Why if I have 5,000 fans on Facebook a post has 100 views?

It is a question asked by many Community Managers and has an answer: The new algorithm Facebook . With this new change, Facebook wants you to buy for your sponsored publications have greater scope ads. Therefore, the publications you do on your Facebook Page Reduced and interaction with followers has decreased, there is less I like and / or comment on the posts you do, well then, that the new algorithm introduced Facebook should make a couple of months.

First I explain a little what that is Facebook’s algorithm:

The Edgerank is the name given to the algorithm Facebook, which started in April 2010 and is used by the network to determine which publications (content that you share with friends and / or fans) are shown on the news every user. What does this mean? The Edgerank is responsible for the news show on our facebook profile whosoever content that may be interesting for us, and as calculated with the following formula:

Why if I have 5,000 fans on Facebook a post has 100 views

  • Affinity u_e User: Interaction between two users
  • w_e Weight Posted: Shared, I like it, comment.
  • d_e Post Time: The longer you take, the less important the publication.

It has never happened to you one day think, “Paco will be deleted me from Facebook? I do not see anything on his Facebook … “and then looking at your friends and remains among your contacts, but then, why I no longer get anything from it? The formula above has the answer, here are some detailed factors:

  • Comments and / or I like you did to Paco when you share content and vice versa.
  • Private messages you have sent and vice versa.
  • I like you and comments received by Paco in their publications.
  • Visits profile.
  • Friends in common you have with him.

All these factors are shown in the formula Edgerank, and influencing a story appears on our wall or not, be aware that some people have more than 500 friends and not all information 500 will appear only a few, those few are decided by the formula.

What does make a Facebook page to get more hits in their publications?

1- Scan your fans:

It is essential that you know when the best time to share content, as well, Facebook gives you the option to schedule a publication, take advantage. But how do you know when is the ideal time to have more views? Very easy, register at: http://edgerankchecker.com/

Additionally, this page will give your number Edgerank and tell what day and what time there are more fans connected (only need to generate and implement Heatmap range of past dates to compare): The green color will tell you more hours

2- Interact with them to the fullest:

Why if I have 5,000 fans on Facebook a post has 100 views

Try to answer all the comments made, mentioning the person. Put a comment I like to do etc. The user has to see that there is an interaction with him and it is more likely to respond again.

3- Create interesting content:

Give value to your Facebook page to share interesting content for your fans. Discounts, curious images (that deal with your industry / environment obviously) have to try to create post that you think people are going to share, please ask yourself before your skin and if you would share this publication with your friends.

There are 3 things but if you do it biens see how your publications will be seen by more people. Anyway, here are tips: I like to have more on Facebook, and How to get more followers on Twitter.

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