Simple Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign

Running a PPC campaign can be quite costly, but it is still one of the best ways to market your site or your product. By using PPC ads, you can quickly reach new audience and get direct traffic in return. To make your PPC campaign more effective and cost-efficient, some simple steps need to be taken.

Use Schema Markup To Your Advantage

Similar to doing SEO and advertising through other means, your ads need to stand out for users to click notice them. Text ads, however, tend to be rather monotone. To make your text ads more appealing to users, take advantage of schema markups and add a customized SERP to the ads.

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Optimize images for the SEO. Chapter 7

Optimizing images is a fundamental part of SEO, many times we focus on the content of the text, for example, enter keywords, but we forget a very important aspect images. Another website that I have at the beginning of the project, the majority of visitors came through them, note that is a tourism website, which people look pictures of beach, mountain, travel, cities etc. And coming through the image section of Google. And, how do? Very easy, you have to follow these simple steps:

Optimize images for the SEO. Chapter 7

1- Image Format

jpg seoThe first thing is to choose an image format that Google recognizes, however the following steps will be meaningless. The best format is JPG, which tries to ensure that all images you upload are in this format, however, also serve the following formats: GIF, PNG, SVG, BMP. But I always advise JPG.
Besides, if you’re going to change the format any image enhancer, fail to reduce the size of the image, as I told the room charge is very important and the less weight the better.

2 Filename

The file name is also influential, there is little point having a picture satisfying all the steps in this entry if then the name of the image is 8875548965.JPG have to put a file name that is associated with the image also has to be short, between 6 and 20 characters. For example, if I have the following image and positioning SEO’m talking about the title of the file would be: images-seo (use hyphens to separate words) and in the next section will be more accurate. You have to keep in mind that the file name must have a connection with the image.

Optimize images for the SEO Chapter 7

Tag ALT 3

The ALT tag is in charge of telling the search engines that the image in question is. Whereupon it is a very important aspect, for me, the most important, but as I said above, if we have the other two sections of little use to have a ALT perfect text.

You need to be as far as possible specific when placing the label and you have to include at least one Keyword. Following our example, the ALT image would be: SEO Optimize images. It is recommended that the label has between 8 and 30 characters.

4 Context

It is another important factor for Google interpreted that the image is relevant related text must appear around the image either in the page title, legend, foot photo, text above and below the picture … Not serve put anything in this post an image of a bird, but comply with the above requirements you can bet it will be almost impossible to come out on Google images.

Here are 4 simple steps, very important, to help you optimize images for positioning (SEO) but keep in mind one thing, you have to add the images to the sitemap, but of little use the above steps. As you’ve seen all the steps are essential and are related.

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