Create a daily post. April 2014

Today begins the month of April and thus a daily post * in MkJunior. What I want to achieve is to create a habit and try to create a post every day until June. But What benefits will have to create a post every day?

The first and foremost is to enrich this blog slowly, creating new content and new post to help you understand and improve your SEO + Social Media + Web Analytics expertise. In January this year started this blog, and today, I created 18 post, these entries have to have the following information from the foundation of the Web:

Create a daily post. April 2014

Total views: 1,182 views
Pageviews: 2,748 pages
Duration: 2 minutes and 20 seconds

They are good data to start with, I’m happy, but I want to give it a push, since I have done 3 months and now is when the game starts :), although it started from the first day of the creation of this blog, you can see Steps in SEO chapters.

The second goal is to tell Google that this blog is updated and generated content and quality ;)with which I hope to generate more visits and especially more points in my SEO strategy. Note that a website that does not generate content that is not updated is not important to Google, so you penalize losing positions and soon will have 1,000 links to your page or have optimal SEO strategy, of course, talking about long term, Google does not want to update your website / blog every day, but after 1, 2 or 3 years if you have not updated and pursued a strategy of SEO lose positions and recall is more difficult to lose.

Therefore I decided to create a post every day in April, adding new chapters SEO, creating my first post of Web Analytics and generating more online marketing and social networking.

As the month ends, we’ll see if I gained more views or not, I’ll share with you.

* Post = Post newspaper on weekdays, or 22 post in April.

Valid registration for this blog to serve Paperblog under the pseudonym ignaciomk

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