Stop dwelling on the PageRank

Stop dwelling on the PageRank

Ya Matt Cutts said that would be very rare to see a Pagerank update before 2014, there was in December 2013, and after 9 months it has been the last. Whereupon you have to stop dwelling on it and start to look at other indicators, as it is outdated. Therefore, the best alternative for the Pagerank values are offered by the company SEOMoz: Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA)

Page Authority (PA)

Page Authority, better known as PA (Page Authority), SEOMoz is a calculated metric that indicates the strength of a particular page, not the domain itself (to have the domain DA). Basically it works like PageRank, and many people think that PR is associated (or is associated) to the domain, and it is false, since it is associated to each page of a website, I invite you to do the test.

In the same domain (Web), a page can have a PA 80 and PA have another 1, for example, this post is nothing more to be posted. This can serve to assist you in making your link building strategy because, the higher is the PA will give you better results that link.

There are many factors to determine the PA of a page, including is: mozRank, MozTrust, quantity and quality of links etc. The algorithm provides a number from 1 to 100 and is frequently updated, you can see that this indicator change quickly, which is why it is more reliable than PageRank. From my point of view is the metric most cases you have to do.

Stop dwelling on the PageRank

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority PAThe domain authority, known as DA (Dominion Authority) is the metric created by SEOMoz which measures the authority, trust or credibility of a Web domain. As for the PA, the algorithm will give a score between 0 and 100.

This indicator is calculated by combining all other metrics SEOMoz: number of total links, mozRank, MozTrust, etc. and more than 40 signals to be included in this calculation. As with the PA, the DA is updated often, and regularly can know if our SEO efforts are effective or not.

According to the creators of these two metrics, it is easier to get when you score that having 70-80 20-30. From 20 and is considered a good.

Have high values of DA and PA do not guarantee visitors, but are indicators that help us to improve or continue working on our SEO strategy. That’s why we use these metrics can help a lot, especially because they are updated frequently.

How I can know my PA and DA?

You have several options for a BP and DA of a website. The first and most convenient is to install Moz bar in your browser, so you’ll have instant information:

– Moz Firefox
– Moz Chrome

But you want to install any bar on your browse, you can do it manually open site explorer where, in addition, you will receive more information than it can help.

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