Tips for getting links

You’re reading lately post daily with headlines like “SEO is dead” “SEO is not worth”, etc … but I assure you, that SEO is still very profitable if the right things are done. One of the most important parts of organic positioning are incoming links made from other sites to ours, search engines reward authoritarian sites and authority is achieved by links, which are considered as “votes” in the Internet jungle.


I am going to indicate a number of techniques that can guide you to get links to your site:


One of the most used methods is the development of computer graphics, though, should contain interesting data to try to have virality in social networks. It works very well because many Webmasters take the image and link (as they should) to the original source. The downside is that you take time to do something and visual quality.


Develop a list is one of the techniques that work best, you can prepare a list of people relevant to Twitter or your blog on this theme and surely people links echo of your content will be made and will help to spread it, sure you get a good links to your website.

Link exchange

This technique is very old and has more than Google’s localized to just the influence in positioning, so if you can get when you exchange links with other websites in your same subject, is qualified traffic of users with similar interests.

Comment on blogs and forums

Although comments on blogs has the attribute ” nofollow “with this method you can go revealing and also will carry visitors to your site if the site where comets have a relevant traffic. Very important not to spam and comments with your name , not your main keyword you want to position.In the forums it is shameful that you go leaving links unless they are useful to the person you have a question, what if you can do is put your website in the signature of the forum when posting a comment will get a link.

Free Resources

A good source of links, may be writing an ebook on a topic you master or any kind of study, but that content must be developed well, eventually you’ll get some good backlinks from related sites that will help position your website.

Reviews of products or services

Many times if you make on your own more or less favorable review of a web service or product that is to your liking, not a bad idea to report your post to the company via Twitter or email, if you have comments area or reviews, maybe you get a good bond. To me this I worked really well with any website.

Guest post

One technique that is right now booming is the guest post . This is to develop original content and offer the blogger in question post it on your blog to change that link to your blog or your social profiles. If you have time and you think the content is good, it can work really well. Right now I am getting some requests for guest post on my blog for companies to improve their SEO, particularly not accept such agreements with companies, I accept only linking to personal blogs or social profiles like this.

Events and Courses

If you give impart courses or lectures in an event, always leave your site in the presentation you make, maybe one of the pupils or assistants make a post about the event and link your content.

Links from social networks

Share our content from social networks always we will bring about many valuable links, even though most of them do not pass authority to the paired domain, do not forget to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and especially Google Plus, here the links if they are of good nor forgetYoutube if you have an account on that channel, linked your website in the description, you can attract more visitors to your website.

Getting links you can improve the organic positioning of your web project and are also a good source of visitors, the most important thing is that you create quality content, they will reach links without the wait, but these recommendations also apply to achieve this goal. If you know any tricks to get more links, I will be happy to tell me.

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