Simple Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign

Running a PPC campaign can be quite costly, but it is still one of the best ways to market your site or your product. By using PPC ads, you can quickly reach new audience and get direct traffic in return. To make your PPC campaign more effective and cost-efficient, some simple steps need to be taken.

Use Schema Markup To Your Advantage

Similar to doing SEO and advertising through other means, your ads need to stand out for users to click notice them. Text ads, however, tend to be rather monotone. To make your text ads more appealing to users, take advantage of schema markups and add a customized SERP to the ads.

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Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Youtube can be a source of traffic to your website or your online store, get Youtube redirect users to your website is a simple strategy that will show you with a series of tricks Youtube.

But to undertake these actions you must have a YouTube channel, that is clear, must be verified and associated with your website, the platform provides you with tools to do so, I will explain some effective tools and can give relevance to your channel since you have fully optimized according standards Youtube.

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

How to check your channel on Youtube

The platform aims to be non-fiction channels, many users create channels for testing or not legal action within the parameters given, but we must also provide coverage for businesses and users who want to strategize with your videos.

This verification is used to associate a web to your YouTube channel, there are other checks which are used to confirm the account or activate additional functions and using a digit is sent to you via sms by phone.

To check your website, you must associate it through webmaster tools of Google, we provide several options but the simplest is that of confirm your account analytics, meta tag you already have inserted in your website serves for this verification, what otherwise you have to insert another with which you would add more html code of your website.

Check the page find the advanced features of Studio Creator on your channel if you do not find there have to first enable functions how verification through SMS.

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

We have checked our website and can send traffic to it from the videos go up on Youtube. If you are consistent in making videos and generate views and subscribers you will see how the traffic comes from your video channel.

Prompting you to insert the links on Youtube have the attribute rel = “nofollow” to which we are not giving juice Youtube Popularity your web, that was imposed to avoid possible spam. But even with Google acknowledges that attribute from whence this visit, the “nofollow” are also required on any link building strategy.

Effective methods to get subscribers

A youtube likes you to perform actions in order to increase your number of subscribers, have a good social base makes video is viralicen faster, and they are the first to reach them notice you’ve uploaded a video and if you like it They share, you have to know who your subscribers are included on your list who like your videos and themes for your channel, do not upload videos to upload something, you must always be consistent with your theme, your subscribers are loyal to it I repeat, have been signed by the subject that interests them.

To add subscribers in an easy and very effective can create a url with the address of your channel and adding at the end the word “? sub_confirmation = 1”.

Clicking it on the link above (click fearless) popup to stop the blank screen with only the possibility of subscribing to your channel opens.

This can shorten the url with any tool you use to cut it and insert it into any web page or URL how to click button that the user subscribes.

You can also insert next to the video trailer how you placed your channel for new visitors and are not subscribed.

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Insert an active url in annotations

If you have an ecommerce you can drive traffic directly from the video of the product to the same tab of the product for the user who has seen the video you can buy, a call to a very effective action to get customers to buy, Youtube leads reproductions submit your video as keywords inserted and take advantage of these visits to sell, once you’ve created your video it stays forever on the shelf, do not make any financial expenditures, contrary to what you paid when you make an Adwords campaign , I can consider it more effective action to bring customers through video than any Google Adwords campaign.

You can spend 150 euros on making a video or the same money you can spend on an Adwords campaign, this video is for ever and more relevant to your channel’s views, while in Adwords when the money runs out no longer leads users . In addition the user comes across a video has more information and is therefore more inclined to purchase.

To insert your web address in Youtube videos you must enable external annotation features to your channel, how we have explained above what you can do with a simple SMS to your mobile phone.

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Once activated, this function you can insert external assets and links to your website or online store, users viewing your videos may appear on your web or directly buy the product they see.

Enter the notes section of the video where you want to insert the url and type the phrase you want to attract, is a call to action must be clear in the video playback. Create a snack or a note, written once activated the option to insert an external link (image).

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

In this paragraph there are two ways to insert an external link, a website or an article of your online store, Youtube allows you to log merchandising, with verified items and will only fit if you have enabled the feature to Partner Youtube, ie enable monetization in the list of advanced features, but equally you can insert an article in the section website, if you do not want to share profits with Youtube this is your way.

How to get followers on Facebook and Tweeter

You can also use the above tricks to get users in your social network, a way for viewers to convert your videos followers.

To achieve this you need to have a WordPress blog because we will use a free plugin called Pretty Link with which convert url of your social account in an url with the domain of your website, which is linked to your YouTube channel.

Once downloaded and activated, you need to indicate that you want a new web address:

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Redirect url using a 301:

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Add the address of your favorite social networks:

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

E indicate the rel “nofollow” in the section:

Youtube Tips to drive traffic to your website

Youtube will see that the url associated site is indicated how the same direction and mean it should go. You can add annotations requesting subscription to your social networks.

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Tips for Google Panda 4.0

Almost a month since I wrote on the blog because I am focusing on the new design, and Google does not like that Web content does not update, so back again to the load (with the intention 2-3 post weekly). At this same time, Matt Cutts announced on his Twitter account the Google Panda 4.0 update. Here are some tips to avoid being penalized by Google Panda or even for your users. Note that what I am going to tell is nothing new, and has been no major change in the SEO, just an update on an algorithm to enhance more the following:

Tips for Google Panda 4.0

Web / Blog for your users and not for the SEO. Quality + quantity

Sometimes the mistake of caring more about the SEO content that commits itself. It is essential to add value to your site and provide quality content to users, Panda really focuses on them to see if the content is of quality or not, because otherwise it would be impossible to verify all internet websites. Users will be those who stay longer on the Web, share content, interact on your site etc. And that, you can get it only by offering quality content that makes the user to perform these actions. Sure you’ve already heard that that content is king, then yes, it is.

Besides the quality, another aspect to take into account is the amount. On each page have to be at least 400 words, blending both text and videos or pictures.

Being origi Original Content SEOnal

You have to be original and create new content and not duplicate. Google to Bear (Panda) does not like to do copy and paste, in fact penalized. Soon you will serve copy content to the Web, but then mentions the source, the search engine does not want duplicate content so be original.

Tips for Google Panda 4.0

The fundamental social net works social networks

As I said before, one aspect where Google is based to see if the content is of quality is at the time that the web has been shared on the various social networks, I would say much more on Google+ and in his famous +1. That’s why you have to try and share the content you are active on social networks so you can more successfully shared your links. Essential is that you have no buttons to share and follow.

Some people confuse continue sharing, of little use to have 10,000 fans and have 10 shares. Find more sharing the fan, so far not been proven to have more fans then you have better position in Google, my opinion is that it does not affect anything.

On the Blog have already talked about the importance of social media in SEO.

These are 3 little tips but essential to be in the top positions of Google. Remember that he is the boss: Google and SEO and putting the game, and we have to comply.

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Tips on on-site SEO. Chapter 11

In this new SEO chapter, I will talk about the importance of optimizing your site “internally”, or what is the same, the on-site SEO. Maybe it’s one of the forgotten because we focus more on getting links to our website or social media, but it is a very important and you have to implement as soon as possible. Here I list the most important actions to take:

Tips on on-site SEO

It is very important to put a title commensurate with what you say, but also including at least one Keyword to position for that particular page. Do not put all pages in the same title, if for example you are in the store section, instead of putting and you are using a specific keyword for that page.

Note that must have maximum 70 characters, for all the title is displayed, otherwise Google will cut it. Remember to put the title on your site, have to do with the tag:

Then, it is important the description we give to each page. It also has to appear at least one keyword. It is a brief description that will appear in the results of Google, which, optimízala for SEO but also for users, since they will read the description and it has to be attractive into clicking on your website.

Despite sometimes that Google will not put exactly the description you’ve written, because it depends on other keywords and searches made by users. Recommended characters are between 130 and 145 and the need to integrate your website with the tag: and after the title (within )

You have to keep in mind that the description will only appear in search engines, and not on our page, so to the user it is not visible. Instead, the title itself that appears just above the browser, it is what the title of the tab.

Here you can see better what corresponds in reality:

Tips on on-site SEO. Chapter 11,

URL friendly

url friendlyIt is another very important when locating a site aspect, the URL. No talk of the domain name, which is also important, but has been shown to no longer need to have the keyword in the domain , we can help you, it may be, but is not essential as before. That said, you have to create friendly URL, and you understand it better, I’ll give you an example:

You can see the difference, it is easier to position the second than the first, with the simple reason that we can attach the URL to our keywords we want. Do not overuse keywords, uses 3 to 6 words at most. Add a keyword to the URL and separate them with hyphens “-“. It is important to optimize either the URL, and especially do not make any mistakes in them, and if by some chance you decide to change the name of the URL, make sure you do a 301 redirect to the new URL.

Tips on on-site SEO. Chapter 11

XML Sitemap

One of the first things you have to do when creating a website, is the installation of a sitemap, as I explained in another chapter, here you can learn how to create a sitemap

Optimizing images + text: Alt Attribute – Bold / Italic – Tags H1, H2, H3 – Keyword Density

This section refers to a page individually. Each page of your website has to have a good SEO structure . In a future post, I’ll explain how to create the perfect post for your blog. For now, I will explain the keys to a well structured page.

When you create text to your pages, you have to take into account the keywords you want to position. That is why you have to control how many keywords you put very well, because if you abuse them, you can be penalized by Google.

Try to be natural when you put a keyword, but use them, because in this way you can position them. A good range of keywords per page is 3-4%, ie 100 words, put 3-4 keywords. Furthermore, in the first paragraph is important to the first keyword, and if it can be better in the first sentence.

Once you have optimized the text with keywords now resaltalas, tells users but especially search engines phrase or word that is important to you, how? Typing in bold, using My palaba key

Tips on on-site SEO. Chapter 11

Now it add titles to the text, it is very important to add header tags : H1, H2 and H3. Especially the first, in which you will have to add a keyword. Note that these labels are the owners and / or key phrases that you want to highlight on your page, it’s as if you will use manually in your editor a larger, bold font, but this way is easier and above all are labels accepted and are recommended by the guidelines of search engines.

Images must be well optimized for that, you can read the chapter: SEO Optimize images is important that a page has images, not only for positioning, but because it is more attractive to the user and lighter than display a page with all text.

Upload speed

Loading speed has to be compulsorily low not only for users but for the search engine spiders. SEO In another chapter I explain the influence of loading speed on SEO.

With all these tips, you can optimize your website to get the highest score possible SEO and search engines can easily find and index your website in the top positions.

image credit: © Randi Meredith

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