Does Google want to equate SEO with SEM?

Not if you have noticed but Google has changed the format of the ads in their searches. With this new change, Google wants to equate SEO with SEM, as currently there is not as big as it was before visual difference. Look at the comparison:


Does Google want to equate SEO with SEM


Does Google want to equate SEO with SEM

There are only two small differences between ads and natural positioning : The word ad in yellow and the small bar separating ads with SEO. With this new change, what is the aim of Google? Very easy, earn more money. If before people did not click on links either because the background was yellow or because they knew it was an ad and preferred to go to the first results of natural positioning (which are relevant), with this new change is beginning to not differentiate the two types of results.

This may just be the beginning and google in the future or will remove the word “advertisement” or that the bar disappears, or to put more and more results of Google Adwords and organic results down positions … So far I’ve only I got to see 3 advertisements in a search, thus, the 4th is 1 to hold the natural position.

There may be many changes and the key to all the have Google, consider that SEO as we know it depends on Google and if you see that there are companies that make money selling those services and they stop making money, maybe we are starting live stage decline of SEO, I hope to be wrong, because many people live in it and I think all would lose the essence of online marketing.

Increasingly it will be important to invest in SEM to be well positioned as Facebook did with its algorithm change, forcing companies to promote their publications to reach more users. What do you think of the change? Do you agree?

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