If Google SEO dies too? #RipGoogle?

If Google SEO dies too

It’s a question I create the following post: Google wants to equate SEO with SEM. The question I threw not think it will happen, at least in the short to medium-term, but in the business world it is known that one day up and one day you’re broke. It may be, it is difficult, but taller towers have fallen. Anyway I’ll answer the question:

If Google SEO dies too?

Rip Google seoTo answer this we must have another. You know how to position a website in Google naturally follow a set of rules (algorithms) to be able to appear in the top positions, therefore, I ask this question:

Does Google is SEO?

You know that SEO is the natural position of a website on a search engine, and Google is the most used search engine by the Internet, 90% worldwide. With which, you might say yes, SEO is Google. If you notice it is he who gives the rules of the game and you and I have them well positioned to meet to our website.

Whenever there is a change in the Google algorithm, SEO changes, therefore, I would say that Google controls the SEO today. And Why? For the monopoly has achieved in his field and the condition of absolute leader. People just search Google and other search engine sees as resembling but not quickly change.

However, that said, back to the question in the title of the article. If Google disappears SEO too? I say yes. To be first in Google (SEO) is to follow a strategy that will get you to this goal: Quality content, 100% web-optimized, presence on social networks, optimum backlinks etc. But Who put these guidelines and / or obligations? In case you did not know, Google.

Therefore, I would say that SEO is a “quality indicator” that creates a search engine for each website, resulting in positioning your web (browser). Today, who gives guidelines for positioning a website in search engines is the search engine itself, and the king on this is Google, so it is in charge of SEO today. That’s why, if you die the most famous Internet search engine, SEO will also die with him.

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