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How to effectively display your products

When creating a display, it is necessary to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd. Exhibition halls and trade shows are often over-saturated with generic displays, and you don’t want yours to be lost in the crowd.

Creating effective marketing displays means ensuring that your display has something a little different to offer, consumers make an initial impressions about both your brand and you products deceptively quickly, so ensuring the first thoughts are positive is crucial. Check out the exhibitions displays available here for some inspiration on what you can do to display yourself in the best light possible.

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What Are The Barriers Of Your Presentation With The Audience?

Though you have prepared your PowerPoint presentation very well, there can be some barriers that may not be liked by your audience. You should identify all the barriers and try out various ways to overcome them properly. You may take help from the power slides.com and can browse through variety of available options. Now, let us go through the barriers and the ways to overcome them: (more…)

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Simple Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign

Running a PPC campaign can be quite costly, but it is still one of the best ways to market your site or your product. By using PPC ads, you can quickly reach new audience and get direct traffic in return. To make your PPC campaign more effective and cost-efficient, some simple steps need to be taken.

Use Schema Markup To Your Advantage

Similar to doing SEO and advertising through other means, your ads need to stand out for users to click notice them. Text ads, however, tend to be rather monotone. To make your text ads more appealing to users, take advantage of schema markups and add a customized SERP to the ads.

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Customer satisfaction is the key of business

Running an online business is all about customer satisfaction. When you satisfy a customer, he or she will tell their friends and family about your site. They will post good reviews about your site on social media and more people will find out about your business in this way. Positive word of mouth is the best type of advertising that a company can get. However, it must be earned. One of the best ways to do this is processing customer orders as quickly as possible. People have busy lives. When they buy something from your online business, they want the process to be as fast and streamlined as it can be. Therefore, when you are designing your website, great care must be taken regarding how long the checkout process takes to complete. Likewise, equal care must go into your call center if your site takes phone orders. Checkout time is vital for online businesses to succeed. Here is some information about the various aspects of this.

Online shopping cart

The downfall of many websites has been their failure to create an online shopping cart that is easy to use. If customers have trouble placing items in the cart or removing them, their time will be wasted. It will also be a disaster if the process of paying for the merchandise takes too long. If customers are asked to provide too much information, or to navigate to many different pages just to buy a small item, they will most likely give up and buy it elsewhere. Make sure the web designer you hire creates on online shopping cart that is fast and easy to use.

Call center

Your call center is another area of your online business that should get a lot of your attention. Call center plus services are always good to offer your customers. People can be easily annoyed when they call a company to place an order, so it is imperative that all of the software that you utilize in your call center be thoroughly checked before your site goes live. If would be a disaster if some of your customers were being disconnected in the middle of a transaction.

Credit card processing

This is an issue that should not be overlooked. You will need to hire a company to process all of the payments made by credit card. Make sure the company you choose has a good track record of dependable software, so your customers are not forced to wait.

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Push Your Marketing Campaign Forward With These Simple Strategies

These days, many company leaders are realizing that marketing should be an integral component of their strategic plan for business success. If you’ve recently come to understand this principle, note that there are many ways you can push your company forward. Here are three:

1. Meet And Connect With More People.

Although many business owners realize that people are the foundation of any company, they oftentimes overlook the fact that they need to continually meet and connect with more people. Don’t overlook the value of this endeavor. When you consistently interact with other individuals, you gain the opportunity to develop your communication skills and expand your awareness of the world. Additionally, these individuals will oftentimes become your business partner or an enthusiastic brand ambassador. If you’re not in the habit of connecting with people on a regular basis, getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply head out to a local conference or lecture at your next opportunity. The networking process can also include events that don’t seem business related like a birthday party or wedding. Once you start the process of making connecting with other people a regular business habit, consider the value of meeting an individual such as Council Member John Hailer. In addition to operating as the CEO of Natixis Global Asset Management, Hailer serves as a trustee on several boards.

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3 Key Techniques to Consider When Creating Digital Marketing Signage That Stands From the Crowd

When creating a digital signage message meant to market your product or service, it is vital that you are able to capture your audience’s attention and sustain it long enough to pass on your message.

Apart from the actual content of the message, the aesthetics of the message can be very important to ensure your audience sees and perceives your message in the right way.

Brief and clear communication should always take precedence over the aesthetics, but once you have the right message that you intend to pass to your audience, you should then present the message in a way that stands out from other messages.

Below are some factors that you should take into consideration when creating digital marketing media that will be effective in any environment.

  1. Scene composition

Consider where you place your content on the signage for viewing by your audience. If the content in your marketing message aims for the audience of a Chinese restaurant that reads Mandarin, you should remember that they are used to reading text from right to left as opposed to from left to right with English speakers.

When designing digital media, you should also ensure that each frame or shot that you use has a function towards the overall scene. This means that if all of the moving frames freeze in place, they should be able to convey a message.

  1. Screen location and placement

People usually focus right in front of their eyes, and this is why you should focus on placing your digital signage at eye level.

You should also keep in mind the angle of awareness of most people, which is a twenty degree angle for the vertical field of view. This should dictate the general area with which you should position your signage if you want your audience to see it easily.

When considering the position of your signage, you should also remember that placing marketing material at entrances might seem inappropriate in some places.

  1. Call to action

Your digital signage should always have a call to action on almost all scenes or frames if not all. Compelling your audience to take action immediately and with the simplest of instructions is always the way to go.

For example, a sign that tells your customers to get “80% off here!” at a shop, where you place the signage can be very effective.

You could improve the call to action messages by turning to the best marketing firms in the world for examples or approaches that you could use.

You could use several other techniques in order to create a digital marketing signage that is effective and stands from the crowd. For example, how you group key words, the use of color and repeating certain key words will be very effective.

You should find out what works best for your specific product or service but following some of these general guidelines will help you get to your goal faster.

Author Bio

Dan Davis is an entrepreneur with a 12-year background establishing brick and mortar retail outlets. He uses the expertise at http://www.dopublicity.com/ whenever he needs ideas for a digital marketing campaign. Visit his blog for more information.

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How to Get Media Coverage for Your Business

Every startup – every company, for that matter – wants media coverage. From brand awareness to traffic and an increase in customers, media coverage is hugely important for a business. How do you get that coverage, though? Media outlets are bombarded with pitches every day. It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd, but it’s necessary if you want those outlets to take notice.

1. Act like an expert.

Signup for HARO (Help a Reporter Out), which is a free platform that puts journalists in touch with industry experts via three daily requests. The requests give you the opportunity to show off your expertise as well as your brand.


2. Build relationships.

Before pitching a journalist, establish a genuine relationship with them. This is the best way to get your foot in the door. Comment on their stories, interact with them on social media, and share their posts. When you do contact them directly, whether to comment on a piece they wrote or pitch your idea, they’ll already know who you are. Don’t ego-stroke; be genuine.

3. Pitch first thing in the morning.

If your idea is time-sensitive, you need to get it to the journalist early. When you pitch in the afternoon, their day has already been laid out as much as possible and your idea will undoubtedly be overlooked. Pitch your ideas before 9 a.m. – most journalists are up at the crack of dawn.

4. Stop sending press releases.

This may sound like the opposite of everything you’ve learned about appealing to media. After all, a press release is specifically meant for the press! Media doesn’t want to publish dry, boring information, which is what a press release is for the most part. Plus, press releases are often promotional and use advertising-speak, which media isn’t interested in.

5. Catch their eye with infographics.

Visual content is extremely appealing to the media, especially if they have a website (like an online newspaper). Infographics get a lot of attention and are shared often online. For the media outlet, that means more page views. Whenever you can add an infographic to your pitch, go for it.

Don’t assume that you won’t get media coverage simply because it’s a competitive market. If you believe in your brand and build genuine relationships, media coverage is likely to follow. Find a small business resource center for more tips.

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Digital Marketing Techniques

Catch New Clients With Savvy Digital Marketing Techniques

Whether you’re launching a completely new business or you’re trying to revitalize an established company, your commercial success comes down to how many people know and recognize your business. Reaching new clients and ensuring their loyalty is your top concern, and you’re constantly searching for better ways to market your brand in order to achieve this. As one of the most effective ways to attract new clients, digital marketing will increase your brand recognition and expand your company’s presence online.

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In the commercial / marketing area businesses there is a clear tendency to focus on attracting customers. It’s something I’ve experienced many times, mostly because that was my job: to capture the maximum number of customers at the lowest possible price.

Obviously a company can not fail to attract customers, because it would not grow, their clients would leave the company gradually (there is always a percentage of churn ), because it would not would innovate commercial, and competition, and the company … end up close.


But what happens if we focus both capture and not pay attention to the quality of captured customer?

Recruitment strategies in online marketing : quantity or quality?

This is the discussion ‘eternal’ in digital marketing departments. We all agree that loyalty is very important, but we always end up focusing on attracting more.

A few days ago I read the post that inspired me to return to dwell on this topic.

The post talked using the ‘customer value’ (customer equity) , as a metric to measure the quality of the customer and, above all, as a way to guide the strategy for greater margin, and therefore a higher income (objectives Most companies).

What is customer equity and customer value?

Putting it in a simple way

Customer equity and customer value = number of customers x average net revenue per customer
Or what is the same:

Customer equity and customer value x = no customers Customer Lifetime Value ( CLV )
(In case you are evaluating the quality of the captured leads would be: no new customers x estimated CLV).
And this is calculated as:

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) = Average revenue per customer x gross margin per customer / churn rate (customer cancellation fee).


To explain it any better than an example of what can happen if you control this metric. If you catch much but leave you little room and go fast you have a big problem. And whether or not you can be in the situation where each time a customer you catch why waste money?

If I invested in grasping ( CPA ) is higher than what the customer leaves your company ( GLC ), you lose money.

(In this post I am going to focus on analyzing the recruitment strategies. Obviously Equally important are loyalty (which increase both the CLV and customer equity), but do not go in them, not to dwell too much).

If on one hand we can not fail to capture and secondly we have to ensure the quality, where is the balance?
How to balance quantity and quality online marketing strategy?

We have to find a balance between quantity (volume) and quality. The volume we provide liquidity, and quality performance.

Moreover, as we have seen before, we have to bear in mind the ‘bet’ in CPA we do to capture leads. Since we control or CLV (as many companies with residence times) or we may be adding liquidity losses instead.

It is therefore very important to understand what we will get if we try to capture leads depending on the medium we use (paid, earned and owned) and the stage of the purchase funnel or marketing funnel where the user is located.
In the picture you can see below, I try to define the volume and quality of leads captured in terms of both variables.
What you see in the matrix is my perception based on what they have learned throughout the years in the online world. Of course there will be business models that my ratings are not correct.

What online channels which add volume and quality of leads?

Uptake in marketing strategy Marketing Funnel quality and quantity vs Tristan Elosegui

If you look closely at the various crossings you will see that it is unwise to try to attract users who are in the phase of awareness as to get a few conversions and dubious quality.

However, as we are approaching the stage of the conversion ( action ) the user is more convinced of purchase and quality of leads increases. At this time the medium used to capture varying determines a quality and / or volume.
I added caseloads stage of advocacy as a mere indicator of the best ways to retain and those who are not used to it (paid media).

I explain why.

Why in some cases we capture higher quality leads and other higher volume?

1. Stage marketing funnel in which the user is
If you capture a lead that is in the stage of awareness (for example) with an aggressive offer, the chances that this person will regret your purchase or to keep looking to find a better option are higher.

If you are convinced with an offer on the stage of awareness, the strength of your buying decision is much less than that can have a user who has gone through the various stages of decision making ( awareness = knowledge, consideration = research and action = decision making and purchase).

2. Means are more suitable for quality and other for volume

As with any strategy, means are more useful for volume and other for quality.

By its own idiosyncrasies:
The paid media (outbound marketing) are better suited to capture a high volume, but not so good for getting quality.

The own and earned media, but they are getting better quality leads, but with less volume.

In the media we paid ‘interrupted’ message and our own and earned media, are the users who come to us for information / confidence to make their purchase decision.

3. Evolution of the customer mix
For the evolution of the company, the volume of users we capture quality is reduced.
At first, the percentage of users find us a genuine interest (own and earned media), is greater than those who buy our product for an offer or for convenience.

The reason is clear. The company needs to grow, and it begins to invest more in media that will bring that cash (paid media) as volume leads to low cost ( CPA ).

This solves a short term problem but causes another medium to long term ( churn , profitability, etc.).

Marketing strategies must focus on creating audience

Difference between paid and earned audience traffic

1. Paid Traffic:
If we base our strategy on paid media, we will capture traffic, of varying quality depending on the stage of the funnel where they are, but it’s hard to get generate engagement, based on online campaigns. We are capturing traffic. We’re picking up on what media convergence strategies called ‘ sponsored customer.

People with a relative interest in our company or products, which we capture the interest campaigns based payment methods, promotions. As a result we get a high volume of visitors, but with a low conversion rate, and what is worse, a CLV potentially low (that we have to be measured in each case to confirm).

Besides these main KPI, check this profile is quickly detected by high bounce rate, low time to visit, etc.

2. won Audience:
When we define a strategy for creating online audience (quality leads), we use the best combination of paid media, and own cattle, and focus on achieving the objectives of each stage of the funnel . Thus we get the attention of people really interested in our product / service.

We are creating audience that comes to us why you are interested our product, we are not paying them to come.
We’re taking the user from stage to stage, with the most appropriate strategy for each moment. Thus, users are taking the decision at their own pace (not ours).

Thus we capture even higher quality leads at a lower volume.

As I said at the beginning of the post, the key is balance between the two strategies, but taking clear that we must combine paid media with other media, to try to get the highest possible quality.

Customer equity and metrics to balance marketing strategies
To try to balance between volume and quality, we must set the value of client we are generating for the company and the customer mix in terms of their contribution to this value.

The customer equity will predict whether our strategy is balanced or are betting ‘too’ by the volume or quality of captured lead.

That is, we have to analyze the results of our acquisition strategy from several points of view:
Before the visit : results of our strategy out of our website in terms of performance of campaigns, content, actions, etc., in their profitability, etc. etc.

During the visit, to see the quality and volume of traffic generated in terms of interaction with the page and conversions obtained.

After the visit, to analyze the quality of captured lead in terms of profitability, CLV and ultimately customer equity it brings.

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Online Marketing Careers

Online Marketing Careers

SEO Specialist and Community Manager are the most demanded professions 2014. This is why I created a list of job openings on interesting and current online marketing now. The intention is to update every 7-20 days for you to know the latest job openings online marketing.


  • Junior SEO Executive – Barcelo Hotels


  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Online Marketing Manager – Real Estate Oi
  • Social Media Account Manager – NOW Notonlywebs
  • Junior Online Marketing – PromoFarma
  • Junior Marketing Coordinator


  • Technical Marketing Online – Caser Seguros
  • E-commerce Assistant – Swatch Group
  • Online Marketing Manager – The red fridge
  • Analyst SEO-Marketing – Paradigm
  • SEO & Analytics Manager – Worten
  • Community Manager – Legalitas
  • Head of Development and Web Designing
  • SEO Analyst – Rumbo
  • Technical Marketing Digital
  • Spain Country Manager – Drivy


  • Online Marketing Manager – Groopify

Now that you know offers interesting job market, you have to prepare a single CV. Create an original CV is essential. Today everyone has a race, work experience, language etc. and you have to differentiate as much as possible and be creative.

Lacriaturacreativa published 10 original CV to find work can serve as a guide if you have any ideas and can not decide, I encourage you to, HR staff is tired of seeing the same template CV everyday attention. Anyway, if you want or sing in the subway or create a web HML5, it can be served these 35 original CV templates that aulacm published, plus some great tips to help you create an original curriculum.

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