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Reviewing the Subway Surfers Online Game

The Subway Surfers online game is a third person runner game and is similar to Temple Run and various other games like it. However, it is still a unique game in itself and is definitely not your average Temple run copycat. Although similar to Temple Run, it has its own features and unique story with fantastic gameplay, brilliant cartoon graphics, reward and progression system which keeps you going, various characters and its highly addictive. In fact, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see other games like this down the road being referred to as ‘Subway Surfers clones’.


The storyline is fairly easy. You are controlling a graffiti artist named Jake who loves to go around and scribble his graffiti on different subway trains. Jake’s artistic needs is not understood by the police inspector, therefore, the police inspector and his canine friend are always breathing down Jake’s neck. The dog always locates Jake during his artistic work and the chase is on.


This game is a really fun and easy game. Jake is able to move on a few various parallel tracks. Essentially, you go left-right and right-left. However, that’s not it. You are also able to jump or duck. And the greatest part is how simple and funny the actions can be controlled. It only takes short easy swipes to control the moves. To continue moving between the 3 tracks, you simple swipe left-right; to slide and duck between or under obstacles you swipe backward (downward) and for jumping over obstacles, you swipe forward (upward). You can turn on a hoverboard with a quick double-tap which has you running a thousand times easier and faster and it’s more fun. You will lose a little time should you hit the obstacle and the chaser will get nearer to you. If you hit it again, they will catch you which will make you have to start over.

Upgrades and Boost

Jake is also able to blow in the sky with either a set of jet packs or by a mega headset that is launched by you at the start of the game so that your sky mission takes place. You get many coins with each boost and coming in contact with the sky.


A really cool feature is the game graphics seeing with the cartoon characters and is included with high-quality and sharp images while you prepare the game.


Although there are plenty other characters in the game, the main character is of course, Jake. He is the default character. You can unlock additional characters by cashing in your gold coins that you obtain throughout the game.

Platforms Supported

This game is supported through various platforms with a few being Android, Windows operating systems and Apple. This enables more users to enjoy the game.

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