Four habits that will help you build your business online

  • Do you live with the constant desire to own your own business but not just met?
  • Do you begin projects that never finish?
  • Do you feel frustrated that many people achieve their goals and you are not able to do?

If you find yourself in any of these situations do not despair. We all have dreams and desires that are not always met. Some people manage to be clearly marked advance their goals. However, there are others that they are unable to take a single step.


What is due? From my experience I would say that is the mindset with which you face it.

In this article I want to reveal 4 Habits in which I have supported and have been instrumental to pursue my dream and start my own Internet Business:

1. Your Dream more must be what you want in this world

I remember when I finally decided to pull me further my business. He had previously tried to perform other, but not working. I discovered that in reality did not live with passion neither whereby the desire and energy that I used left much to be desired.

It was when I discovered what I really wanted to do when I began to advance rapidly. My business was getting what he wanted most in the world. I saw myself holding it and visualizations were so real that almost frightened me of myself.

The strength of this desire was so powerful that employed any time I had available to advance.

Search inside yourself and discover what your vocation. Once located and have halfway done. You’ll see that start to bloom creativity and energy in you.

2. Focus Laser

Focus only achieves your goal. Focus on your sleep and prevents depress in ancillary tasks that steal your time and impede progress on what really matters.

Do not try to do many jobs at once and you’ll be busy but none of them will advance.

Only you will get a unique approach to focus on making each small goal to take you to your final goal.

3. Practice the Rapid Deployment

Implementation is the only way to know if something works. Acquire knowledge and apply it immediately. Just so you’ll know if you’re using the strategy gives you results.

It is a process in which there are many elements to consider. You have to go implementing each. Do not worry if you do not work so well that you had loved, and you will go perfecting.

Implements try and change. Otherwise you will not know what you have to change to make your business profitable and work.

4. Discipline and Perseverance full time

Undertake your own business is hard work. So you have to be very disciplined and consistent. You must force yourself to work everyday as a key strategy to see your progress.

Perseverance is mandatory although the results are not what you expected. Nobody said it was easy. Try again and again. Learn how to get up after every fall and always looking for a lesson in what happened. Sometimes things do not go the first time. No why you think you are no good and leave. Go ahead without excuses.

Do not give up even if you never ever garnish a sense of failure. Which not only fails tries, and in your case is only a matter of time to start seeing answers.

Now you know the 4 Habits that followed me and pushed me to pull out my online business. Put them into practice and I assure you they will run you too.

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In the commercial / marketing area businesses there is a clear tendency to focus on attracting customers. It’s something I’ve experienced many times, mostly because that was my job: to capture the maximum number of customers at the lowest possible price.

Obviously a company can not fail to attract customers, because it would not grow, their clients would leave the company gradually (there is always a percentage of churn ), because it would not would innovate commercial, and competition, and the company … end up close.


But what happens if we focus both capture and not pay attention to the quality of captured customer?

Recruitment strategies in online marketing : quantity or quality?

This is the discussion ‘eternal’ in digital marketing departments. We all agree that loyalty is very important, but we always end up focusing on attracting more.

A few days ago I read the post that inspired me to return to dwell on this topic.

The post talked using the ‘customer value’ (customer equity) , as a metric to measure the quality of the customer and, above all, as a way to guide the strategy for greater margin, and therefore a higher income (objectives Most companies).

What is customer equity and customer value?

Putting it in a simple way

Customer equity and customer value = number of customers x average net revenue per customer
Or what is the same:

Customer equity and customer value x = no customers Customer Lifetime Value ( CLV )
(In case you are evaluating the quality of the captured leads would be: no new customers x estimated CLV).
And this is calculated as:

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) = Average revenue per customer x gross margin per customer / churn rate (customer cancellation fee).


To explain it any better than an example of what can happen if you control this metric. If you catch much but leave you little room and go fast you have a big problem. And whether or not you can be in the situation where each time a customer you catch why waste money?

If I invested in grasping ( CPA ) is higher than what the customer leaves your company ( GLC ), you lose money.

(In this post I am going to focus on analyzing the recruitment strategies. Obviously Equally important are loyalty (which increase both the CLV and customer equity), but do not go in them, not to dwell too much).

If on one hand we can not fail to capture and secondly we have to ensure the quality, where is the balance?
How to balance quantity and quality online marketing strategy?

We have to find a balance between quantity (volume) and quality. The volume we provide liquidity, and quality performance.

Moreover, as we have seen before, we have to bear in mind the ‘bet’ in CPA we do to capture leads. Since we control or CLV (as many companies with residence times) or we may be adding liquidity losses instead.

It is therefore very important to understand what we will get if we try to capture leads depending on the medium we use (paid, earned and owned) and the stage of the purchase funnel or marketing funnel where the user is located.
In the picture you can see below, I try to define the volume and quality of leads captured in terms of both variables.
What you see in the matrix is my perception based on what they have learned throughout the years in the online world. Of course there will be business models that my ratings are not correct.

What online channels which add volume and quality of leads?

Uptake in marketing strategy Marketing Funnel quality and quantity vs Tristan Elosegui

If you look closely at the various crossings you will see that it is unwise to try to attract users who are in the phase of awareness as to get a few conversions and dubious quality.

However, as we are approaching the stage of the conversion ( action ) the user is more convinced of purchase and quality of leads increases. At this time the medium used to capture varying determines a quality and / or volume.
I added caseloads stage of advocacy as a mere indicator of the best ways to retain and those who are not used to it (paid media).

I explain why.

Why in some cases we capture higher quality leads and other higher volume?

1. Stage marketing funnel in which the user is
If you capture a lead that is in the stage of awareness (for example) with an aggressive offer, the chances that this person will regret your purchase or to keep looking to find a better option are higher.

If you are convinced with an offer on the stage of awareness, the strength of your buying decision is much less than that can have a user who has gone through the various stages of decision making ( awareness = knowledge, consideration = research and action = decision making and purchase).

2. Means are more suitable for quality and other for volume

As with any strategy, means are more useful for volume and other for quality.

By its own idiosyncrasies:
The paid media (outbound marketing) are better suited to capture a high volume, but not so good for getting quality.

The own and earned media, but they are getting better quality leads, but with less volume.

In the media we paid ‘interrupted’ message and our own and earned media, are the users who come to us for information / confidence to make their purchase decision.

3. Evolution of the customer mix
For the evolution of the company, the volume of users we capture quality is reduced.
At first, the percentage of users find us a genuine interest (own and earned media), is greater than those who buy our product for an offer or for convenience.

The reason is clear. The company needs to grow, and it begins to invest more in media that will bring that cash (paid media) as volume leads to low cost ( CPA ).

This solves a short term problem but causes another medium to long term ( churn , profitability, etc.).

Marketing strategies must focus on creating audience

Difference between paid and earned audience traffic

1. Paid Traffic:
If we base our strategy on paid media, we will capture traffic, of varying quality depending on the stage of the funnel where they are, but it’s hard to get generate engagement, based on online campaigns. We are capturing traffic. We’re picking up on what media convergence strategies called ‘ sponsored customer.

People with a relative interest in our company or products, which we capture the interest campaigns based payment methods, promotions. As a result we get a high volume of visitors, but with a low conversion rate, and what is worse, a CLV potentially low (that we have to be measured in each case to confirm).

Besides these main KPI, check this profile is quickly detected by high bounce rate, low time to visit, etc.

2. won Audience:
When we define a strategy for creating online audience (quality leads), we use the best combination of paid media, and own cattle, and focus on achieving the objectives of each stage of the funnel . Thus we get the attention of people really interested in our product / service.

We are creating audience that comes to us why you are interested our product, we are not paying them to come.
We’re taking the user from stage to stage, with the most appropriate strategy for each moment. Thus, users are taking the decision at their own pace (not ours).

Thus we capture even higher quality leads at a lower volume.

As I said at the beginning of the post, the key is balance between the two strategies, but taking clear that we must combine paid media with other media, to try to get the highest possible quality.

Customer equity and metrics to balance marketing strategies
To try to balance between volume and quality, we must set the value of client we are generating for the company and the customer mix in terms of their contribution to this value.

The customer equity will predict whether our strategy is balanced or are betting ‘too’ by the volume or quality of captured lead.

That is, we have to analyze the results of our acquisition strategy from several points of view:
Before the visit : results of our strategy out of our website in terms of performance of campaigns, content, actions, etc., in their profitability, etc. etc.

During the visit, to see the quality and volume of traffic generated in terms of interaction with the page and conversions obtained.

After the visit, to analyze the quality of captured lead in terms of profitability, CLV and ultimately customer equity it brings.

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Online Marketing Careers

Online Marketing Careers

SEO Specialist and Community Manager are the most demanded professions 2014. This is why I created a list of job openings on interesting and current online marketing now. The intention is to update every 7-20 days for you to know the latest job openings online marketing.


  • Junior SEO Executive – Barcelo Hotels


  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Online Marketing Manager – Real Estate Oi
  • Social Media Account Manager – NOW Notonlywebs
  • Junior Online Marketing – PromoFarma
  • Junior Marketing Coordinator


  • Technical Marketing Online – Caser Seguros
  • E-commerce Assistant – Swatch Group
  • Online Marketing Manager – The red fridge
  • Analyst SEO-Marketing – Paradigm
  • SEO & Analytics Manager – Worten
  • Community Manager – Legalitas
  • Head of Development and Web Designing
  • SEO Analyst – Rumbo
  • Technical Marketing Digital
  • Spain Country Manager – Drivy


  • Online Marketing Manager – Groopify

Now that you know offers interesting job market, you have to prepare a single CV. Create an original CV is essential. Today everyone has a race, work experience, language etc. and you have to differentiate as much as possible and be creative.

Lacriaturacreativa published 10 original CV to find work can serve as a guide if you have any ideas and can not decide, I encourage you to, HR staff is tired of seeing the same template CV everyday attention. Anyway, if you want or sing in the subway or create a web HML5, it can be served these 35 original CV templates that aulacm published, plus some great tips to help you create an original curriculum.

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The most important summer of Online Marketing

After the holidays begins the return to routine, and after these months in the Online Marketing there have been several developments and news of interest. I mention some of them:

The most important summer of Online Marketing

Google Authorship:

Surely you’ve noticed in the results of Google searches for the profile picture of the author + G no longer appears. Google has removed that function. The question now that you can do is: So, Google+ is losing strength?

Most people using G + was to have visibility into the network and his photo appeared in the results, as some studies received more clicks those searches where it appeared the picture of the author of the entry / web. Google has confirmed this change based on the user experience, claiming it was not of interest, and, in some cases, causing distraction. Three years has lasted this functionality, we must be attentive to possible changes in both search results and Google+, probably before the end of the year we have news.

The most important summer of Online Marketing

Google Pigeon:

Local SeoIn late July, announcing new algorithm of Google , it would affect local search: Google Pigeon. It is a very important change and consider. Currently, only affects searches in USA, but it is expected that soon the “Paloma” come to Europe. That’s why you have to be knowledgeable, attentive to change everything for you does not affect your local search. What is the goal of this new algorithm? Provide more useful, accurate and relevant results to the user. This update will improve the positioning of all the premises which are near your location.

If for example you are looking for locksmith now, “locksmiths” will appear near your location, and you will not need to put “locksmiths in Valencia”, for example. That’s why, you have to optimize your website to achieve top positions of local SEO, including Web in your local directories, appearing in Google, Google+ and Google Maps, specifying the location of your business etc.

Facebook is justified:

Long ago, in one of my articles I explained: Why, if I have 5,000 fans on Facebook has 100 visitors a publication? There have been many criticisms that have been made since the end of 2013 on account of some engagement that is achieved in the social network, unless you hire your advertising. Well, Facebook in early June was justified with this series of questions and answers answered by Brian Bolad:

Summarizing what Brian says is that the limited presence of the content of the pages because Facebook does not want to overwhelm users. According to the article, each user could have 1,500 updates per day. Thus, the famous algorithm Facebook filter this information and displays the most relevant to the user (if you come by my post, you’ll understand this part right) According to recent data, the scope of the publications pages on Facebook declined to a 6% in the month of February, and in some cases up to 2%. Furthermore, Facebook says that his intention is not economic (which managers use the advertising pages), but to improve the user experience (sure sounds like this sentence)

Twitter Analytics:

Twitter AnalyticsIn late August we received news that pleased many Community’s Managers, which is the ability to have data on its official Twitter account and posted tweets, something very important to the profession. From now on any Twitter user you can: how many people read their tweets, clicks received, comments, impressions, information of his followers … A month ago I was alone accessible to validated accounts or advertisers, but in late August, opened for other accounts.

In addition, Twitter Analytics incorporates the “Twitter cards” that allow you to monitor activity on the shared URLs. One thing to keep in mind for the times we shared our URL.

These have been the most important news this summer, good to progress in the news online positioning and social media.

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5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

One of the most important things when we are making a SEO strategy is to keep track of it. To do this we have at our disposal a host of online tools to verify and analyze all the data collected so far. Here are some of the ones I use frequently and that will help you:

SEO Tools

– rank so
For me one of the most comprehensive analysis of your Web, obtaining a rating from 0 to 100 and giving you tips to improve that rating. Initially a web will give you a low score, but after a year at least, would have to get a high score of 80 that will mean that your SEO strategy is perfect and I’m sure you’ll see results in Google. Moreover, it is one of the few that we have in Spanish.

– Alexa
Alexa is the world ranking of all websites on the Internet, is the classic tool for positioning your site on the Internet. And how does it? Very simple, all that you have installed on your browser bar Alexa, sends a report of each visit made to a website, thereby building this global and national ranking. This ranking is not 100% reliable but will give you clues and motivation, and gradually see that you have a job, important medium in the online world.

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

– Web versus Web
This tool lets you know your score and compare it to the web from your competition, this way you will know who is better positioned. As in rank so gives you a score from 0 to 100 and whoever gets the highest score will mean that is better prepared to exit at the top of Google.

– Majestic SEO
With Majestic Seo can detect, and especially analyze all inbound links to your website. It will help you know how many websites have put your URL and know which type of connection. Also, you can check out the links of your competition, so you know where they stayed the link or where they have gotten a backlink.

5 SEO tools online. Chapter 9

– Google
There is no better tool to really know the position you have Google for your keywords. Actually this is the test you have to do at the end, it is like the final exam, pass (first page out) or suspend (depart from the second page). Anyway, if you prefer to do a robot, you can do so by downloading this program: Free Monitor for Google only have to put your URL, and keywords, and the program will tell you the position you get for each search.

For starters, these five tools will serve you for your SEO score. Be guided mainly by the first, make all your efforts to correct any errors that you check to optimize your website to the fullest. Then check out the other tools. I recommend you create an excel and update information every month, so, you will see your progress and especially because you know better.

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Adapt your online store to the new rules of Ecommerce

If you have an online store in Spain, you should know that a few weeks ago has come into force new regulations Ecommerce and distance selling, regulating Internet sales in our country and has as main objective to protect consumers. Although still few ecommerces have already adapted to the new law, I will indicate some of the most important points to touch, so if you analyze your business online meet the most important aspects of it.


Information prior to placing the order

Before a user completes an order at your online store, you should report the main characteristics of the product or service offered, including the following information:

  • Identity of the seller including contact details, cif, trade name and data entry in the Commercial Register
  • Features of the product or service contracted
  • Delivery Order
  • Total cost, including transportation costs, payment details
  • In case of returns, report that shipping is the responsibility of the buyer
  • Report when appropriate, the existence of technical assistance and after sales service

Right of withdrawal – Returns

Perhaps this is the most important point of the new law. The right of withdrawal is defined as the right of return of the product. With the previous law, the user buying via web had 7 days to return the product purchased from now, this period is extended to 14 days. Moreover, and here is a section that I consider vital appears is that in the case of not informing consumers of this right of withdrawal , the period is automatically extended up to 12 months after the expiry of the initial period, ie, would later up to 12 months and 14 days from the date of purchase for a refund without the seller can do anything, so it is essential that you apply this standard from now. Also you must include a model withdrawal form to your web site if the user has to use.

Purchase confirmation button

One aspect that requires the new law is to inform explicitly the obligation to purchase by the Internet user when closing an order, in the case involving a payment obligation. The payment button that we must include the phrase “order with payment obligation” or a similar expression but not ambiguous but that is easily readable and indicating that placing the order entails the obligation to pay . The law also states that are valid expressions as “pay now”, “buy now” or “confirm purchase” but not valid expressions like “confirm”, “register” or “order now” if not listed this expression The consumer is not obligated to pay, so watch this item. Here I leave an example of how the confirmation button would buy:

Business calls

Most notable in this section is that a schedule for conducting sales calls ranging from 9.00 to 21.00 Monday to Friday, except public holidays are fixed. Calls must be made from a phone number that can be identified by the user, are not worth the hidden numbers to sell a product or service and also inform the start of each call the commercial purpose of the same.

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