Working from Home

As stay at home moms you are always looking for ways to save and make money. Staying home with your children can save you major money by not having to pay daycare. But, you still need a way to supplement your income before you put in your two-week notice at your normal 9 to 5 job. The internet has everything you need to make that dream happen.

Ways to make Money from Home

The internet has many ways to make money from home like blogs, websites, or online businesses. Knowing where to start is the key. The first thing to do is register a domain. When registering a domain, the first thing you need is a name. This will be the name of your website or blog. When you have a chosen a name will have to make sure it is not taken yet. In order to do this, you will need to perform a search to see if your chosen domain is free. If it is free you can then register it. When you register your domain you will have to go through a registrar to purchase your domain.

Most domains end with .net, .com, or even .org. Once you have your domain set up you will need to decide what you want to write about, give advice about, or sell. Make sure you choose something you are passionate about. Once you know what information you want to put out you will need to market your website or blog to the demographic you want to target. When working from home you need to be dedicated and able to prioritize. Just because you will be based out of your home doesn’t mean it isn’t a real job.

You still need to set hours where you dedicate all that time to work just like if you were punching a clock at a job. Once you are able to balance work and home your new blog or website will excel. If you are opening an online business, starting a blog, or starting a website make sure to let people advertise on your page. Businesses or other blogs or websites will pay you to put their information on your website, this is easy money, and they will pay you just to put up their advertisements.

Staying at home can be a reality, but there is some hard work involved. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people who have successfully started blogs, websites, or online businesses to ask if they have any advice for you. Make sure before you make the decision to quit your job and work from home that you are willing to put in the time it takes to make it successful.

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