple of months participated in the SEO contest conducted by using the keyword seoveinte. 10 days before I knew the existence of this contest, and I decided to test what would happen if involved, knowing full well that it was impossible to position the web between the first, there was no possible days to overtake websites with good seo specialists behind.

The end result came on a day that Foro20 organized in Alicante, on July 11, 2014, and the result I got was very satisfying and surprising at the same time. In Spain and in Mexico I was in 7th position, in just a week I had reached the first page of Google with a keyword with high competition (short-term, of course) So how did I do? I’ll explain what I did and what worked for me:

Optimize the post

Before taking the post, I made a sketch of how I wanted the post and how could optimize it to the max, in order to create the perfect SEO post . Using H1, H2 and H3 tags, keyword density, images and videos, bold, internal and external links etc. I could make a good post respecting all the standards, although it is true that in recent days I desvarie a little desperate, I admit. In the coming days I will explain how to create a perfect post for your blog.

Maximum interaction in social networks

As you can see, the article has more than 900 interactions, and in just a week. If you do a comparison with my other articles you will see that is not normal. Not that the article was so good and that people share or retweeteara, what did it mostly is doing some SPAM, focusing on Google+, earning more than 500 +1. The technique we use is the “classic”, upload funny or quite possibly they share images, and add in publishing my post.

This way I got a lot +1, comments, etc. people who shared This is not right, and never have more used, but it is important to get the top positions quickly push (but not only get interactions in social networks) to other social networks I used a website that gave me love and retweeteaba content that indicabas automatically, something I have not used more.

Positioning a keyword on the first page in a week

Links to my post

I got several connections to the PA (I do not talk about PageRank, as I said in my previous post: PageRank ) and DA quite high, so I got some good backlinks with keyword Seoveinte . I think he’s been the foundation of success (to position my website on the first page), get good backlinks to the keyword that interested. I think today, having good contacts in the online marketing makes your SEO strategy is a success or a failure.

Important also internal links, creating a special widget and a direct link from the home page and create a new category, the target word Google seoveinte knew I liked and it was important for my web ūüėČ

Updating the post

This Wednesday, two days before the contest ends on SEO, updated the date of the post to tell Google which was a new post and try and appear in the top positions. Honestly I think this was unsuccessful, however, I tried.


It is clear that not only are these 4 points that made me reach the first page, there are other known factors that affect SEO, but they helped a lot to find a spot in the top 10. Also, I think I missed a bit of time and especially a good 301 redirect that gave a big boost to the web. While it is true that my domain is young and has a very high DA, which, I do not think that a redirect would finish in the Top 3, but you will never know. Anyway, I was very surprised to position the keyword on the first page in a few days. And I learned from those who were in the top three, which I think is the purpose of these competitions, learn from others and especially from your mistakes.

From here take the opportunity to give my congratulations to Luis Villanueva who was the big winner.

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Tips on on-site SEO. Chapter 11

In this new SEO chapter, I will talk about the importance of optimizing your site “internally”, or what is the same, the on-site SEO. Maybe it’s one of the forgotten because we focus more on getting links to our website or social media, but it is a very important and you have to implement as soon as possible. Here I list the most important actions to take:

Tips on on-site SEO

It is very important to put a title commensurate with what you say, but also including at least one Keyword to position for that particular page. Do not put all pages in the same title, if for example you are in the store section, instead of putting and you are using a specific keyword for that page.

Note that must have maximum 70 characters, for all the title is displayed, otherwise Google will cut it. Remember to put the title on your site, have to do with the tag:

Then, it is important the description we give to each page. It also has to appear at least one keyword. It is a brief description that will appear in the results of Google, which, optimízala for SEO but also for users, since they will read the description and it has to be attractive into clicking on your website.

Despite sometimes that Google will not put exactly the description you’ve written, because it depends on other keywords and searches made by users. Recommended characters are between 130 and 145 and the need to integrate your website with the tag: and after the title (within )

You have to keep in mind that the description will only appear in search engines, and not on our page, so to the user it is not visible. Instead, the title itself that appears just above the browser, it is what the title of the tab.

Here you can see better what corresponds in reality:

Tips on on-site SEO. Chapter 11,

URL friendly

url friendlyIt is another very important when locating a site aspect, the URL. No talk of the domain name, which is also important, but has been shown to no longer need to have the keyword in the domain , we can help you, it may be, but is not essential as before. That said, you have to create friendly URL, and you understand it better, I’ll give you an example:

You can see the difference, it is easier to position the second than the first, with the simple reason that we can attach the URL to our keywords we want. Do not overuse keywords, uses 3 to 6 words at most. Add a keyword to the URL and separate them with hyphens “-“. It is important to optimize either the URL, and especially do not make any mistakes in them, and if by some chance you decide to change the name of the URL, make sure you do a 301 redirect to the new URL.

Tips on on-site SEO. Chapter 11

XML Sitemap

One of the first things you have to do when creating a website, is the installation of a sitemap, as I explained in another chapter, here you can learn how to create a sitemap

Optimizing images + text: Alt Attribute – Bold / Italic – Tags H1, H2, H3 – Keyword Density

This section refers to a page individually. Each page of your website has to have a good SEO structure . In a future post, I’ll explain how to create the perfect post for your blog. For now, I will explain the keys to a well structured page.

When you create text to your pages, you have to take into account the keywords you want to position. That is why you have to control how many keywords you put very well, because if you abuse them, you can be penalized by Google.

Try to be natural when you put a keyword, but use them, because in this way you can position them. A good range of keywords per page is 3-4%, ie 100 words, put 3-4 keywords. Furthermore, in the first paragraph is important to the first keyword, and if it can be better in the first sentence.

Once you have optimized the text with keywords now resaltalas, tells users but especially search engines phrase or word that is important to you, how? Typing in bold, using My palaba key

Tips on on-site SEO. Chapter 11

Now it add titles to the text, it is very important to add header tags : H1, H2 and H3. Especially the first, in which you will have to add a keyword. Note that these labels are the owners and / or key phrases that you want to highlight on your page, it’s as if you will use manually in your editor a larger, bold font, but this way is easier and above all are labels accepted and are recommended by the guidelines of search engines.

Images must be well optimized for that, you can read the chapter: SEO Optimize images is important that a page has images, not only for positioning, but because it is more attractive to the user and lighter than display a page with all text.

Upload speed

Loading speed has to be compulsorily low not only for users but for the search engine spiders. SEO In another chapter I explain the influence of loading speed on SEO.

With all these tips, you can optimize your website to get the highest score possible SEO and search engines can easily find and index your website in the top positions.

image credit: © Randi Meredith

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X Awards Bitacoras

X Awards Bitacoras

The Bitacoras Awards 2014 have already started, and what do you mean? For the entire online community rewards the best blogs voting for categories, namely, there are 20 and last for best Twitter account.

This is the tenth edition of the awards they have garnered so much success in the blogger community. That’s why I’m going to try to reach the TOP 15 I know it’s impossible to get in the top 3, you get access to the final, but I’d be in the top 15 of category Marketing Blog and Social Media , but that depends of you and especially your vows.

In January 2014 he started this blog at the moment, there are 43 entries, which makes an average of 4.77 articles per month, including a number of SEO Chapters to learn step by step to position your website on the Internet, especially in Google.

During this time I was able to achieve one of the goals of this blog it was to be on the first page with Keyword Blog Marketing Online, something I’ve been able to achieve with patience and work. We’ll see if I can maintain or even improve the position, I think it will be difficult but in the SEO nothing is impossible (well, until next Google and …)

If you want to vote for this blog, so you can grow and can offer you more content on SEO and Social Media, you only have to follow these simple steps:

How to vote in Bitacoras?

You can sign in 3 ways:using your Facebook account with your Twitter account or an e-mail address. After following all the steps, and you’ll Bitacoras account.

X Awards Bitacoras

Vote Prizes Bitacoras

When you’ve created your account Bitacoras, now comes the voting, in which you can vote for categories and up to a maximum of 5 Blogs. You have to put the URL of the blog in the appropriate section and give feedback. If you want to directly access and vote for me, you can do so from the following link:

In this picture you see how you can put the URL of the blog and Vote Button:

Obviously, you can vote in all categories or just one, that’s your choice, but if you follow several blogs in different categories, you can do them a favor and give thanks for what they share only putting the URL of your Blog.

3 Ready

You’ve already voted on X Bitacoras Awards! Thanks for voting for me and I hope to be in the Top 15 But I continue posting more and better to get into the Top next year.

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Responsive design or mobile app?

Responsive design or mobile app

The use of smartphones is becoming more widespread among users. It is estimated that in Spain alone there are 26 million active devices. To this must be added the emergence of tablets, devices that are slowly moving to laptops and desktops.

This means that it is increasing the number of people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices.

Strategy for the mobile environment

The data network access via mobile devices means that companies are facing a major issue. Looking for full adaptation to the mobile environment by users, what options are to adapt to such an enterprise web environment?

Of course we have to get users to navigate and interact with the web in comfort and with all the options you would on a PC version. And for this there are two main options which choose: responsive design or mobile app.

Responsive design or mobile app

Applications for devices

One of the main advantages of device applications is that they can adapt perfectly to phones and tablets, offering just what version we want the user to enjoy from your mobile device. This “functionality as” the biggest of its advantages. Besides charging the app is faster than in the case of responsive sites as well they explain in the blog Yeeply specializing in application development platform for mobile devices.

The disadvantage of creating a specialized app for our company is the download you need the app itself, which can slow some users, and the updates that you have to be prepared for it to adapt to different operating systems. The cost of this option is greater than that in which we see now. Technology and software are upgraded day by day. Now data processing, batch processing, industrial process system are well developed and controlled by software. camo is a  great name in this field who provide number of industrial solution software.

Design responsive

This is the easiest option, but is also the most limited. A responsive web design that gets through the HTML layout, display the same content adapted to the screen size or platform that the user is using.
As we say is the easiest option and therefore the most economical, but instead of content optimization is not perfect and performance slows. The problem with this solution is that the content is not custom-built for mobile

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Metrics for a blog

We continue with another post metric and if you drive a safe blog that will interest you is precisely because of analytics for blogs. I do not wanna tell you the basic typical metric we can learn from Google Analytics, but other KPIs that may be more important to the growth of our online site and our journey as a blogger.



I think it’s one of the most important parts in a blog if not more.¬†Capturing subscribers through different media is an indicator of growth of your blog.¬†You can two types of subscribers, the main ones are:

  • RSS.¬†Stresses on your blog accession to RSS feed, this will make your blog grow in popularity.¬†View the number of such subscribers is simple, before you could see from Google Reader and after closure, tools like Feedly will indicate the number of subscribers you have any blog through this medium.
  • Email.¬†If you have a blog and have no active subscription by email, you’re taking, these subscribers will be the most faithful and through what will someday sell products or services.Have very affordable professional email programs on the market, many of them free for a certain amount of subscribers as¬†Mailrelay¬†, Mailchimp or Aweber and others.

Web Traffic

From Google Analytics and other web analytics tools, you can see several important performance indicators to pay attention to as:

  • Sessions.¬†What is the same site visits.
  • Users= browsers.
  • Pages view.¬†Total pages viewed by all users in a given period.
  • Pages meeting.¬†Average pages viewed by a user.
  • Session length.¬†Average time of a user on our blog.
  • Bounce.¬†Although a blog is rarely representative this metric, since most of the traffic enters and exits the last post, which is considered as a rebound.
  • Source trafficAre our visits have been come from search engines, social networks or reference pages?¬†It is important to control the different channels through which visitors come to us and observe their behavior.
  • Geographical location.¬†Country of origin of visitors, very important to know what area or region we come to the site users.
  • Mobile.¬†Here we can see the percentage or traffic visiting from mobile, tablet or desktop.Important to check if your site displays well on mobile.

Content blog, post and page

In this section you can record information on the content you’re posting, here we see some measures you can do.

  • Interactions in social networks.¬†Record in this section times what your content is shared on social networks:
    • You can measure RTs, reply and clicks to your page.
    • The three basic metrics of this platform, likes, share, comments and views to your page from publication.
    • Google Plus.Visits to your page, +1 and comments.
    • Other social networks.If you are using Pinterest, Instagram or others, you can also measure the interaction in these networks.
  • Number of comments.¬†One indicator that can take into account to measure the success of your blog comments are generating your posts.Although decreased a lot with the large influx of social networking, it is still a metric to consider.
  • Frequency of posting.¬†Write down how much each public if the beams measuring monthly, would be the number of posts published that month.
  • DownloadsDo you offer a download on your blog?¬†Whether free or paid, it is important to measure this metric for what downloadable content is more successful.
  • Visits to any given page.¬†It may be that the conversion in your blog, is the visit to the page “About me” or sending a contact form, if so, do not forget to record this data.

Sales or Revenue

Do you have a product you are selling on the blog? If you generate some income on your blog either own or affiliate products, you can write it down on a panel and monthly monitoring. You can also include in this section other income you can get either Adsense, sponsored posts or other means.

To help monitor this, I left an excel template where you can be writing down some of these data and be watching your progress as a blogger.

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Tips for getting links

You’re reading lately post daily with headlines like “SEO is dead” “SEO is not worth”, etc … but I assure you, that SEO is still very profitable if the right things are done.¬†One of the most important parts of organic positioning are incoming links made from other sites to ours, search engines reward authoritarian sites and authority is achieved by links, which are considered as “votes” in the Internet jungle.


I am going to indicate a number of techniques that can guide you to get links to your site:


One of the most used methods is the development of computer graphics, though, should contain interesting data to try to have virality in social networks. It works very well because many Webmasters take the image and link (as they should) to the original source. The downside is that you take time to do something and visual quality.


Develop a list is one of the techniques that work best, you can prepare a list of people relevant to Twitter or your blog on this theme and surely people links echo of your content will be made and will help to spread it, sure you get a good links to your website.

Link exchange

This technique is very old and has more than Google’s localized to just the influence in positioning, so if you can get when you exchange links with other websites in your same subject, is qualified traffic of users with similar interests.

Comment on blogs and forums

Although comments on blogs has the attribute ”¬†nofollow¬†“with this method you can go revealing and also will carry visitors to your site if the site where comets have a relevant traffic.¬†Very important not to spam and¬†comments with your name¬†, not your main keyword you want to position.In the forums it is shameful that you go leaving links unless they are useful to the person you have a question, what if you can do is put your website in the signature of the forum when posting a comment will get a link.

Free Resources

A good source of links, may be writing an ebook on a topic you master or any kind of study, but that content must be developed well, eventually you’ll get some good backlinks from related sites that will help position your website.

Reviews of products or services

Many times if you make on your own more or less favorable review of a web service or product that is to your liking, not a bad idea to report your post to the company via Twitter or email, if you have comments area or reviews, maybe you get a good bond. To me this I worked really well with any website.

Guest post

One technique that is right now booming is the guest post . This is to develop original content and offer the blogger in question post it on your blog to change that link to your blog or your social profiles. If you have time and you think the content is good, it can work really well. Right now I am getting some requests for guest post on my blog for companies to improve their SEO, particularly not accept such agreements with companies, I accept only linking to personal blogs or social profiles like this.

Events and Courses

If you give impart courses or lectures in an event, always leave your site in the presentation you make, maybe one of the pupils or assistants make a post about the event and link your content.

Links from social networks

Share our content from social networks always we will bring about many valuable links, even though most of them do not pass authority to the paired domain, do not forget to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and especially Google Plus, here the links if they are of good nor forgetYoutube if you have an account on that channel, linked your website in the description, you can attract more visitors to your website.

Getting links you can improve the organic positioning of your web project and are also a good source of visitors, the most important thing is that you create quality content, they will reach links without the wait, but these recommendations also apply to achieve this goal. If you know any tricks to get more links, I will be happy to tell me.

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