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How to effectively display your products

When creating a display, it is necessary to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd. Exhibition halls and trade shows are often over-saturated with generic displays, and you don’t want yours to be lost in the crowd.

Creating effective marketing displays means ensuring that your display has something a little different to offer, consumers make an initial impressions about both your brand and you products deceptively quickly, so ensuring the first thoughts are positive is crucial. Check out the exhibitions displays available here for some inspiration on what you can do to display yourself in the best light possible.

Consider the space

Every exhibition will be different, so it is necessary to plan ahead and consider what will work best in the space you have been given. It’s a good idea to evaluate not only the size of the booth you will be working with, but also what design options are available to you when it comes to displaying your products.

At this point, determine how you can best display the graphical elements of your exhibition so they will attract attention and make your booth stand out from those around you.

Enhance your space

Your exhibition displays will undoubtedly make your booth pop, but you must consider how the whole look ties together. Simple elements such as tablecloths and matching accessories in your brand’s colours go a long way towards polishing your overall appearance.

Effective lighting

Your colourful booth will go to waste if it hides in the shadows. Consider what kind of lighting will best showcase your product and portray the brand image you want. Does loud and flashy lighting convey your message, or do you need subtle shades and interesting colours to express a certain mood? How you light your display will have a huge impact on how it is received.

Get noticed

Consider using different levels to display your products or services at different heights to catch people’s attention. Your most important products should be showcased prominently in full view – nothing should be hiding at the back of your exhibit. Arrange your display in such a way that everything can be easily seen without your booth looking crowded or untidy. It’s a good idea to walk around the exhibit hall and come back to your booth again so you can see it though a consumer’s eyes.

Hold attention

Adding an interactive element to your display is a great way of getting noticed and ensures that your display immediately grabs and holds the attention of the consumer.

A simple video on a loop or a PowerPoint presentation is all you need to add a visual component to your display. However, it’s important to remember that less is more – you do not want your visual display to be too long or laden down with text, as this quickly gets boring. Instead, focus on short, sharp statements in line with your brand’s image.


Overall, displaying your products effectively is key to ensuring that your target audience understands their appeal. Effective displays are crucial when you not only want to draw a crowd, but stay remembered.

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