That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

That is my web posisicion Google

As with any strategy, after applying it, to do a study of all that has been applied to assess whether a success or a failure. If you followed the steps of SEO chapters, for the moment, are in for a good race to position your keywords in the top positions of Google, remember that it is impossible to position a keyword in a month.

In the previous chapter, show you how you could review and modify everything you had done so far for natural positioning with SEO tools online, but now is the moment of truth, to know what is our position in Google. This will advise that you do at least once a month, and guides you if you’re doing things right.

It is very easy, all you have to do is to register your website in Webmaster Tools for Google (I hope and you had created) Once inside, choose the website where you want to see the results and enter: Consultations search.

In this section you will see:

That is my web posisicion Google. Chapter 10

Player webmaster tools

– Queries: In this section you can see the searches made on Google users and which has appeared in your URL (may be the principal or any other, that if, with the same domain)

– Prints: These are the times that your URL has appeared in Google

– Clicks: Is the number of times the user has entered from a Web search (query)

– CTR: It is the ratio between the clicks and impressions. Example, a query has had 1,000 views and obtained 100 clicks, the CTR would be 10%. The SEM is one of the most important aspects and also for the SEO. The higher, the better. Since there is little point having 1,000,000 impressions if we then just 10 clicks.

– Average position: The name itself suggests, it is the middle position to obtain this search engine.

You have to keep in mind that the first day is very difficult to have even fewer impressions and clicks, but when your website is at least three months, I recommend you do is operating every month and you know evolution. Later, when you’re in the top 20 it is convenient to Excel file that I will share in the next chapter.

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