Charging time influences the SEO. Chapter 5

Something very important for positioning, not just for SEO, but also to ensure you do not lose visitors and patience of your users, it is the burden of the website.

Charging time influences the SEO. Chapter 5

Sometimes, you may find that pages are very slow, and after a short time, you end up dating. Imagine for a user if it is annoying, for Google as it is … You need to give greater facilities to robots, or rather, to search engine spiders, that crawl your website. If it takes too long to load, spiders will go directly to another site without any content indexed from yours.

How to analyze the speed of my site?

It’s simple, just enter your URL in the following address: Google Page Speed

Why I say this tool and not another? Note that this application provides you the Google and our goal is to position our website in this search engine, so you’ll have to make your job easier so you can index all your pages. With which, if we follow the steps that tells us we can achieve better load for him and for our users.

After adding the URL, in about 20 seconds, you have a complete analysis of your website. The analysis will give you a number between 0 and 100, it is best to have a score greater than 80, that means that our site works correctly.

Although, for optimal site, the ideal is to get more than 90, but now let me tell you it is very difficult and not all factors can depend on you. PageSpeed Getting a 100 is very very complicated

Charging time influences the SEO Chapter 5

In addition, it will analyze all mistakes and give advice to solve them and thus improve the ratio. Try first correct the errors that appear in red, are the most important, then center yourself in highlighted in yellow color.

Then, note that each item that you need and / or you may consider editing you a link where Google gives you advice appears, they are in English, but it can serve as a guide for searching Google or serve the same to proceed to correct failures.

Another site I find very useful for analyzing any website is GTmetrix We also indicate faults in order to improve the load time and the solutions have to take to make your site faster.

You conclude, need your Web fast, not only for your users but also for search engines. Remember that the latter are those that can help you get more views, so make every effort to make your job easier. If you look unprepared to do so, you can hire a freelance developer to, for 50 € you can optimize your website and make it go faster, clearing all unnecessary code and make your site loaded slow.

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