3 Key Techniques to Consider When Creating Digital Marketing Signage That Stands From the Crowd

When creating a digital signage message meant to market your product or service, it is vital that you are able to capture your audience’s attention and sustain it long enough to pass on your message.

Apart from the actual content of the message, the aesthetics of the message can be very important to ensure your audience sees and perceives your message in the right way.

Brief and clear communication should always take precedence over the aesthetics, but once you have the right message that you intend to pass to your audience, you should then present the message in a way that stands out from other messages.

Below are some factors that you should take into consideration when creating digital marketing media that will be effective in any environment.

  1. Scene composition

Consider where you place your content on the signage for viewing by your audience. If the content in your marketing message aims for the audience of a Chinese restaurant that reads Mandarin, you should remember that they are used to reading text from right to left as opposed to from left to right with English speakers.

When designing digital media, you should also ensure that each frame or shot that you use has a function towards the overall scene. This means that if all of the moving frames freeze in place, they should be able to convey a message.

  1. Screen location and placement

People usually focus right in front of their eyes, and this is why you should focus on placing your digital signage at eye level.

You should also keep in mind the angle of awareness of most people, which is a twenty degree angle for the vertical field of view. This should dictate the general area with which you should position your signage if you want your audience to see it easily.

When considering the position of your signage, you should also remember that placing marketing material at entrances might seem inappropriate in some places.

  1. Call to action

Your digital signage should always have a call to action on almost all scenes or frames if not all. Compelling your audience to take action immediately and with the simplest of instructions is always the way to go.

For example, a sign that tells your customers to get “80% off here!” at a shop, where you place the signage can be very effective.

You could improve the call to action messages by turning to the best marketing firms in the world for examples or approaches that you could use.

You could use several other techniques in order to create a digital marketing signage that is effective and stands from the crowd. For example, how you group key words, the use of color and repeating certain key words will be very effective.

You should find out what works best for your specific product or service but following some of these general guidelines will help you get to your goal faster.

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