Benefits of a Personal Domain Name

Everyone is aware of the importance of a domain name for a business, but it is becoming increasingly important to also own a personal domain name. Domain names, especially premium domain names, are very similar to real estate as once you own it, you can do what you please with it. By not locking in your personal domain name you could lose access to it forever.

Memorable URL

A personal domain name provides you with a URL that people can remember. In addition, you can create an email address using the domain name so that it reads Should you decide to open a business in your name, you will already be branded and potential clients will be able to find you easier. In addition, because you have your own personal domain name, you will have an advantage over your competitors. You will already have an online presence, especially if you use the domain to post blogs, resumes or examples of your work.

Search Engines

When someone does a search on your name, it is more likely to appear if you have a personal domain name. This allows you to take some control over your online reputation since you control the information placed on the site. It also allows you to personalize yourself in order to expand your personal brand along with your internet development skills. Because you own the domain, you are able to decide how your brand will be presented online. You are not dependent on someone else to make those decisions for you.

Expert Knowledge

One of the most important features of owning a personal domain name is that it allows you to set yourself up as an expert in a particular industry. Your domain may contain nothing but a blog where you provide insights into your industry. Even if you initially use the website for your own personal insights, like travel reviews or as if it was your personal online journal, you can begin to gain a following of people who may turn to you when they need advice on a particular subject. Most bloggers began by writing simple, commonsense blogs that eventually made them appear to be authorities on the subject they wrote about. Today, blogging is an important part of marketing, whether you are promoting yourself or your company. It is even possible that you could develop a business out of your personal domain if you provide enough authoritative information.

Owning your personal domain name is a great way to promote and brand yourself to others online. It is important to note that if you don’t lock in your name, someone with the same or similar name may do it before you. If it is available, it is highly advisable that you purchase the domain so that you do not risk being unable to get it in the future. It is even possible to purchase personal domain names for family and friends as gifts to help them get control of their online presence.

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Working from Home

As stay at home moms you are always looking for ways to save and make money. Staying home with your children can save you major money by not having to pay daycare. But, you still need a way to supplement your income before you put in your two-week notice at your normal 9 to 5 job. The internet has everything you need to make that dream happen.

Ways to make Money from Home

The internet has many ways to make money from home like blogs, websites, or online businesses. Knowing where to start is the key. The first thing to do is register a domain. When registering a domain, the first thing you need is a name. This will be the name of your website or blog. When you have a chosen a name will have to make sure it is not taken yet. In order to do this, you will need to perform a search to see if your chosen domain is free. If it is free you can then register it. When you register your domain you will have to go through a registrar to purchase your domain.

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Prepare to Meet Traffic Spikes during the Festive Season with CDN

If you are prepared to boost the sales in your online store by offering amazing discounts on all products or are gearing up for the fast approaching festive season, then you need the right tools to meet the traffic spikes to your website. People would be thinking of buying gifts for the friends and family members during the festive season and many love to do it from online shopping sites. Whether you are running an ecommerce site or any other business website, Content Delivery Network (CDN) will be of great help to you to reach your website to a worldwide audience and help your visitors view the contents on your website instantly.
All you got to do is to make sure that your ecommerce site is able to withstand the traffic spikes during the sale period and festive seasons.

Know About Hosting Plans

There is no doubt that CDN services will be offsetting most of the load coming to your website through caching and request filtering, but with the amount of traffic that is coming to your website, there is a chance for a bit of the traffic to get to your web host like GreenGeeks and Hostgator. So, get it touch with your web hosting provider to know more about your plan and to seek help to prevent any bottleneck that you might encounter through the web hosting plan.

Blocking Traffic From Certain Regions

If you do not want to get traffic from unwanted regions or certain individual IP addresses, then you have the option of blocking the traffic from a certain region or IP address with the help of the CDN service offered by web hosting service providers. By doing so, you will be able to know from which regions you get usual visitors. Make sure you configure your firewalls to prevent unwanted attacks during the peak sales season.

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Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Youtube can be a source of traffic to your website or your online store, get Youtube redirect users to your website is a simple strategy that will show you with a series of tricks Youtube.

But to undertake these actions you must have a YouTube channel, that is clear, must be verified and associated with your website, the platform provides you with tools to do so, I will explain some effective tools and can give relevance to your channel since you have fully optimized according standards Youtube.

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

How to check your channel on Youtube

The platform aims to be non-fiction channels, many users create channels for testing or not legal action within the parameters given, but we must also provide coverage for businesses and users who want to strategize with your videos.

This verification is used to associate a web to your YouTube channel, there are other checks which are used to confirm the account or activate additional functions and using a digit is sent to you via sms by phone.

To check your website, you must associate it through webmaster tools of Google, we provide several options but the simplest is that of confirm your account analytics, meta tag you already have inserted in your website serves for this verification, what otherwise you have to insert another with which you would add more html code of your website.

Check the page find the advanced features of Studio Creator on your channel if you do not find there have to first enable functions how verification through SMS.

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

We have checked our website and can send traffic to it from the videos go up on Youtube. If you are consistent in making videos and generate views and subscribers you will see how the traffic comes from your video channel.

Prompting you to insert the links on Youtube have the attribute rel = “nofollow” to which we are not giving juice Youtube Popularity your web, that was imposed to avoid possible spam. But even with Google acknowledges that attribute from whence this visit, the “nofollow” are also required on any link building strategy.

Effective methods to get subscribers

A youtube likes you to perform actions in order to increase your number of subscribers, have a good social base makes video is viralicen faster, and they are the first to reach them notice you’ve uploaded a video and if you like it They share, you have to know who your subscribers are included on your list who like your videos and themes for your channel, do not upload videos to upload something, you must always be consistent with your theme, your subscribers are loyal to it I repeat, have been signed by the subject that interests them.

To add subscribers in an easy and very effective can create a url with the address of your channel and adding at the end the word “? sub_confirmation = 1”.

Clicking it on the link above (click fearless) popup to stop the blank screen with only the possibility of subscribing to your channel opens.

This can shorten the url with any tool you use to cut it and insert it into any web page or URL how to click button that the user subscribes.

You can also insert next to the video trailer how you placed your channel for new visitors and are not subscribed.

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Insert an active url in annotations

If you have an ecommerce you can drive traffic directly from the video of the product to the same tab of the product for the user who has seen the video you can buy, a call to a very effective action to get customers to buy, Youtube leads reproductions submit your video as keywords inserted and take advantage of these visits to sell, once you’ve created your video it stays forever on the shelf, do not make any financial expenditures, contrary to what you paid when you make an Adwords campaign , I can consider it more effective action to bring customers through video than any Google Adwords campaign.

You can spend 150 euros on making a video or the same money you can spend on an Adwords campaign, this video is for ever and more relevant to your channel’s views, while in Adwords when the money runs out no longer leads users . In addition the user comes across a video has more information and is therefore more inclined to purchase.

To insert your web address in Youtube videos you must enable external annotation features to your channel, how we have explained above what you can do with a simple SMS to your mobile phone.

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Once activated, this function you can insert external assets and links to your website or online store, users viewing your videos may appear on your web or directly buy the product they see.

Enter the notes section of the video where you want to insert the url and type the phrase you want to attract, is a call to action must be clear in the video playback. Create a snack or a note, written once activated the option to insert an external link (image).

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

In this paragraph there are two ways to insert an external link, a website or an article of your online store, Youtube allows you to log merchandising, with verified items and will only fit if you have enabled the feature to Partner Youtube, ie enable monetization in the list of advanced features, but equally you can insert an article in the section website, if you do not want to share profits with Youtube this is your way.

How to get followers on Facebook and Tweeter

You can also use the above tricks to get users in your social network, a way for viewers to convert your videos followers.

To achieve this you need to have a WordPress blog because we will use a free plugin called Pretty Link with which convert url of your social account in an url with the domain of your website, which is linked to your YouTube channel.

Once downloaded and activated, you need to indicate that you want a new web address:

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Redirect url using a 301:

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Add the address of your favorite social networks:

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

E indicate the rel “nofollow” in the section:

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Youtube will see that the url associated site is indicated how the same direction and mean it should go. You can add annotations requesting subscription to your social networks.

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What are you thinking? Video Social Networks

What are you thinking Video Social Networks

This is the question that makes us Facebook before sharing new content on the social network. Users to respond to what they are doing or have done: photos on the beach (vacation), comments already employed / approved examination, wetting clothes videos (latest fashion), upcoming trips etc. Obviously we will never see problems or confidences (in most cases), and that’s what friends are for …

All that is shared is that of which we presume, would also generate envy to the rest of contacts, which is different than friends. In addition, each publication you want to achieve the highest possible likes and comments, Or no ?

What are you thinking Video Social Networks

Social networks facilitate the development, both personal and professional, and make the run to the minute information that companies have the opportunity to get in touch directly with the user and vice versa. There used to call, now published in the bulletin a business page you can have the solution earlier and better treatment, since that information is going to see the rest of clients and future.

And all this reflection comes in the video above, but, and you, what are you thinking?

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What is benchmarking?

The Benchmarking is a process to evaluate and compare products, services or technical work, in order to improve our production processes, in short, look at the best businesses and people in your industry, and emulate them in order to be more profitable.


Benchmarking targets

  • Improving the production processes of our company. Making improvements in our manufacturing processes, better quality and profitability.
  • Perceived quality.All improvements we apply in our company are aimed at increasing the quality that our customers perceive it, whether external or internal.
  • Being the reference of our market. Applying best practices in our industry, we can become the benchmark in our industry.
  • ‘s about seeing what works in other departments of your company and apply these same techniques to improve the processes improving your department.
  • Competitive. Compare aspects of competition, whether product, marketing, customer service, etc … comparing their systems with ours and trying to apply those perceived advantages of facing our company.
  • Functional. Is to observe the best practices of other companies that are in our industry but our competitors are not, and try to imitate their best developments.
  •  Here we look at the best in other industries, whether companies or individuals , to try to apply their best formulas for success. We can always learn something from companies like Google, Amazon, Apple or Zara, for example.
  • Planning. Identify business and how we collect data.
  • Analysis. Compare the most votes from other companies with our processes.
  • Integration. Analyze our goals based on the information collected.
  •  Implementation of plans and actions for process improvement.
  • Observe these new processes and analyze whether they have been effective or not.

Types of benchmarking

Steps of benchmarking

In summary, benchmarking not try to copy the same plans of competition and other companies, if not try to emulate their best practices, methods and strategies to become the best. If you still do not use this type of technique, you may be missing opportunities to grow and improve.

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