Robots.txt SiteMap + + + Favicon Error Page 404 Chapter 6

There are aspects in SEO that are very important to do, but not many people know or do not want to believe it or not very important. I advise you to do, will not cost anything and you’ll do even better things to come to the first page, so desired by everyone. While I remember, you will not appear as the first or in a month or two or three months. Be patient, do things right and get good results.

Robots.txt SiteMap + + + Favicon Error Page 404 Chapter 6

Below I’ll show you four things you have to do to get a good score SEO and grow step by step.


It is very important to create a Sitemap (Site Map) to facilitate the job search engines. With this program you will make yourself visible and you will tell, spiders of search engines, which pages you wish to be indexed, to be understood better, file is a kind of Web index designed to search engines so they can more easily find our pages and they can be indexed. The XML file has to be and has to be added to your web hosting.

  • You can find more information at Wikipedia Sitemap
  • And you can create your online SiteMap here: Sitemap

    If you use WordPress, there are many plugins that do this automatically, even most SEO plugins also integrated.

    Once achieved the SiteMap file, you have to go to the “Tools for wemasters of Google,” but you have validated your website have to, you just have to follow the steps that tells Google. When you have already validated, you have to go to Sitemap and click “add sitemap” writes the address of the sitemap and go. You’re already telling you to Google pages you have and where they are, improving the indexability.

    Robots txt. SiteMap + + + Favicon Error Page 404 Chapter 6

    It is another file you have to stay on your web hosting. It is a txt file where you inform the search engines that do not want content that is published on these. Sure maybe understand with an example: The Web newspaper El Mundo has the following robots.txt file (I’ve trimmed a bit):

    User-agent: *

    • Disallow: /elmundo/envia_noticia.html
    • Disallow: /elmundo/graciasporvalorar.html
    • Disallow: /elmundo/rectificaciones/enviar.html
    • Disallow: /participacion/usuario_registrado.html
    • Disallow: /participacion/normas_participacion.html
    • Disallow: / Yodona / mobile / listing /
    • Disallow: / hacemosesto / (example)
    • Disallow: / search /
    • Disallow: /mapadelsitio/faq.html

    What does this mean? The Web of World tells the search engines that do not want the following Web pages appear, never appear in any search engine, but the Web does exist. You can do the test.

    To show you another example, a little lighter, and a couple of years ago had an impact, the file is the website of the Royal House: hard to watch your same as what he did not want to be indexed in the search engines ;)will see the content as it were deleted but not in the file. What if you can not get:

    The same as for the sitemap, if you have you have many WordPress plugins that make it without your doing anything.


    This is not influential for SEO, but it is better to have a favicon on our website, it is more attractive. The favicon is the icon that is right next to the page title in the browser tab.
    Go to any online generator available on the Internet, for example this:

    Page 404

    It is very important to create a custom 404 error page to inform users that the content you are looking for does not exist. But, why it is important to create a 404 page for positioning? It’s simpler than it looks, because if search engine robots crawl your site and can not find that page, it counts as error for the SEO.

    In addition, the user is more aesthetic prompted a page where there has been an error and continue exploring and interacting with our website not the famous error: The page does not exist in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Although but you can do a redirect to your homepage. In your choice I leave.

    With all this, you’ll improve your Web both for SEO and for the day.

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