Metrics for a blog

We continue with another post metric and if you drive a safe blog that will interest you is precisely because of analytics for blogs. I do not wanna tell you the basic typical metric we can learn from Google Analytics, but other KPIs that may be more important to the growth of our online site and our journey as a blogger.



I think it’s one of the most important parts in a blog if not more. Capturing subscribers through different media is an indicator of growth of your blog. You can two types of subscribers, the main ones are:

  • RSS. Stresses on your blog accession to RSS feed, this will make your blog grow in popularity. View the number of such subscribers is simple, before you could see from Google Reader and after closure, tools like Feedly will indicate the number of subscribers you have any blog through this medium.
  • Email. If you have a blog and have no active subscription by email, you’re taking, these subscribers will be the most faithful and through what will someday sell products or services.Have very affordable professional email programs on the market, many of them free for a certain amount of subscribers as Mailrelay , Mailchimp or Aweber and others.

Web Traffic

From Google Analytics and other web analytics tools, you can see several important performance indicators to pay attention to as:

  • Sessions. What is the same site visits.
  • Users= browsers.
  • Pages view. Total pages viewed by all users in a given period.
  • Pages meeting. Average pages viewed by a user.
  • Session length. Average time of a user on our blog.
  • Bounce. Although a blog is rarely representative this metric, since most of the traffic enters and exits the last post, which is considered as a rebound.
  • Source trafficAre our visits have been come from search engines, social networks or reference pages? It is important to control the different channels through which visitors come to us and observe their behavior.
  • Geographical location. Country of origin of visitors, very important to know what area or region we come to the site users.
  • Mobile. Here we can see the percentage or traffic visiting from mobile, tablet or desktop.Important to check if your site displays well on mobile.

Content blog, post and page

In this section you can record information on the content you’re posting, here we see some measures you can do.

  • Interactions in social networks. Record in this section times what your content is shared on social networks:
    • You can measure RTs, reply and clicks to your page.
    • The three basic metrics of this platform, likes, share, comments and views to your page from publication.
    • Google Plus.Visits to your page, +1 and comments.
    • Other social networks.If you are using Pinterest, Instagram or others, you can also measure the interaction in these networks.
  • Number of comments. One indicator that can take into account to measure the success of your blog comments are generating your posts.Although decreased a lot with the large influx of social networking, it is still a metric to consider.
  • Frequency of posting. Write down how much each public if the beams measuring monthly, would be the number of posts published that month.
  • DownloadsDo you offer a download on your blog? Whether free or paid, it is important to measure this metric for what downloadable content is more successful.
  • Visits to any given page. It may be that the conversion in your blog, is the visit to the page “About me” or sending a contact form, if so, do not forget to record this data.

Sales or Revenue

Do you have a product you are selling on the blog? If you generate some income on your blog either own or affiliate products, you can write it down on a panel and monthly monitoring. You can also include in this section other income you can get either Adsense, sponsored posts or other means.

To help monitor this, I left an excel template where you can be writing down some of these data and be watching your progress as a blogger.

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How to increase visits to your blog

Throughout the life of a blog, there are times when the traffic coming off and you think no pools in a fixed range of views. Through a series of actions and some effort, we can try to increase visitors to it. I’ll suggest some recommendations used by different bloggers to try out his blog to another level.


Social Networking

No one doubts the effectiveness of social media when it comes to drive traffic to any website, here the number of followers you have on them and especially their interaction with your account, will greatly influence the number of visits sent your blog. You should share your post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (check out the Communities) and LinkedIn. They can also be interesting networks like Pinterest or Instagram if using striking photographs. Share your content regularly on these sources of traffic, but also so restrained without spamming other users.

Guest posts author

This is a technique that can give you very good results if the traffic you do with planning and without abusing it. By posting on other blogs in your niche, you’ll capture qualified traffic and potential subscribers to your blog, plus good links that search engines valued at the time of positioning of your website in their results. You can also open your blog to outside contributors to publish content, this will give another approach to your articles, except that you will improve relationships with colleagues.

Comments on other blogs

This is another action that can bring you joy in the form of visits to your web space. Before you go commenting on other blogs, make sure this blog has an area to include your website, otherwise you will be wasting your time, do it on websites related to your subject and comments that add value, not the typical, “good post” “great article” because it may be that the administrator does not approve your comment, give your opinion and try to give quality. I’ll tell you a little story, make a summer or so appeared an article by Black Hat SEO techniques in the area of streaming technology, this newspaper has in the comments area include a box to your website together with your email and name, if you give high and as you comment with your nickname, well, I included a comment with a link to this article techniques Black my blog which was approved by the moderator (remember that in these places there Moderators and very hard cast will not leave easily links) and I had about 300 visits on the same day that article, interesting, right?

Quality content

This point is obvious, but always tries to publish interesting and quality content to be read, shared and linked to from all possible sources. These items that you post must be homemade, so go create a distinctive and personal style. Some content work very well as infographics, some service manuals or guides on how to perform some task, also the video content is very acceptable. You can see examples of success in this case, as the series of Podcasts Victor Martin or channelYoutube Laura Ribas .

Visits from search engines

Through organic traffic coming at you from different search engines (in Spain especially Google), you can have a handful of daily visits How do you improve the SEO of your website? The first thing you have to have is a good site structure, friendly pages, loading pages quickly and if you use a WordPress SEO plugin which there are many. The second thing you should do is try to make your blog to be linked to from other websites, I leave some recommendations in a previous article view to carry out this task. If you do things right, every day you go you will see more visitors coming from search engines and can relatively easily become your primary source of traffic.

Frequency of publication

This fact is quite obvious, the more content you post on your blog, you will have more visits. It is best that you take notice timetable for publication, here will depend on the time you have to perform this task, you can program to publish once a week or once a day, although sometimes better results posting less content and value, a daily post with little interest.

Stresses the RSS feed

One of the main sources of traffic for a blog or news site is its RSS feed. Stresses somewhere visible blog subscribe to this channel, either at the end of the post or side area and you can convert to common sporadic readers if your content attract them.

Email Subscriptions

If you promote this point well, your subscribers by email can give you many joys in terms of web traffic. Prominently includes the registration form on your site, either through pop-ups, in some visible area of ​​the website or at the end of each article. Much better if you offer additional content to encourage potential subscribers.

I hope this series of recommendations try to take your blog to the next level, if you know more ways to increase traffic to a blog, you can leave a comment right here.

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How long must you devote to your blog

If you run a blog and have a rate of roughly constant publication, you will have occurred on occasion to ask yourself how much time do you spend. If you use a free blogging platform like blogspot or, you can save part time technical work such as installation or improvements, but you lose a lot of possibilities if you have no self-control, plus it is unprofessional especially if you devote to work related to Digital Marketing.

blogging time

I’m going to state the three main sections where we invest more time bloggers:


You know that content is king, so this task will be the most time consuming you in your blogging work. Here it can be divided into two subsections.

  • Prepare post. This will include the choice of topic that we will discuss, multimedia elements that we will include as photographs, videos, presentations, etc … The important thing here is to try not to lose much time in the choice of these elements, for example we can serve banks free images to give us this work.
  • Content development. This point is the most time consuming and we will have to take is where your skills as a writer to try to make your content as attractive as possible for your readers.

Here I devote at least 65% of time you dedicate to your blog.


This category would include any promotional work to do to try to spread our blog and its contents.Would includes:

  • Social Networking. Promotion on different social media networks is one of the most important to try to spread our blog and content parts.
  • Creating links. Do not forget the part of link building authority in order to create your space in the web of the Internet; here we can include guest articles we produce to other websites.
  • Comments on blogs. Especially if you open a blog , one of the best techniques is to introduce you to interact commenting on other blogs, so yes, always providing something of value. Also do not forget to answer the comments that you make on your own.
  • Subscriber acquisition. Do not forget to prepare your blog to engage your readers to the following items.
  • Sending newsletters via email marketing.If you have representative database subscribers, you must convey to your readers by publishing the email or post periodic summaries. You have to use any of the professional email platforms and time consuming in the realization of these newsletters.

These tasks Marketing, you take another important part of your dedication, roughly 25-30% of your time.

Technical part

If you use any free platform, you just go to consume time on these tasks, but if you are a professional blogger and using some of the most popular CMS and, you’ll have to take care of such tasks as:

  • Initial installation. You can consume about how many hours in this first phase of the start of your blog, if you have little technical knowledge, is best left to a professional.
  • Template design and installation of plugins. This is work that will go from making your first post, choose a suitable and eye-catching design with various features and extensions you want to apply on your website, here it is best to test and make sure it works properly.
  • Never forget to make backups of your blog, but you can automate this task, always is good to have this information available to avoid surprises.

If you are good at computers, with 5-10% devote time to this part, it would be enough.

If you’re a blogger, I would like your opinion on this classification task duration of blogging or if you will include most any function.

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