The most important summer of Online Marketing

After the holidays begins the return to routine, and after these months in the Online Marketing there have been several developments and news of interest. I mention some of them:

The most important summer of Online Marketing

Google Authorship:

Surely you’ve noticed in the results of Google searches for the profile picture of the author + G no longer appears. Google has removed that function. The question now that you can do is: So, Google+ is losing strength?

Most people using G + was to have visibility into the network and his photo appeared in the results, as some studies received more clicks those searches where it appeared the picture of the author of the entry / web. Google has confirmed this change based on the user experience, claiming it was not of interest, and, in some cases, causing distraction. Three years has lasted this functionality, we must be attentive to possible changes in both search results and Google+, probably before the end of the year we have news.

The most important summer of Online Marketing

Google Pigeon:

Local SeoIn late July, announcing new algorithm of Google , it would affect local search: Google Pigeon. It is a very important change and consider. Currently, only affects searches in USA, but it is expected that soon the “Paloma” come to Europe. That’s why you have to be knowledgeable, attentive to change everything for you does not affect your local search. What is the goal of this new algorithm? Provide more useful, accurate and relevant results to the user. This update will improve the positioning of all the premises which are near your location.

If for example you are looking for locksmith now, “locksmiths” will appear near your location, and you will not need to put “locksmiths in Valencia”, for example. That’s why, you have to optimize your website to achieve top positions of local SEO, including Web in your local directories, appearing in Google, Google+ and Google Maps, specifying the location of your business etc.

Facebook is justified:

Long ago, in one of my articles I explained: Why, if I have 5,000 fans on Facebook has 100 visitors a publication? There have been many criticisms that have been made since the end of 2013 on account of some engagement that is achieved in the social network, unless you hire your advertising. Well, Facebook in early June was justified with this series of questions and answers answered by Brian Bolad:

Summarizing what Brian says is that the limited presence of the content of the pages because Facebook does not want to overwhelm users. According to the article, each user could have 1,500 updates per day. Thus, the famous algorithm Facebook filter this information and displays the most relevant to the user (if you come by my post, you’ll understand this part right) According to recent data, the scope of the publications pages on Facebook declined to a 6% in the month of February, and in some cases up to 2%. Furthermore, Facebook says that his intention is not economic (which managers use the advertising pages), but to improve the user experience (sure sounds like this sentence)

Twitter Analytics:

Twitter AnalyticsIn late August we received news that pleased many Community’s Managers, which is the ability to have data on its official Twitter account and posted tweets, something very important to the profession. From now on any Twitter user you can: how many people read their tweets, clicks received, comments, impressions, information of his followers … A month ago I was alone accessible to validated accounts or advertisers, but in late August, opened for other accounts.

In addition, Twitter Analytics incorporates the “Twitter cards” that allow you to monitor activity on the shared URLs. One thing to keep in mind for the times we shared our URL.

These have been the most important news this summer, good to progress in the news online positioning and social media.

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