Does Google want to equate SEO with SEM?

Not if you have noticed but Google has changed the format of the ads in their searches. With this new change, Google wants to equate SEO with SEM, as currently there is not as big as it was before visual difference. Look at the comparison:


Does Google want to equate SEO with SEM


Does Google want to equate SEO with SEM

There are only two small differences between ads and natural positioning : The word ad in yellow and the small bar separating ads with SEO. With this new change, what is the aim of Google? Very easy, earn more money. If before people did not click on links either because the background was yellow or because they knew it was an ad and preferred to go to the first results of natural positioning (which are relevant), with this new change is beginning to not differentiate the two types of results.

This may just be the beginning and google in the future or will remove the word “advertisement” or that the bar disappears, or to put more and more results of Google Adwords and organic results down positions … So far I’ve only I got to see 3 advertisements in a search, thus, the 4th is 1 to hold the natural position.

There may be many changes and the key to all the have Google, consider that SEO as we know it depends on Google and if you see that there are companies that make money selling those services and they stop making money, maybe we are starting live stage decline of SEO, I hope to be wrong, because many people live in it and I think all would lose the essence of online marketing.

Increasingly it will be important to invest in SEM to be well positioned as Facebook did with its algorithm change, forcing companies to promote their publications to reach more users. What do you think of the change? Do you agree?

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Google Trends. Predict the future

Google Trends. Predict the future

Google Trends is a useful tool to understand the trends of the results of Google tool. Therefore you have to know to use it to know what the user is looking ahead and either to rising or falling trend search. But,

What actually Google Trends and how is it used?

Google Trends is a tool that provides us with Google to show search history of the terms we choose. Also shows the results by country, but we can add a series of filters: by date, by country, by category and search the Web. But to understand better, what better way to practice. Here’s the link to go Google Trends

Find a word or phrase, for example: Diet You’ll see how funny it is.
Do not you call all the attention? The months of December, the word diet is less sought after, but in January goes, we know that in the new year we want new purposes and diet is one of them. No need to be told to a Marketing Manager gym to do their promotion in January, but did not know if this tool will give a big hint:

Google Trends example

But really What is? Here I tell you some tips that you can use to get the most out of Google Trends :

– You can assess whether your business is relevant in Google, and what is its tendency, especially compared to the websites of your competitors. You have the ability to compare multiple search results, use it to find more users seeking, your business or competition.

– With this tool you can see the trend of all your keywords, and thus create backlinks strategy more effectively, with positive trend keywords. This may help you help to advance positions in SEO.

– Ask that trend Google has a new product or service that you plan to launch it’s like to have answers to market research, but easier and above all free. Obviously the results are not the same, but you can give clues about whether Google searches, which are in demand and what type of trend is.

Obviously Google Trends does not predict a 100% decline to a product, without going too far try it with Facebook, there came the famous article by researchers predicting that Facebook started to take a downward trend. Google Trends is used to help you know what position your competitors have about you, help you make an SEO campaign and inform you of the tendency of some searches that you may find helpful. If you are curious you can have some fun with Google Trends.

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If Google SEO dies too? #RipGoogle?

If Google SEO dies too

It’s a question I create the following post: Google wants to equate SEO with SEM. The question I threw not think it will happen, at least in the short to medium-term, but in the business world it is known that one day up and one day you’re broke. It may be, it is difficult, but taller towers have fallen. Anyway I’ll answer the question:

If Google SEO dies too?

Rip Google seoTo answer this we must have another. You know how to position a website in Google naturally follow a set of rules (algorithms) to be able to appear in the top positions, therefore, I ask this question:

Does Google is SEO?

You know that SEO is the natural position of a website on a search engine, and Google is the most used search engine by the Internet, 90% worldwide. With which, you might say yes, SEO is Google. If you notice it is he who gives the rules of the game and you and I have them well positioned to meet to our website.

Whenever there is a change in the Google algorithm, SEO changes, therefore, I would say that Google controls the SEO today. And Why? For the monopoly has achieved in his field and the condition of absolute leader. People just search Google and other search engine sees as resembling but not quickly change.

However, that said, back to the question in the title of the article. If Google disappears SEO too? I say yes. To be first in Google (SEO) is to follow a strategy that will get you to this goal: Quality content, 100% web-optimized, presence on social networks, optimum backlinks etc. But Who put these guidelines and / or obligations? In case you did not know, Google.

Therefore, I would say that SEO is a “quality indicator” that creates a search engine for each website, resulting in positioning your web (browser). Today, who gives guidelines for positioning a website in search engines is the search engine itself, and the king on this is Google, so it is in charge of SEO today. That’s why, if you die the most famous Internet search engine, SEO will also die with him.

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Tips for Google Panda 4.0

Almost a month since I wrote on the blog because I am focusing on the new design, and Google does not like that Web content does not update, so back again to the load (with the intention 2-3 post weekly). At this same time, Matt Cutts announced on his Twitter account the Google Panda 4.0 update. Here are some tips to avoid being penalized by Google Panda or even for your users. Note that what I am going to tell is nothing new, and has been no major change in the SEO, just an update on an algorithm to enhance more the following:

Tips for Google Panda 4.0

Web / Blog for your users and not for the SEO. Quality + quantity

Sometimes the mistake of caring more about the SEO content that commits itself. It is essential to add value to your site and provide quality content to users, Panda really focuses on them to see if the content is of quality or not, because otherwise it would be impossible to verify all internet websites. Users will be those who stay longer on the Web, share content, interact on your site etc. And that, you can get it only by offering quality content that makes the user to perform these actions. Sure you’ve already heard that that content is king, then yes, it is.

Besides the quality, another aspect to take into account is the amount. On each page have to be at least 400 words, blending both text and videos or pictures.

Being origi Original Content SEOnal

You have to be original and create new content and not duplicate. Google to Bear (Panda) does not like to do copy and paste, in fact penalized. Soon you will serve copy content to the Web, but then mentions the source, the search engine does not want duplicate content so be original.

Tips for Google Panda 4.0

The fundamental social net works social networks

As I said before, one aspect where Google is based to see if the content is of quality is at the time that the web has been shared on the various social networks, I would say much more on Google+ and in his famous +1. That’s why you have to try and share the content you are active on social networks so you can more successfully shared your links. Essential is that you have no buttons to share and follow.

Some people confuse continue sharing, of little use to have 10,000 fans and have 10 shares. Find more sharing the fan, so far not been proven to have more fans then you have better position in Google, my opinion is that it does not affect anything.

On the Blog have already talked about the importance of social media in SEO.

These are 3 little tips but essential to be in the top positions of Google. Remember that he is the boss: Google and SEO and putting the game, and we have to comply.

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That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

That is my web posisicion Google

As with any strategy, after applying it, to do a study of all that has been applied to assess whether a success or a failure. If you followed the steps of SEO chapters, for the moment, are in for a good race to position your keywords in the top positions of Google, remember that it is impossible to position a keyword in a month.

In the previous chapter, show you how you could review and modify everything you had done so far for natural positioning with SEO tools online, but now is the moment of truth, to know what is our position in Google. This will advise that you do at least once a month, and guides you if you’re doing things right.

It is very easy, all you have to do is to register your website in Webmaster Tools for Google (I hope and you had created) Once inside, choose the website where you want to see the results and enter: Consultations search.

In this section you will see:

That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

Player webmaster tools

– Queries: In this section you can see the searches made on Google users and which has appeared in your URL (may be the principal or any other, that if, with the same domain)

– Prints: These are the times that your URL has appeared in Google

– Clicks: Is the number of times the user has entered from a Web search (query)

– CTR: It is the ratio between the clicks and impressions. Example, a query has had 1,000 views and obtained 100 clicks, the CTR would be 10%. The SEM is one of the most important aspects and also for the SEO. The higher, the better. Since there is little point having 1,000,000 impressions if we then just 10 clicks.

– Average position: The name itself suggests, it is the middle position to obtain this search engine.

You have to keep in mind that the first day is very difficult to have even fewer impressions and clicks, but when your website is at least three months, I recommend you do is operating every month and you know evolution. Later, when you’re in the top 20 it is convenient to Excel file that I will share in the next chapter.

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Annotations in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics have a very useful option but is somewhat hidden and you might not know, this is the log. Such marks may help you to check traffic increases or decreases at a certain time or to check off a series of events on your panel reports.

How do I log in Analytics?

Very simple, just in the drawing views, you know in the Public / General Vision, under days a down arrow appears that if we click a row it opens and in the right area we will have the choice to create an entry with this text: + Create a new annotation.


Once you prick a form in which we have to mark the day in which we review that note, a field for the description, which is limited to 160 characters and finally opens a field to set the public record as if we want others to see users with access to private panel or if that information will display only us.

Why do we serve the annotations?

With it we can see that causes have led to significant increases in traffic on a particular day for campaigns or other actions we have created, for example if one day we launched an Adwords campaign or email marketing and triggered by traffic, one annotation in this pane, serves as a reminder, since a simple click on the icon that is generated below the day we will be able to check by observation that registered, what caused that peak or drop in our web traffic.


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Google Analytics for iPhone now available

Finally the guys at Google ™ have remembered the many users of iPhone that has long been demanding an app for Google Analytics from this mobile device in its Android application, the system was operational for two years, so long have been slow to remember their iOS users.


The official application has it available from this link. Once downloaded, we will ask for access data from our Google Analytics. In the main panel input data of our visits we will appear in the last 30 days (as in Google Analytics desktop version) of the following parameters:

  • Real-time Visitors
  • Audience (visits by country)
  • Acquisition. Here we will show the origin of the visits by source, ie, whether they come from Google, Twitter, any specific reference website.
  • Behavior. Visits for color grades at different times throughout the day seven days a week
  • Conversions on a bar graph classified by days

Clicking on the menu area of ​​the upper left, we will show the same subsections we have in the Google Analytics Dashboard desktop with the same menus, real time, audience acquisition, behavior and conversions:

Even then the panels reflecting the app are not exactly the same as we have in the PC version, when we most of the data we use in these reports will appear, all of them with graphics of all kinds so we can analyze deeply our web data from this application.

On the requirements of the app, you need iOS 6.0 or later are compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and optimized for iPhone 5.

I personally is going to come this application very well, I can see many of the data we have quickly Analytics from my phone and is already the mobile is closer to us than our family know. If you use a terminal of iOS, do not hesitate to try this app, very useful for meetings where we need to show some data and do not have a computer nearby.

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