Responsive design or mobile app?

Responsive design or mobile app

The use of smartphones is becoming more widespread among users. It is estimated that in Spain alone there are 26 million active devices. To this must be added the emergence of tablets, devices that are slowly moving to laptops and desktops.

This means that it is increasing the number of people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices.

Strategy for the mobile environment

The data network access via mobile devices means that companies are facing a major issue. Looking for full adaptation to the mobile environment by users, what options are to adapt to such an enterprise web environment?

Of course we have to get users to navigate and interact with the web in comfort and with all the options you would on a PC version. And for this there are two main options which choose: responsive design or mobile app.

Responsive design or mobile app

Applications for devices

One of the main advantages of device applications is that they can adapt perfectly to phones and tablets, offering just what version we want the user to enjoy from your mobile device. This “functionality as” the biggest of its advantages. Besides charging the app is faster than in the case of responsive sites as well they explain in the blog Yeeply specializing in application development platform for mobile devices.

The disadvantage of creating a specialized app for our company is the download you need the app itself, which can slow some users, and the updates that you have to be prepared for it to adapt to different operating systems. The cost of this option is greater than that in which we see now. Technology and software are upgraded day by day. Now data processing, batch processing, industrial process system are well developed and controlled by software. camo is a  great name in this field who provide number of industrial solution software.

Design responsive

This is the easiest option, but is also the most limited. A responsive web design that gets through the HTML layout, display the same content adapted to the screen size or platform that the user is using.
As we say is the easiest option and therefore the most economical, but instead of content optimization is not perfect and performance slows. The problem with this solution is that the content is not custom-built for mobile

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