5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

One of the most important things when we are making a SEO strategy is to keep track of it. To do this we have at our disposal a host of online tools to verify and analyze all the data collected so far. Here are some of the ones I use frequently and that will help you:

SEO Tools

– rank so
For me one of the most comprehensive analysis of your Web, obtaining a rating from 0 to 100 and giving you tips to improve that rating. Initially a web will give you a low score, but after a year at least, would have to get a high score of 80 that will mean that your SEO strategy is perfect and I’m sure you’ll see results in Google. Moreover, it is one of the few that we have in Spanish.

– Alexa
Alexa is the world ranking of all websites on the Internet, is the classic tool for positioning your site on the Internet. And how does it? Very simple, all that you have installed on your browser bar Alexa, sends a report of each visit made to a website, thereby building this global and national ranking. This ranking is not 100% reliable but will give you clues and motivation, and gradually see that you have a job, important medium in the online world.

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

– Web versus Web
This tool lets you know your score and compare it to the web from your competition, this way you will know who is better positioned. As in rank so gives you a score from 0 to 100 and whoever gets the highest score will mean that is better prepared to exit at the top of Google.

– Majestic SEO
With Majestic Seo can detect, and especially analyze all inbound links to your website. It will help you know how many websites have put your URL and know which type of connection. Also, you can check out the links of your competition, so you know where they stayed the link or where they have gotten a backlink.

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

– Google
There is no better tool to really know the position you have Google for your keywords. Actually this is the test you have to do at the end, it is like the final exam, pass (first page out) or suspend (depart from the second page). Anyway, if you prefer to do a robot, you can do so by downloading this program: Free Monitor for Google only have to put your URL, and keywords, and the program will tell you the position you get for each search.

For starters, these five tools will serve you for your SEO score. Be guided mainly by the first, make all your efforts to correct any errors that you check to optimize your website to the fullest. Then check out the other tools. I recommend you create an excel and update information every month, so, you will see your progress and especially because you know better.

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