Google Trends. Predict the future

Google Trends. Predict the future

Google Trends is a useful tool to understand the trends of the results of Google tool. Therefore you have to know to use it to know what the user is looking ahead and either to rising or falling trend search. But,

What actually Google Trends and how is it used?

Google Trends is a tool that provides us with Google to show search history of the terms we choose. Also shows the results by country, but we can add a series of filters: by date, by country, by category and search the Web. But to understand better, what better way to practice. Here’s the link to go Google Trends

Find a word or phrase, for example: Diet You’ll see how funny it is.
Do not you call all the attention? The months of December, the word diet is less sought after, but in January goes, we know that in the new year we want new purposes and diet is one of them. No need to be told to a Marketing Manager gym to do their promotion in January, but did not know if this tool will give a big hint:

Google Trends example

But really What is? Here I tell you some tips that you can use to get the most out of Google Trends :

– You can assess whether your business is relevant in Google, and what is its tendency, especially compared to the websites of your competitors. You have the ability to compare multiple search results, use it to find more users seeking, your business or competition.

– With this tool you can see the trend of all your keywords, and thus create backlinks strategy more effectively, with positive trend keywords. This may help you help to advance positions in SEO.

– Ask that trend Google has a new product or service that you plan to launch it’s like to have answers to market research, but easier and above all free. Obviously the results are not the same, but you can give clues about whether Google searches, which are in demand and what type of trend is.

Obviously Google Trends does not predict a 100% decline to a product, without going too far try it with Facebook, there came the famous article by researchers predicting that Facebook started to take a downward trend. Google Trends is used to help you know what position your competitors have about you, help you make an SEO campaign and inform you of the tendency of some searches that you may find helpful. If you are curious you can have some fun with Google Trends.

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