Tips for Google Panda 4.0

Almost a month since I wrote on the blog because I am focusing on the new design, and Google does not like that Web content does not update, so back again to the load (with the intention 2-3 post weekly). At this same time, Matt Cutts announced on his Twitter account the Google Panda 4.0 update. Here are some tips to avoid being penalized by Google Panda or even for your users. Note that what I am going to tell is nothing new, and has been no major change in the SEO, just an update on an algorithm to enhance more the following:

Tips for Google Panda 4.0

Web / Blog for your users and not for the SEO. Quality + quantity

Sometimes the mistake of caring more about the SEO content that commits itself. It is essential to add value to your site and provide quality content to users, Panda really focuses on them to see if the content is of quality or not, because otherwise it would be impossible to verify all internet websites. Users will be those who stay longer on the Web, share content, interact on your site etc. And that, you can get it only by offering quality content that makes the user to perform these actions. Sure you’ve already heard that that content is king, then yes, it is.

Besides the quality, another aspect to take into account is the amount. On each page have to be at least 400 words, blending both text and videos or pictures.

Being origi Original Content SEOnal

You have to be original and create new content and not duplicate. Google to Bear (Panda) does not like to do copy and paste, in fact penalized. Soon you will serve copy content to the Web, but then mentions the source, the search engine does not want duplicate content so be original.

Tips for Google Panda 4.0

The fundamental social net works social networks

As I said before, one aspect where Google is based to see if the content is of quality is at the time that the web has been shared on the various social networks, I would say much more on Google+ and in his famous +1. That’s why you have to try and share the content you are active on social networks so you can more successfully shared your links. Essential is that you have no buttons to share and follow.

Some people confuse continue sharing, of little use to have 10,000 fans and have 10 shares. Find more sharing the fan, so far not been proven to have more fans then you have better position in Google, my opinion is that it does not affect anything.

On the Blog have already talked about the importance of social media in SEO.

These are 3 little tips but essential to be in the top positions of Google. Remember that he is the boss: Google and SEO and putting the game, and we have to comply.

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