Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

Seoveinte contest SEO positioning Foro20

Seoveinte. Surely in the past few days you have seen many online marketing blog published an articleby telling you that a new SEO contest with the keyword: seoveinte and informing you how to participate. Well, this is due to the first SEO contest foro20 being made and that ends this Friday 11 July. The goal is to place in three different countries (Spain, Mexico and Argentina) the keyword seoveinte, and for this, each participant can perform the SEO techniques that create more convenient to be able to win the contest.

But the initial question Why I report an SEO contest? Really easy to participate. Although it is also a double-edged sword, because you can encourage other readers to participate and they win and lose the first content creator. And now you think, You too are involved? Yes and no:

Forum SEO Seoveinte twenty

Yes, because I am creating a post related to the keyword, and anyone who believes content with keyword seoveinte is indirectly participating in the contest. And no, because I will not do much to win, do two or three things, which I normally do a post to spread and ready. I know it’s very difficult to position a keyword in less than 5 days and less competition it has generated in recent days, and not talking about beginner / novice, but genuine SEO expert.

Returning to the original theme of the competition, what benefits or drawbacks of participating in a contest like this?

PROS contest Seoveinte

– Earn reputation in the industry . One of the most important things to get the victory in a competition like this is gaining reputation in the field of online marketing. If you’re in the top three of the contest you will earn much: You can tell your customers that you won a contest Positioning (will give more credibility), everyone will echo and gain views, you can look great on your profile Linkedin ;)etc.

– Winning the award. In these contests, in my point of view, the economic return is less important because, as I said before, the reputation will give you long-term, far more money than offered by organizers. Anyway, it’s an extra motivation to win.

– Earn visits + contacts. Many people are awaiting the word in question, they will look to the last page to see who is participating and especially if they can make a small alliance with them. Also, if you position yourself well, surely win some links, some bloggers will refer to the classification and if you are among the first, sure to win a link to your website.

CONS contest Seoveinte


Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

– Mala competition. Everyone knows that anything goes in the game, or at least almost everything, and if the rules allow it. In SEO you can make your competition is “penalized” but for that you upload an entire domain and multi-year effort. You have to be very attentive to all the bad practices that others can do on your website, it is clear that not everyone does, but in other competitions, there have been cases in which, be forewarned.

– “Losing” time. Like everything in life, you have to dedicate a lot of time to make profits, to position a keyword is the same, this will have to do, above all, a very good policy link building and “disturb” some contacts so they can post a link to your post / website. If you’re going to pull contacts, most times you will have to give something in return (unless it is a friend / acquaintance) and if after all your effort and time you do not win, you lose both, but that is known to participate in all contests.

From my point of view these contests are very interesting for several reasons:

– Practicing is the best way to learn, and also will practice alongside the best, can guide you and especially comparing yourself with genuine SEO experts.

– Can let you know if you are not already influential in the sector. In this competition there is usually some novel that slips between the TOP 10 and that is already a merit and honor. Many participants and few have the honor of being in the top 10 of Google.

– No doubt, you can view and analyze the steps to becoming one of the participants in order to position a keyword in the top positions in Google record time, but not get fixated lot these details, since Google likes to be natural, if you do many of the techniques used in this type of competition, can you be penalized by Google so you know before you’re welcome:

Look people are now seeking the same seoveinte in Google, thanks to Google Trends, you can see:

Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

I think most are the participants themselves, who do not stop to think about that keyword and increasingly seek to know its position in Google.

Here I share a document I created in Google Drive on site contest seo contest seoveinte, see what you think:

Seoveinte positioning SEO contest

It will be impossible to win what is, on July 7, I created this post and in just five days I could be in the top 10 of the keyword in positioning, which, and just so I’m quite happy to have learned in this week some aspects of positioning black hat that I ignored. Where upon, I have to thank seoveinte.

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