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Features of Easy Movie Editing Software

Since the invention of software there have been many types of software specifically made for video editing. These software have since proven to be very important in the film industry. Simply versions of the software are also being used by amateurs to make the best out of their videos. Easy video editing software is one that has all the features required to make a video look perfect. Movavi has been lauded to be one of the few software. It has integrated the old features with the new features. It has also bridged the gap between professionals and amateurs. This is because it can easily be used by both. Here are some of the features of Movavi Video Editing Software.

Main Features

This easy video editing software supports any form of video for editing. Apart from videos you can use the software to make audio and image edits. This means that you can create slideshows for presentations and even soundtracks for different movie types. The gnome integration feature makes it easy to drag and drop files on the Movavi Video editor. However, you can also follow the file location path to get to you video or audio. The software has unlimited layers and allows for easy snapping, trimming, scaling, clip resizing and cutting. With trimming you will strategically remove the parts of a video that you don’t need and inter-join them with the parts you need.

Video transitioning is very important when it comes to editing. This is one of the features which make Movavi an easy video editing software. Moving from scenes to scenes has never been easier and more perfect. As you edit the video you also get real time previews so you can make changes as time goes by. Edit features like title creation, title templates and sub-titles also play an important role in editing. Titles are ideal for the identity of a video. This is one of the few software which can create 3D animated titles. No one would want to watch a video that he or she is not introduced to or has no clue about. Subtitles are very crucial especially if the contents or language used in the video is foreign.

Advanced features

There are many features which stand out in the converter. You can zoom videos while you edit so you can have a clear view of the contents of the video among other features. The drag and drop feature is an exemplary one that is very rare in video editors. As you edit you can scroll through and get a clear view of how your editing work is faring on. Panning feature sets the video to the right positioning and shows how it will be displayed on the player. You can also make use of the audio editing and mixing feature to ensure that the soundtracks are well placed.

There are over video effects on this easy video editing software. Brightness, for example increases the complexion of the characters in the video and makes them look better. Hue allows for easier mixing of the colors as they appear in the videos. Other editing features in Movavi video editing software are bluescreen, chroma key, grayscale and gamma. The speed changes are also important as they allow you to either play the video faster or slower. With this you will be in full control over the video editing process. It is always important to check and confirm that your edits are in place before you move on to other editing.

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