How to Get Media Coverage for Your Business

Every startup – every company, for that matter – wants media coverage. From brand awareness to traffic and an increase in customers, media coverage is hugely important for a business. How do you get that coverage, though? Media outlets are bombarded with pitches every day. It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd, but it’s necessary if you want those outlets to take notice.

1. Act like an expert.

Signup for HARO (Help a Reporter Out), which is a free platform that puts journalists in touch with industry experts via three daily requests. The requests give you the opportunity to show off your expertise as well as your brand.


2. Build relationships.

Before pitching a journalist, establish a genuine relationship with them. This is the best way to get your foot in the door. Comment on their stories, interact with them on social media, and share their posts. When you do contact them directly, whether to comment on a piece they wrote or pitch your idea, they’ll already know who you are. Don’t ego-stroke; be genuine.

3. Pitch first thing in the morning.

If your idea is time-sensitive, you need to get it to the journalist early. When you pitch in the afternoon, their day has already been laid out as much as possible and your idea will undoubtedly be overlooked. Pitch your ideas before 9 a.m. – most journalists are up at the crack of dawn.

4. Stop sending press releases.

This may sound like the opposite of everything you’ve learned about appealing to media. After all, a press release is specifically meant for the press! Media doesn’t want to publish dry, boring information, which is what a press release is for the most part. Plus, press releases are often promotional and use advertising-speak, which media isn’t interested in.

5. Catch their eye with infographics.

Visual content is extremely appealing to the media, especially if they have a website (like an online newspaper). Infographics get a lot of attention and are shared often online. For the media outlet, that means more page views. Whenever you can add an infographic to your pitch, go for it.

Don’t assume that you won’t get media coverage simply because it’s a competitive market. If you believe in your brand and build genuine relationships, media coverage is likely to follow. Find a small business resource center for more tips.

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How Do You Rank Website Search Engine Ranking

3 ways to interpret your SERP ranking report

Keeping track of rankings for keywords in Google is part and parcel of SEO, and it can be both rewarding and frustrating in almost equal measure. Sometimes, however, you can concentrate on ranking reports so long that you miss out on the main message – because you’re used to seeing the same reports over and again.

  1. The most relevant themes on which to focus

An examination of the types of phrases, which your website ranks for, can give a big interpretation on the concepts that are most relevant to you. If a large number of relevant ranking keywords revolve around a certain theme, this can be interpreted to mean your site/brand/business is considered an authority in that theme. If there is a prevailing subject across many keywords, this is representative of either an opportunity or an area of weakness.

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The Old SEO Methods That Can Be Put to an End

If you are aware of the Google Penguin/Panda updates, you should think of removing the old SEO methods and update according to the modern techniques.

  • Article Submissions: This is an age old method where links can easily be created without much effort. Instead of building links you can build positive relationships with the bloggers. This can create an opportunity for writing guest posts for quality sites.
  • Link Exchanges and Reciprocal Links: This process can be applied easily by swapping links with other sites. These cheap useless links will not do any favor for your site. If you go through any quality content in any site, just link to them and you can definitely expect to get linked if you can produce quality content in your site.
  • Thin Content Creation: As you know that great content can attract great links, the creation part should be focused with full concern. If you are outsourcing your content writing activities, make sure it is going to the hands of qualified persons who will be able to produce worthy content for your site. Ensure your purpose of writing. Whether you are writing only for the search engines or you want the users to get benefit of the content.
  • (more…)

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The Roles of Remote Database Administrators and Why You Need Them

Sometimes, handing over some sensitive company activities like database administration to an outsider may feel wrong, even farfetched. You may feel as if you are opening your company up for abuse and information leaking. It is even more fearsome if you know very little of the person(s) you are handing over your company information to and are probably in an unknown location, even remote.


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