What Are The Barriers Of Your Presentation With The Audience?

Though you have prepared your PowerPoint presentation very well, there can be some barriers that may not be liked by your audience. You should identify all the barriers and try out various ways to overcome them properly. You may take help from the power slides.com and can browse through variety of available options. Now, let us go through the barriers and the ways to overcome them:

  • Large Number of Bullets: If you overload your slides with bullets, you may sometimes miss out some important points which the audience is interested into. You should properly identify the needs of using the bullets. Remember that less is more and a single picture is equal to thousand words.
  • Too Long Bullets: You may use few bullets in your power slides, but make sure the points are not very lengthy in nature. Avoid writing full meaningful sentences in the bullet points. Only the nouns and the adjectives can work out if applied in the right way. For example, a short and crisp ‘high quality help desk support’ will work instead of ‘ We offer highly trained help desk executives who can serve you 24 hours a day’
  • Too Much Information: As you are presenting a topic and not teaching about it, you should provide limited amount of information. Too much information may divert your audience. You should be careful about what your audience actually wants from your presentation. You should not elaborate on the history or the background of the topic. Just come straight to the actual content and focus on the present problems or the issues.
  • Illegible Fonts: Sometimes the audience may find difficulty in seeing the whole presentation due to the illegible fonts used in them. The fonts may look great in your own computer but when it is projected in the large screen, it may become illegible. You may follow the standard rules of keeping the font size at 12 points or larger than that, you can use light texts on the dark background and the graphics and the photos should be large in size. You should not use the italics font and the colors should be non custom ones.
  • Complex Graphics: The graphics can show the detailed step as if you are providing a training session to someone. Your graphics should be simple and should have many points to talk about. You should clearly explain the graphics by providing an interesting as well as compelling story to your audience and engage them successfully,
  • Special Effects: The special effects may ruin your presentation and can move your audience away from the important points. You should keep your presentation simple. The flying texts and unrelated sounds can produce a worse effect on your presentation. Your carefully thought-out bullets points should have a blank space in the surroundings to make things more clear and concise.
  • Worse Presentation: Sometimes the best contents in the PowerPoint cannot appeal the audience if they are not properly presented. You should always speak about the things that you are well aware. Try not to use the pointers in the templates; instead you can use your hand gestures if you are pointing anything in the PPT. You should practice your presentation properly before standing in front of the audience. Always remember that the PowerPoint slides can only provide you a backup while you are speaking to your audience.

You can use some blank blue slides in your presentation when you are going to interact with your audience. You should try to overcome all the barriers and create a successful presentation in front of your audience.

Author Bio: Tevin Johns is well known software professional who suggests using powerslides.com for obtaining various attractive templates. In this article he shares all the barriers of the power slides and how to overcome them in front of the audience.


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