The Old SEO Methods That Can Be Put to an End

If you are aware of the Google Penguin/Panda updates, you should think of removing the old SEO methods and update according to the modern techniques.

  • Article Submissions: This is an age old method where links can easily be created without much effort. Instead of building links you can build positive relationships with the bloggers. This can create an opportunity for writing guest posts for quality sites.
  • Link Exchanges and Reciprocal Links: This process can be applied easily by swapping links with other sites. These cheap useless links will not do any favor for your site. If you go through any quality content in any site, just link to them and you can definitely expect to get linked if you can produce quality content in your site.
  • Thin Content Creation: As you know that great content can attract great links, the creation part should be focused with full concern. If you are outsourcing your content writing activities, make sure it is going to the hands of qualified persons who will be able to produce worthy content for your site. Ensure your purpose of writing. Whether you are writing only for the search engines or you want the users to get benefit of the content.
  • Press Releases: Just like the article submission, if the press releases are done only to build links, they are not at all worthy. If you have no new news and still creating the press release, it will just be a waste of time.
  • No Social Signal: Social signals should not be ignored. Some blogs and websites have social sharing buttons. But unfortunately, many site owners do not pay any attention towards the social media updates required for the site. You can always use the social signals to boost the ranking of your site.
  • Ranking: An SEO professional should be updated with the analytics report and not just the ranking report. Only focusing on the rank report will not lead you anywhere. This is an old method of presenting the rank reports to the client. If you cannot make your client understand about the traffic behavior and the correlation in the analytics, the SEO activities cannot be fulfilled.
  • Only Google: Do search engines mean only Google? Just go through your analytics and find out about the percentage of organic traffic that comes only from Google. You just have to plan and diversify your strategy according to that percentage.
  • Automated Tools: You may access various automated tools, but never forget to express your voice. The tools can only be beneficial if it can be used in a proper manner. You just need to use your tools wisely. The social media is the platform to voice your own opinion and should not be done through the automated tools. If you are using the tools for creating social media buzz, you are actually taking your organization in the mute mode.
  • Lack of Focus on Site Design: You should hire a professional designer for your site and also a SEO professional. You can suggest the design, but always allow the designer to implement his own creativity. The SEO expert will surely do his job to see whether the design of the site is going in the SEO friendly way.

So, focus on building relationships rather than link building. Links will surely come by default! If you are the site owner, try and get rid of all the old SEO methods that are affecting your site. If you concentrate on the marketing strategies properly, you will not get affected by any algorithm changes. SEO Strategy helps you identify the old methods that should come to an end.


Author Bio: Jenny Richards is a well known SEO professional who works in SEO Company Mumbai. She is also a passionate blogger and in this article, she suggests about few of the SEO methods that need to be removed.

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