6 exciting ways to make your visitors fall in love with your website

Being familiar with website analytics, you must be familiar with the term ‘bounce rate’ which is the percentile rate of visitors leaving your site after visiting one page. A low rate ensures that the visitors are engaging in your site, spending time on it and vice versa.

Normal bounce rate for a site is 60% to 70%. It means over half of the visitors who visit a site leave after viewing a page they land on. Here are 6 strategies to engage visitors as well as lower bounce rate. Whether you sell property in Delhi or sell lingerie, the strategies should be the same.

  • Create a simple but catchy web design – The most eye-catchy sites are often the simplest. If the web design is simple and clean, it will definitely gravitate visitors’ eyes towards it. It will provide the user with the sense of space and time. Having a pleasing design would let the visitors be inclined to stay on your site.
  • Be empathetic – Try to talk about yourself as well as your brand as little as possible. Rather be empathetic. Talk to the users about the site and let them know how your brand can help them make lives easier with the services and products you sell. It should be evident in the images, titles and subtitles.
  • Make the brand shine – Being simple doesn’t mean being boring and cold. Introduce your brand’s and your team’s personality into your site. Select the proper blend of colors which represent the business as well as convey a message to the visitors. Each page should have wording that is in line with your brand. Whether your brand is easy going or fast-faced should be reflected on your website.
  • Content should match your objective – Apart from being empathetic, your webpages should exactly describe and match the reasons a visitor has arrived at your page. Content should differ from page to page while the pages should be focused and deliver unique content to the users. Offer useful information to the visitors for free through a page, resource page or free media like E-books.
  • Include headings, images and videos – Only text won’t work; it would make the page unappealing. So you have to break the pages into bite size pieces. Content should be categorized and have headings and subheadings. Adding relevant images and videos to every page not only breaks up the content but also create an attractive feature.
  • Keep it convenient – Make your visitors navigate the pages easily and find exactly what they want in almost no time. For example, put the contact information in a vivid location as well as put a second copy of it in the page footer.

If you already own a website, you can reshape it by making it visually alluring, offering valued and relevant content and having a logical navigation. This will make the visitors engrossed and to increase conversion rate.

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