Internal links. Chapter 8

Sometimes we focus so much on getting the maximum number of external links to our site, but we forget the internal links. These are much easier to get, because obviously we who created them, and help you position yourself. But

Internal links. Chapter 8

What is that internal linking?

Internal links for SEOInternal links are those links that redirect to your same Web page from the same, which is very useful for the user, who can find extensive information on another page of your website in one blog / page and for SEO, look what Google says: “The number of internal links pointing to a page is a signal to the search engines about the relative importance of this page” Whereupon, do not waste it.

What is the best way to create an anchor?

First of all do not have to abuse them, is useless to put 20 links on a page that has no more than 400 characters, you have to know how to manage it. Above all, you have to get in the skin of the user and make navigation easier on your website.
The best way to make a link, either internal or external, is following this code:

Anchor Text

Internal links.Chapter 8

Here I divide the sections so you can better understand:

Href = “…” = The destination URL is, the web page where you want people to go by clicking on the link Title = “…” = This is the title of the link appears when the user moves the pointer over link. Use this tag, not many people use it and it is also important for SEO, you are giving more robots, thus, much better for you. Remember not to put the same as the anchor text. Anchor Text =’s the most important, along with the clear link. First, it is the word that the user will see, that set of words underlined and blue, that is the anchor text of a link. And second, is what the search engine robots are guided, which attempts to always be keywords. You have to know that it is essential to change the anchor text, may not always be the same for the same URL as Google may penalize you.

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