How Do You Rank Website Search Engine Ranking

3 ways to interpret your SERP ranking report

Keeping track of rankings for keywords in Google is part and parcel of SEO, and it can be both rewarding and frustrating in almost equal measure. Sometimes, however, you can concentrate on ranking reports so long that you miss out on the main message – because you’re used to seeing the same reports over and again.

  1. The most relevant themes on which to focus

An examination of the types of phrases, which your website ranks for, can give a big interpretation on the concepts that are most relevant to you. If a large number of relevant ranking keywords revolve around a certain theme, this can be interpreted to mean your site/brand/business is considered an authority in that theme. If there is a prevailing subject across many keywords, this is representative of either an opportunity or an area of weakness.

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The Old SEO Methods That Can Be Put to an End

If you are aware of the Google Penguin/Panda updates, you should think of removing the old SEO methods and update according to the modern techniques.

  • Article Submissions: This is an age old method where links can easily be created without much effort. Instead of building links you can build positive relationships with the bloggers. This can create an opportunity for writing guest posts for quality sites.
  • Link Exchanges and Reciprocal Links: This process can be applied easily by swapping links with other sites. These cheap useless links will not do any favor for your site. If you go through any quality content in any site, just link to them and you can definitely expect to get linked if you can produce quality content in your site.
  • Thin Content Creation: As you know that great content can attract great links, the creation part should be focused with full concern. If you are outsourcing your content writing activities, make sure it is going to the hands of qualified persons who will be able to produce worthy content for your site. Ensure your purpose of writing. Whether you are writing only for the search engines or you want the users to get benefit of the content.
  • (more…)

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The Roles of Remote Database Administrators and Why You Need Them

Sometimes, handing over some sensitive company activities like database administration to an outsider may feel wrong, even farfetched. You may feel as if you are opening your company up for abuse and information leaking. It is even more fearsome if you know very little of the person(s) you are handing over your company information to and are probably in an unknown location, even remote.


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How To Use A Mac Movie Maker

Are you looking forward to make a movie with your Mac device? Well, great and the good news is that today you have the mac movie maker software systems that are designed exclusively for the Mac devices. The best ones in the market are quite easy to use and your basic computing skills would be sufficient to operate the software. These are really simple to handle & you would be up with your personalized movie within minutes. The post here offers a brief on how to use a Mac movie maker software.

  • Step 1

In the first step you would have to download and install the Mac movie maker software in your computer.

  • Step 2

In the next step you would be adding files from your computer to the newly installed program. You can add in either photos or videos that you want to personalize into movie format. Then you would have to choose the aspect ratio. The leading movie maker systems would allow you to create the movie in either standard 4.3 aspect ratio or in widescreen.

  • Step 3

Now, it’s time to edit your videos or photos for the personalized movie. You will be able to trim off the unwanted fragments, delete the undesired segments, adjust volume, rotate frame & cut the added footage into various parts and so on.

  • Step 4

The leading movie maker software systems help the users to enhance the video quality. As an amateur video hobbyist you are most likely to have captures with some typical mistakes and hence the movie maker systems come up with filters to rectify them for a professional looking movie. You would be able to fix the contrast and brightness issues as well as correct the white balance troubles. Animated transitions are also allowed.

  • Step 5

Then, the best Mac movie maker software systems enable you to add on music to your movie as well.

  • Step 6

Finally, you will convert the movie into your desired multimedia and phone format and then save it in your computer.

You can go for Movavi Video Editor for Mac as its one among the best recommended video maker software systems for the Mac devices. The user friendly software is a breeze to come up with professional looking movies within minutes. Movavi is a world famous brand, trusted in more than 150 countries.

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Digital Marketing Techniques

Catch New Clients With Savvy Digital Marketing Techniques

Whether you’re launching a completely new business or you’re trying to revitalize an established company, your commercial success comes down to how many people know and recognize your business. Reaching new clients and ensuring their loyalty is your top concern, and you’re constantly searching for better ways to market your brand in order to achieve this. As one of the most effective ways to attract new clients, digital marketing will increase your brand recognition and expand your company’s presence online.

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5 tips to start a distribution company

When we have an entrepreneurial spirit and in our heads the idea of ​​creating company, we do perhaps by the desire to fulfill a dream, a market opportunity, or simply the desire to have higher incomes; sometimes based on experience in a market or simply the desire to fulfill that dream so desired.


For a company is not enough just to be a good entrepreneur, nor good entrepreneur with great administrative skills, leadership, marketing and knowledge of a target market, when you think about being your own boss and start a distributor must take several items into account in this case mention five, no order of magnitude as all are important and should not be let out when analyzing our new distributor:

1. Type of products to be distributed

When we think of distributing we must consider what kind of products we offer, is not the same distributed pencils oranges, bone must think whether they are perishable or products, if expire or not, since it is very important when make the purchase of these products to distribute, purchase or deliver products with a short shelf life, but the risk that soon we will be returning the product if it has not been finalized before the sale is made under a promotion run by producing losses due date for returns.

2. Place or area to distribute

We must be clear that area or in areas which are our customers, our target market, whether it is a small area within the same city or if instead we must travel miles to reach our customers.

3. Transport

Based on the previous item the “square or distributing zone”, the shipping or carriage marks a significant percentage of the costs in the financial analysis of the company, this must be very clear if you plan to drive like a real distributor or simply be handled very rudimentary with saving money shipping with the same suppliers (sometimes they can support), which for me is not ideal for the risk taken by unforeseen at the time of release, this issue it could expand later in another issue to deal with.

4. Negotiation with suppliers

All items mentioned in this article are very important, however, think this item is the pacesetter if really worth starting a distribution company, whether or not, many production companies or manufacturers do not have a distribution channel and want to start operations in a particular area which require companies that know the area, the customers, who already have a covered market, but if there is no clear negotiation, loyalty and respect in the negotiation, before long when products recognized, the supplier may or pretend to continue to sell directly to customers who already works the distributor, so it is extremely important to be clear when negotiating the clear policies, although currently little business is handled exclusively be great to concretize, to avoid the aforementioned

5. Trade Policy with suppliers

When you have a distribution can be purchased in cash or credit depends on the marketing policies of our supplier and our purchasing power, for which we must take into account in trade policy when selling, if we buy cash must sell contact, but it has a good profit margin and excellent financial muscle to finance customers when the cash is not sold on credit but, obviously at great risk money on its customers; if the contrary is bought on credit and sold on credit, the ideal is to seek the return time of the money distributed is less than the time that you must cancel providers but we would again finance customers and running the risk that our portfolio have a longer time than we should cancel our suppliers, and perhaps soon be in the hands of customers, suppliers, and banks seeking loans to finance our customers.

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Four habits that will help you build your business online

  • Do you live with the constant desire to own your own business but not just met?
  • Do you begin projects that never finish?
  • Do you feel frustrated that many people achieve their goals and you are not able to do?

If you find yourself in any of these situations do not despair. We all have dreams and desires that are not always met. Some people manage to be clearly marked advance their goals. However, there are others that they are unable to take a single step.


What is due? From my experience I would say that is the mindset with which you face it.

In this article I want to reveal 4 Habits in which I have supported and have been instrumental to pursue my dream and start my own Internet Business:

1. Your Dream more must be what you want in this world

I remember when I finally decided to pull me further my business. He had previously tried to perform other, but not working. I discovered that in reality did not live with passion neither whereby the desire and energy that I used left much to be desired.

It was when I discovered what I really wanted to do when I began to advance rapidly. My business was getting what he wanted most in the world. I saw myself holding it and visualizations were so real that almost frightened me of myself.

The strength of this desire was so powerful that employed any time I had available to advance.

Search inside yourself and discover what your vocation. Once located and have halfway done. You’ll see that start to bloom creativity and energy in you.

2. Focus Laser

Focus only achieves your goal. Focus on your sleep and prevents depress in ancillary tasks that steal your time and impede progress on what really matters.

Do not try to do many jobs at once and you’ll be busy but none of them will advance.

Only you will get a unique approach to focus on making each small goal to take you to your final goal.

3. Practice the Rapid Deployment

Implementation is the only way to know if something works. Acquire knowledge and apply it immediately. Just so you’ll know if you’re using the strategy gives you results.

It is a process in which there are many elements to consider. You have to go implementing each. Do not worry if you do not work so well that you had loved, and you will go perfecting.

Implements try and change. Otherwise you will not know what you have to change to make your business profitable and work.

4. Discipline and Perseverance full time

Undertake your own business is hard work. So you have to be very disciplined and consistent. You must force yourself to work everyday as a key strategy to see your progress.

Perseverance is mandatory although the results are not what you expected. Nobody said it was easy. Try again and again. Learn how to get up after every fall and always looking for a lesson in what happened. Sometimes things do not go the first time. No why you think you are no good and leave. Go ahead without excuses.

Do not give up even if you never ever garnish a sense of failure. Which not only fails tries, and in your case is only a matter of time to start seeing answers.

Now you know the 4 Habits that followed me and pushed me to pull out my online business. Put them into practice and I assure you they will run you too.

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Nofollow Link

The Worth of NoFollow Links for SEO, Traffic and Leads

It is a truth that has been universally acknowledged by many SEO and inbound marketing professionals that not all inbound links have equal worth in the eyes of Google’s search algorithm. One inbound link might do little to help a website’s search ranking, while another might bring in more than its share of desirable web traffic, thus helping to generate fresh leads and web authority.
Inbound links (also known as backlinks) are links that direct customers and search engines to your site. They can be further assigned into two main groups that tell Google how to treat them: ‘DoFollow’ and ‘NoFollow’.
So what’s the difference?

Nofollow Link

DoFollow Or NoFollow – I Don’t Follow

Both ‘DoFollow’ and ‘NoFollow’ links are tags that may be added to a link to instruct search engines to treat it a certain way. All links are automatically treated as ‘DoFollow’ unless otherwise specified. ‘DoFollow’ links are the bread and butter of SEO – these (as the name suggests) tell Google’s bots to follow and index links, incorporating them into its algorithm and offering the site at the other end a little bit of authority. These links can benefit a website’s credibility as being linked to by varied sources implies relative importance in the Internet’s vast hive.

The ‘NoFollow’ attribute, as its name also suggests, instructs search bots not to follow the link to which it is assigned. This was introduced by Google in 2005, in an effort to stop spammers from manipulating search engine rankings by creating masses of inbound links to their websites in blog comments and other public online forums. ‘NoFollow’ tells Google explicitly to not incorporate the associated link into its rankings. For this reason, ‘NoFollow’ links are often seen as worthless, but this is not necessarily true.

So NoFollow Links Aren’t Worthless?

In two words: not entirely. Although Google claims that their search algorithm does not follow these links at all, contrary studies have stated that search bots do follow NoFollow links, but only index the destination page if it is already indexed for other reasons (such as having other DoFollow links referring to the same page).

Ever since Google released the ‘Penguin’ update, which introduced measures to tackle common ways its search algorithm was abused to artificially enhance website rankings, it has been public knowledge that link diversity is essential. Not only do NoFollow links diversify your portfolio of inbound links, but they will also generate traffic, thus enhancing authority, reach and influence as well as the opportunity to convert leads.
Author: Jordan Kantey from Archetype Copywriting

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In the commercial / marketing area businesses there is a clear tendency to focus on attracting customers. It’s something I’ve experienced many times, mostly because that was my job: to capture the maximum number of customers at the lowest possible price.

Obviously a company can not fail to attract customers, because it would not grow, their clients would leave the company gradually (there is always a percentage of churn ), because it would not would innovate commercial, and competition, and the company … end up close.


But what happens if we focus both capture and not pay attention to the quality of captured customer?

Recruitment strategies in online marketing : quantity or quality?

This is the discussion ‘eternal’ in digital marketing departments. We all agree that loyalty is very important, but we always end up focusing on attracting more.

A few days ago I read the post that inspired me to return to dwell on this topic.

The post talked using the ‘customer value’ (customer equity) , as a metric to measure the quality of the customer and, above all, as a way to guide the strategy for greater margin, and therefore a higher income (objectives Most companies).

What is customer equity and customer value?

Putting it in a simple way

Customer equity and customer value = number of customers x average net revenue per customer
Or what is the same:

Customer equity and customer value x = no customers Customer Lifetime Value ( CLV )
(In case you are evaluating the quality of the captured leads would be: no new customers x estimated CLV).
And this is calculated as:

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) = Average revenue per customer x gross margin per customer / churn rate (customer cancellation fee).


To explain it any better than an example of what can happen if you control this metric. If you catch much but leave you little room and go fast you have a big problem. And whether or not you can be in the situation where each time a customer you catch why waste money?

If I invested in grasping ( CPA ) is higher than what the customer leaves your company ( GLC ), you lose money.

(In this post I am going to focus on analyzing the recruitment strategies. Obviously Equally important are loyalty (which increase both the CLV and customer equity), but do not go in them, not to dwell too much).

If on one hand we can not fail to capture and secondly we have to ensure the quality, where is the balance?
How to balance quantity and quality online marketing strategy?

We have to find a balance between quantity (volume) and quality. The volume we provide liquidity, and quality performance.

Moreover, as we have seen before, we have to bear in mind the ‘bet’ in CPA we do to capture leads. Since we control or CLV (as many companies with residence times) or we may be adding liquidity losses instead.

It is therefore very important to understand what we will get if we try to capture leads depending on the medium we use (paid, earned and owned) and the stage of the purchase funnel or marketing funnel where the user is located.
In the picture you can see below, I try to define the volume and quality of leads captured in terms of both variables.
What you see in the matrix is my perception based on what they have learned throughout the years in the online world. Of course there will be business models that my ratings are not correct.

What online channels which add volume and quality of leads?

Uptake in marketing strategy Marketing Funnel quality and quantity vs Tristan Elosegui

If you look closely at the various crossings you will see that it is unwise to try to attract users who are in the phase of awareness as to get a few conversions and dubious quality.

However, as we are approaching the stage of the conversion ( action ) the user is more convinced of purchase and quality of leads increases. At this time the medium used to capture varying determines a quality and / or volume.
I added caseloads stage of advocacy as a mere indicator of the best ways to retain and those who are not used to it (paid media).

I explain why.

Why in some cases we capture higher quality leads and other higher volume?

1. Stage marketing funnel in which the user is
If you capture a lead that is in the stage of awareness (for example) with an aggressive offer, the chances that this person will regret your purchase or to keep looking to find a better option are higher.

If you are convinced with an offer on the stage of awareness, the strength of your buying decision is much less than that can have a user who has gone through the various stages of decision making ( awareness = knowledge, consideration = research and action = decision making and purchase).

2. Means are more suitable for quality and other for volume

As with any strategy, means are more useful for volume and other for quality.

By its own idiosyncrasies:
The paid media (outbound marketing) are better suited to capture a high volume, but not so good for getting quality.

The own and earned media, but they are getting better quality leads, but with less volume.

In the media we paid ‘interrupted’ message and our own and earned media, are the users who come to us for information / confidence to make their purchase decision.

3. Evolution of the customer mix
For the evolution of the company, the volume of users we capture quality is reduced.
At first, the percentage of users find us a genuine interest (own and earned media), is greater than those who buy our product for an offer or for convenience.

The reason is clear. The company needs to grow, and it begins to invest more in media that will bring that cash (paid media) as volume leads to low cost ( CPA ).

This solves a short term problem but causes another medium to long term ( churn , profitability, etc.).

Marketing strategies must focus on creating audience

Difference between paid and earned audience traffic

1. Paid Traffic:
If we base our strategy on paid media, we will capture traffic, of varying quality depending on the stage of the funnel where they are, but it’s hard to get generate engagement, based on online campaigns. We are capturing traffic. We’re picking up on what media convergence strategies called ‘ sponsored customer.

People with a relative interest in our company or products, which we capture the interest campaigns based payment methods, promotions. As a result we get a high volume of visitors, but with a low conversion rate, and what is worse, a CLV potentially low (that we have to be measured in each case to confirm).

Besides these main KPI, check this profile is quickly detected by high bounce rate, low time to visit, etc.

2. won Audience:
When we define a strategy for creating online audience (quality leads), we use the best combination of paid media, and own cattle, and focus on achieving the objectives of each stage of the funnel . Thus we get the attention of people really interested in our product / service.

We are creating audience that comes to us why you are interested our product, we are not paying them to come.
We’re taking the user from stage to stage, with the most appropriate strategy for each moment. Thus, users are taking the decision at their own pace (not ours).

Thus we capture even higher quality leads at a lower volume.

As I said at the beginning of the post, the key is balance between the two strategies, but taking clear that we must combine paid media with other media, to try to get the highest possible quality.

Customer equity and metrics to balance marketing strategies
To try to balance between volume and quality, we must set the value of client we are generating for the company and the customer mix in terms of their contribution to this value.

The customer equity will predict whether our strategy is balanced or are betting ‘too’ by the volume or quality of captured lead.

That is, we have to analyze the results of our acquisition strategy from several points of view:
Before the visit : results of our strategy out of our website in terms of performance of campaigns, content, actions, etc., in their profitability, etc. etc.

During the visit, to see the quality and volume of traffic generated in terms of interaction with the page and conversions obtained.

After the visit, to analyze the quality of captured lead in terms of profitability, CLV and ultimately customer equity it brings.

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Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

One of the tools that are frowned upon in the world of SEO is ScrapeBox . This is a tool that is classified as SPAM, but in my opinion it is not. This tool may or may not be spam, it all depends on the person using it, the end of the day, it is a tool that collects data (among many other features), and like any tool can be used to do “good” things or to make things “not so good”.

As you know if you’re in this world of SEO , these last few months have changed many things about link building made our website, now we need to focus more on the quality of each link in the amount and with the passage of months this will be even more important and each link to place can benefit or harm our Link Building strategy.

In the following book I’ll tell you to use ScrapeBox and reported benefits me.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

Scrapebox is a tool for scrapear to automate tasks and create you Google your own footprints (If you do not know what the footprints here I leave a full article on them ). Many professionals think that Scrapebox is a tool to get massive links and see it as a SPAM tool, not culp0 them since many people use this type of software for black hat practices than ever recommend.

Scrapebox is not a spam tool, in fact the use Scrapebox in my day to day tasks White hat now throughout this guide you will see.

Wandering around the interface of this tool

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

Before you begin to list all the possibilities and gives you this tool in your day to day, I’m going to show its interface and briefly explain what each one of them:

Section Harvester: You can put the footprints you want to use to acquire blogs, domains, and other resources. You can also select the “Custom Footprint” option to further customize and get more out of this option.

Section Keywords: This is where the keyword is inserted on which we seek with the custom footprint.

For example, if we want to find blogs related to SEO and are functioning under just what we would do is put the following line: site: “SEO”. This would return all the results we found based ScrapBox this footprint and this keyword.

Harvested URLs: In this window you will find all the results you’ve got to get through your internship as I have discussed in section 2.

Select Engines & Proxies: Here is where you will select the search engine and insert the proxy you want to use to start scrapear information. If you will use this tool to detox issues bonds or competitive analysis I recommend also select search engines like Bing and Yahoo subsequently compared more information.

Coment Poster: This option allows you to post comments on sites that have previously obtained using the appropriate footprint, but this would not recommend you use it well, as it’s black hat and such practices would end up penalizing your project. You can use it to ping your links and get them indexed faster.

Start your Link Building strategy with option Keyword Scraper

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

Let’s start with the good, one of the features I like. This is the Keyword Scraper option that will help you to acquire numerous related keywords, which you can then use to promote to your list and get more information scrapear. This option will suggest a host of related keywords in the purest style suggestive keywords in Google.

To operate this wonderful option, simply select the keyword Scrape scrape >> Section 2 (Keywords), enter on the left side the keywords that you have designed and click the “scrape” button. Once this task you will see how many ScrapeBox will start to show you related keywords.

To avoid duplicate or unwanted keywords find a button called Remove , here you can remove duplication, keywords that do not contain the word you want and some very últiles to finish outlining keywods your list of options.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

ScrapeBox. Complete Guide to Good Practice.Now we start with the complete guide to good practice with ScrapeBox . Once you’ve seen some of the most important features of this software, now you will see the practical benefits that we reported daily use of this tool.

1. Scrapea URLs from options ScrapeBox

Definitely one of the best scrapeadores you can find on the internet, but the best. So once you’ve got your list of selected keywords (remember to choose keywords that relate directly or indirectly to your niche with a volume of important searches), those introduced to in section keywords for which I have already spoken lines above and follow step 2.

2. Use the Footprints.

The footprints are commands that are inserted into google for more specific searches . To help you understand this better let’s see an example:

Imagine you want to find all URLs that Google has indexed in its search containing the keyword “SEO”, for it empelearemos a code to facilitate this search, in this case so specific. Then would read: “inurl: SEO”.

You see the footprints are very useful in day to day SEO and few people use them, I encourage you to start using it and make the most of your actions.

Here I leave all 3 search operators you should know:

Site: Displays lists of domain specific URLs or links to a specific domain.
Inurl: Displays the URLs that contain a specific text fragment previously defined.
Intitle: Sample URLs that contenien some text in the meta title tag previously defined.

As additional information here I leave some of the advanced search operators that Google recommends.

Now that you know who they are and what they are for search operators or footprints, sure you already know what to do if you have the following questions:

  • I need to get links from Blogs and Bloggers related to my topic.
  • I need to get my product and related websites where you can be mentioned links.
  • Platforms need to know where I can share my products.

3. Find good sites for Guest Posting by ScrapeBox.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

Suppose you have a blog Web Analytics and want to share your professional services analyst and try to attract customers to your blog. Some of the actions you should take to try to achieve your objectives are:

Post specific content on Web Analytics on your blog regularly.
Post specific items related Blogs and have visibility that accept guest posts.
Being present in the best business platforms related to your niche.

I propose a strategy to three months where you are able to get 30 reviews with many links (do-follow / no-follow) on authority sites related to your niche.

For this you must do is to use the following combination of footprints:

“Powered by WordPress” + “Google Analytics” and site: .com

I explain in detail the input data:

“Powered By WordPress” footprint introduce this because I have found that most people who have a blog related to Online Marketing which are often under the WordPress platform.

“Google Analytics” This footprint use it because I want you to give me back only the specific sites where we talk about Google Analytics and WordPress are also low. I use this advanced search operator to select the domains that end in .com alone.

If you want more curl curl you can even get the following footprint:

“Powered by WordPress” + “Marketing” and intext: “guest post”

You see, here a more general search is made. With this we ensure any findings made in WordPress Blog Marketing talk and you will surely have some section or have already been invited papers.

Now once you understand a little operation of Scrapebox footprints just open and insert everything you’ve learned.

4. Check the quality of the links found.

Once you’ve done your keyword research and ScrapeBox has made you first list of URLs should start making a check of some basic data on each of the links. In addition you must also use the APIs Moz.

STEP 1 >> Play with Domains: The strategy that I have raised I spoke guest articles, relationships and authority pages. In this case you should just forget to look out for in the articles and focus on the entire domain . For this you must go to 0pción of “Trim to Root” is in “Manage Lists” to cut all URLs and domains to be alone.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

STEP 2 >> Eliminates duplication: Once the previous step, you must click “Remove / Filter” >> “Remove Duplicate URL” for e liminal duplicate domains.
Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

STEP 3 >> Check PageRank: You must check the PageRank of each URL to ensure that this indicator exceeds 2 or 3. This means that the domain is one that has minimal authority. This you can see in the section “Get Domain PageRank”.
Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

STEP 4 >> Check the Domain Authority (DA): This should be done with the “Page Autority Addon” option. Besides domain authority, it also gives you the authority information page, the Moz Rank and external links.
Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

STEP 5 >> Get emails from your list of URLs: One option that I like about ScrapeBox. With the option “Grab Emails locally from list”, you’ll get a list of all the emails from each of the owners of those domains so you can contact them to agree to get reviews, guest articles and synergies. Definitely an option that saves you hours of work.
Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

5. Eliminate duplication using this tool

Another very useful feature of ScrapeBox. With this option you can detect duplicated URLs when you’re doing work for detection of toxic bonds.

To do a job Audit links, especially when you’re doing it on a site penalized for links, you must do a thorough job and do this work based on when different sources:

  • You can do this with the tool Link Detox.
  • Combining it with a craft with the help of Ahrefs.
  • Combining it with manual labor also based on when data Open Site Explorer.

You see, doing this job, you would have three separate files linked to interesting content. One of the main objectives would be to combine these 3 files into 1 single and eliminate duplication of links or repeated domains.

To do this you will use the addon “DupeRemove”. Once installed and running you will get a window like this:

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

Now go to the “Select source files to merge” and select the 3 files you want to combine into one. After selecting the files containing information of the links you must click on the “Merge Files” option to merge the files into one.

Finally to remove duplicate domains or URLs, you need to click on the “Select Source File” and choose where you want expoertar URLs or domains unduplicated.

6. Detect “META” tags for each URL on your list

ScrapeBox also allows you scrapear titles and descriptions from a list of URLs. This chooses located within the option “Grab / Check” the “Grab harvested meta info from URL list” option.

This can have a quick view of the title, the description and keywords for each of the URLs in the list that you imported target.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

This will be useful if you export this information to an Excel file and and you use it to check the number of pages that use an exact match key word in the title or some other over-optimization that is not well seen by Google.

Once you detect these over-optimization you must do is change all those titles for more natural titles.

7. Check the validity of each of your internal and external links.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

Another practice that should be done on a website when it is carrying out an audit or simply when you want to test different aspects of the web, is to check the status of links, both internal and external.

To perform this test you must use the addon “Scrapebox Checker Alive”. This option failitara us this task.

To detect any problems with your links you just have to set this up properly. This simply adds response codes 200 and 301 as well and check the “Follow Relocation” box.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

This program will mark you as erroneous all links return a different response code 200 and 301 .

8. Check if your URL changes in your project are being indexed by Google.

If you are making major changes in your project related to the total amount of internal pages, you’ll want to make sure that Google re-re-index all new URLs you entered and all the changes you’ve implemented.

To make sure all this I recommend combining Screaming Frog ScrapeBox tool , now I tell you how …

STEP 1: The first thing to do is scrapear your project with Screaming Frog, by setting options that let you Basci following images:

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

STEP 2: Once Screaming Frog has completed the process, you should keep export data to a CSV file, and later open it and copy it to ScrapeBox. Another option is also valid CSV convert that into a .txt and then import it as you see in the image below:
Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

STEP 3: After importing the list of URLs you just have to click the button “Check indexed” and select the option to “Google Indexed”

As a result of having done well these 3 steps, the tool will return a pop up where you will have all the information indexed and non-indexed URLs.

I recommend you export the list of URLs not indexed to analyze in more detail.

Outbound links 9. Check your list of links obtained.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

As a final option that I really like, I tell you that with ScrapeBox can also find outbound links and Outbound links for each of the URLs obtained result of having done a job search sites add your reviews as I have spoken to in point 3 of this article.

For this there is an option in the list of addons called “Outbound link checker”. This option will show the outgoing links of each of the URLs obtained after doing a search for places to insert your links or reviews.

Using ScrapeBox for best practices in SEO

As you see in the picture, you return some useful data. Once obtained this information you can also check the authority of these URLs and decide for yourself if they are valid or not.

ScrapeBox. My conclusions

You see, even though many professionals or “not so professional” ScrapeBox considered as a SPAM tool is actually a very powerful tool that will save you time on your daily tasks and other advanced tasks. As I mentioned throughout the article you can use it to do well or you can use it to make other practices, all depends on the person who is at the head of this tool.

I recommend you to read when eschuches or an industry professional badmouth ScrapeBox think that perhaps you have not used this tool or unknown many of its features as I just like to show throughout this article.

If you liked this article and want to know more information and advanced options for this software I recommend that you consult a Chuiso, the only person I know who knows by heart this tool and who has helped me discover a host of advanced options.

Finally I would like to know what you use your ScrapeBox and what benefits you reported in your daily life.

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