What are you thinking? Video Social Networks

What are you thinking Video Social Networks

This is the question that makes us Facebook before sharing new content on the social network. Users to respond to what they are doing or have done: photos on the beach (vacation), comments already employed / approved examination, wetting clothes videos (latest fashion), upcoming trips etc. Obviously we will never see problems or confidences (in most cases), and that’s what friends are for …

All that is shared is that of which we presume, would also generate envy to the rest of contacts, which is different than friends. In addition, each publication you want to achieve the highest possible likes and comments, Or no ?

What are you thinking Video Social Networks

Social networks facilitate the development, both personal and professional, and make the run to the minute information that companies have the opportunity to get in touch directly with the user and vice versa. There used to call, now published in the bulletin a business page you can have the solution earlier and better treatment, since that information is going to see the rest of clients and future.

And all this reflection comes in the video above, but, and you, what are you thinking?

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