Benefits of a Personal Domain Name

Everyone is aware of the importance of a domain name for a business, but it is becoming increasingly important to also own a personal domain name. Domain names, especially premium domain names, are very similar to real estate as once you own it, you can do what you please with it. By not locking in your personal domain name you could lose access to it forever.

Memorable URL

A personal domain name provides you with a URL that people can remember. In addition, you can create an email address using the domain name so that it reads Should you decide to open a business in your name, you will already be branded and potential clients will be able to find you easier. In addition, because you have your own personal domain name, you will have an advantage over your competitors. You will already have an online presence, especially if you use the domain to post blogs, resumes or examples of your work.

Search Engines

When someone does a search on your name, it is more likely to appear if you have a personal domain name. This allows you to take some control over your online reputation since you control the information placed on the site. It also allows you to personalize yourself in order to expand your personal brand along with your internet development skills. Because you own the domain, you are able to decide how your brand will be presented online. You are not dependent on someone else to make those decisions for you.

Expert Knowledge

One of the most important features of owning a personal domain name is that it allows you to set yourself up as an expert in a particular industry. Your domain may contain nothing but a blog where you provide insights into your industry. Even if you initially use the website for your own personal insights, like travel reviews or as if it was your personal online journal, you can begin to gain a following of people who may turn to you when they need advice on a particular subject. Most bloggers began by writing simple, commonsense blogs that eventually made them appear to be authorities on the subject they wrote about. Today, blogging is an important part of marketing, whether you are promoting yourself or your company. It is even possible that you could develop a business out of your personal domain if you provide enough authoritative information.

Owning your personal domain name is a great way to promote and brand yourself to others online. It is important to note that if you don’t lock in your name, someone with the same or similar name may do it before you. If it is available, it is highly advisable that you purchase the domain so that you do not risk being unable to get it in the future. It is even possible to purchase personal domain names for family and friends as gifts to help them get control of their online presence.

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