Simple Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign

Running a PPC campaign can be quite costly, but it is still one of the best ways to market your site or your product. By using PPC ads, you can quickly reach new audience and get direct traffic in return. To make your PPC campaign more effective and cost-efficient, some simple steps need to be taken.

Use Schema Markup To Your Advantage

Similar to doing SEO and advertising through other means, your ads need to stand out for users to click notice them. Text ads, however, tend to be rather monotone. To make your text ads more appealing to users, take advantage of schema markups and add a customized SERP to the ads.

The schema markups also work with search engines, so you will be optimizing the content for both SEO and SEM at the same time. Companies like BlueHatMarketing even go the extra mile and fine-tune the SERP of your site or the portion of the text ads based on the demographics of your site’s market segment.

Review Search Metrics

Most site owners still rely on SEM software and analytic tools to help them optimize their SEM campaigns. Although these tools are great for tracking different parameters on your site, they seldom – if ever – take competitors and how they are doing into considerations. In a competitive market like today, understanding how your competitors are doing could make a huge difference.

Instead of just relying on these tools, use search metrics to help you. The search metrics from multiple search engines will tell you a lot of things, including the popular (and relevant) keywords, who are bidding for these keywords and where the traffic goes. These factors can help you fine-tune your PPC campaign to (near) perfection.

Knowing which keywords your competitors target will also help you with one critical task: finding child keywords and tail phrases you can target instead. You don’t have to spend a lot of money bidding on the same keywords and can instead find cheaper but more effective phrases to buy.

Write a Catchy Copy

At the end of the day, the anchor of any successful PPC campaign is the content itself. For banner ads, creating an ad that will get users’ attention is relatively straightforward. With text ads, however, you need to be a bit more careful.

Use a catchy copy to make your ads stand out. Copies that relate well to the users or the target audience can help increase your conversion rate greatly. Instead of hard-selling your site or your product, try using short SERPs that will arouse users’ interest.

If you can’t produce a good copy yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a professional copywriter. Many site owners believe that this type of services is expensive; they are absolutely mistaken. Whether you are using an SEO agency to help you or you connect with the copywriter yourself, getting a catchy copy written for your text ads is very affordable. After all, an effective copy will make the cost of running a PPC campaign worth every penny.

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